NHL Canadian Corner – Wednesday, March 27, 2013.

Recaps of Tuesday’s games featuring Canadian NHL teams, plus the Senators place Kaspars Daugavins on waivers.

Evander Kane celebrates his goal as the Jets downed the Hurricanes 4-1.

Evander Kane celebrates his goal as the Jets downed the Hurricanes 4-1.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS/NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Evander Kane had a goal and three assists to lead the Winnipeg Jets to a 4-1 win over the Carolina Hurricanes, widening their lead over the Hurricanes in the Southeast Division to six points.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Remind me again, rumormongers, why the Jets were shopping Evander Kane? Oh, that’s right, they’re not, it was just a pretty fantasy you had. Movin’ on….

TORONTO STAR/MIAMI HERALD: Joffrey Lupul scored twice and Ben Scrivens made 40 saves as the Toronto Maple Leafs edged the Florida Panthers 3-2. Phil Kessel also collected two assists.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Omigawd, Kessel’s horrible, only two assists? Why didn’t he score a goal? Why didn’t he have three assists? Why did Brian Burke trade two first round picks for this bum. Trade him now, Nonis, you idiot! Thank you, that was my impersonation of a brain-dead Kessel hater,  so wrapped up in their Kessel hate they fail to notice the Leafs are only two points back of the Senators for fifth overall, and opened a 3-point lead over the seventh overall New Jersey Devils. Oh, and guess who’s played a significant role in the Leafs reaching this point? Last name starts with “K”, ends with “l”, and has “esse” in the middle.

VANCOUVER SUN/COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Maxim Lapierre scored the game’s only goal as the Vancouver Canucks nipped the Columbus Blue Jackets 1-0 in a shootout. The win vaults the Canucks back into first in the Northwest Division, two points up on the idle Minnesota Wild.

EDMONTON JOURNAL/STLTODAY.COM: Nikolai Khabibulin made 43 saves to collect his 46th career NHL shutout as the Edmonton Oilers blanked the St. Louis Blues 3-0. Jordan Eberle scored twice and Taylor Hall had the other Oilers goal.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE/LA PRESSE: Sidney Crosby scored the only goal as the Pittsburgh Penguins downed the Montreal Canadiens 1-0. It was the Penguins 13th straight win, but came at a price as goalie Marc-Andre Fleury was forced to leave the game with an apparent neck injury.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE/CALGARY SUN: Patrick Kane had two assists and Ray Emery made 17 saves as the Chicago Blackhawks shut out the Calgary Flames 2-0.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: The Senators have placed Kaspars Daugavins on waivers.


  1. Some sass this morning, I honesty love it. Kessel is a great player and people have these absolutely ridiculous expectations of him, 10g 32pts in 34gp and is playing well now that Lupul is back in the line up. Now the Leafs seem to have scoring threats everywhere.

  2. I couldn’t disagree more with Lyles assesment of myself and backcheckings views on Kessel.
    Kessel was wasting his talent and pouting on the top line until… TADA… Joffery Lupul arrives to save the day. Now Kadri who has been carrying this team for the last 12 games gets stuck playing with Kulemin and Hamilton because baby Phil couldn’t carry his portion of the responsibility with his bff Bozak, they needed Lupul bring them out of mediocrity. Kessel is soft and a pussy and an obvious pouter otherwise how else do you explain the fact the minute Lupul gets put on the line he finally started digging for the puck and going to the net like a normal hockey player.

    I hope Carlyle puts JVR on Kadri’s line with MacA when he gets back from injury so Kadri doesn’t get burried in the mud with linemates who have3 limited talent.

    • I think what you should take from that is we all know your opinion and we all (with the small exception of a few) don’t agree with your opinion and wish like us, would move on to something else to discuss. No one likes an opinion that we don’t share forced down our throats day in and day out especially when no new argument/points has been made.

      • I get that which is why I always direct my opinion to backchecking so guys like you don’t have to read it since there is no Leafs talk page but now that you are on the subject of opinions why is it you never actual start a post yourself? All you do is scan the board looking for someone’s post to trash? Are you afraid to make an original post for fear someone might disagree with it and do what you do to everyone else? At least the other guys who disagree with my posts actually start posts of there own and take the good with the bad as well.

  3. Nice one, Lyle. So far, a tough week but decent results. Two more tough games on Thursday and Saturday. Grind ’em out, boys.

  4. “Omigawd, Kessel’s horrible, only two assists? Why didn’t he score a goal? Why didn’t he have three assists? Why did Brian Burke trade two first round picks for this bum. Trade him now, Nonis, you idiot!”

    Ah Lyle, thank you for bringing a smile to my face on what’s been a shitty morning!

    You need the proper supporting cast for kessel. If that is lupul and he brings out kessel’s A game great. Ahh leaf fans.

  5. Love the shot at all Kessel haters. Bad trade, yes but it is one you can live with. Who knows how Seguin would have turned out in TO. Look at the way Kadri has been treated. Imagine a 2nd overall pick. He would have to be better then Gretzky to survive the scrutiny.
    Some of the best trades are the ones you don’t make. I think this is the case in Winnipeg.

    Btw worst trade ever for the Leafs…..Rask.

    • Gretzky’s a bum! Won’t go to the corners, won’t dig for the puck, doesn’t take the body…ahh, haters

      • OMG now your comparing Gretz to Kessel… what a laugh thats a stretch…

  6. Good one Lyle,

    I was at the game last night. Kessel bodychecked, and took checks. I know Florida (at least with Parros out of the lineup) is not known for their toughness, but it was great to see. He also skated back to overtake and stop a Panther on a clean breakaway. The old Kessel would have been headed for the bench. Whether we think Bozak is a number one centre or not, he Kessel and Lupul obviously have chemistry. Kessel is what he is, and has only become a more complete player under Carlyle. More goals will come. 15 points in last 11 games. Not so bad…

  7. The Bruins claimed Daugavins from waivers. Sad to see him go.. but with the Sens having 49 contracts they are getting close to the limit.. and they have some CHL players that may end up in the AHL once their season ends.. and it started with Culek today…

    Good luck Daug..

  8. Beer Googles your an ass. No wonder I left this site once. Read the post again. I am not comparing him to Gretzky. I said he would have to be better to survive the scrutiny. Think about it. When did I say he is better then Gretzky. His skills would have to be off the charts to not end up like others before him.

    Time to leave again