NHL Draft Day Rumor Update – June 30, 2013.

Updates on Sergei Bobrovsky, Alex Edler, Cal Clutterbuck and Alexander Burmistrov.

Blue Jackets are now shopping Sergei Bobrovsky.

Blue Jackets are now shopping Sergei Bobrovsky.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: The Columbus Blue Jackets are shopping Vezina winner Sergei Bobrovsky. He’s reportedly seeking $6 million per season. TSN’s Darren Dreger believes the Jackets are now in the market for a new starting goalie. The Columbus Dispatch‘s Aaron Portzline believes the Jackets don’t want to move Bobrovsky, but they can’t wait long to remedy this situation if he’s headed to Russia.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gotta believe the Jackets have been planning this for a while. I daresay they’ve got some options already lined up. After all, they sought permission from the Calgary Flames to talk to Miikka Kiprusoff last week. Doubt they can convince Kipper not to retire, but they’re probably shopping around for other options. Remember, they’ve got three first round picks and aren’t afraid to shop ’em. 

**UPDATE**: ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun reports the Blue Jackets are in fact “very close” to a deal with Bobrovsky. Either the Blue Jackets just rattled the Bobrovsky camp into reaching an agreement on a new contract by threatening to trade him, or there was some confusion in the original report.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: cited TSN’s Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger reporting Vancouver Canucks defenseman Alexander Edler is believed available.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Edler’s got six years remaining on his contract at a cap hit of $5 million per season. Most teams won’t want that salary, but there’s a few clubs probably willing to do that deal  Edler’s a good puckmoving defenseman, but with the cap dropping, the Canucks might have to take some salary back via trade or absorb part of his contract.  The Hurricanes were linked to the Canucks and Edler, but apparently they’re not interested in taking on that salary.

TSN’S Darren Dreger reports via Twitter the San Jose Sharks could have interest in Wild winger Cal Clutterbuck.

SPORTS.RU’s Igor Eronko reports via Twitter Winnipeg Jets center Alexander Burmistrov’s Russian agent claims his client is close to signing a two-year contract with AK Bars Kazan of the KHL.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Burmistrov’s a restricted free agent so the Jets retain his rights. This could be a pressure move by the Burmistrov camp to force a trade.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports Penguins winger Tyler Kennedy is “in play”, suggests he could be a good fit with the Sharks.


  1. It would be a shame to see Bobs leave Columbus. They have been in the shi**er for so long. Pay the man and continue to build the team. I think they are so close to becoming a relevant team. Just Do It.

    • They don’t want to pay a guy that’s only had a great half a season

      • true, and they drafted oscar dansk in the second round last year. how long do they want to pay bobs for?

        • Eh if you just drafted your “next best” option you will need someone for the next 3 years at least I would think before that 2nd rounder develops if he continues to develop properly

          • I’d do it on a 3 year term anything longer is just too much of a risk… he’s had a good what half a season, yah he won the vezina but but does that even matter in half a season? don’t get me wrong until he proves he can do this all year (for that money you better be playing at least 60 game per year) then anything more than a 3 year term is waaaaaay to long…

            Going after Kipper would be a huge step back.

  2. That’s a good cap number for Edler. He isn’t a super star but he’s worth 5m compared to other players. But I would be shocked if Gillis would trade him. Doing so would make the next players to sign extension with a NTC with Vancouver cautious. Guess for Edler should have waited till after July 1 and signed a contract not an extension before hand. But if he is traded I hope Van get a big stay at home deman with a right handed shoot to play with Garrison.

    • Agreed Edler at 5 seems pretty decent really compared to others around the league, 5years still pretty young really for a D man might be a piece worth keeping.

    • IF he goes to the Wings, I certainly hope that Vancouver would pick up part of his salary, like 2 mill of it.

  3. LOL the Canucks won’t be eating part of Edler’s salary . He is a bargain at 5 million per considering the other d men who might be available. He’s big, he can score 40 – 50 points, he can hit and he just turned 27. One would think these type of players grow on trees with that comment.

    • He is not a bargain at 5 mill for a plalyer that is a second pair d at best

  4. Ya, ya every top 10 pick is in play and every big name player is available UNTIL they aren’t because they just signed an extension with their current team. What a disappointment so far. Biggest news in the last 3 days is LeCav getting bought out. Another dud so far.

  5. They threatened To trade him back to the Flyers.

    • Lol if they did its a done deal

    • how hilarious would that be and then bob signs a $80 million contract and then bobrovsky becomes a buyout candidate

  6. Per TSN LeBrun talking to an NHL exec. “I bet you we see 10 trades today atleast…”

  7. According to Darren Dreger, Habs are looking to move up in the draft to pick a specific player. I haven’t seen it rumoured anywhere, so this is just my opinion, but I think they want Bo Horvat. A Bergevin-type player that fits some needs for them.

    MTL’s 1st + a d-man prospect for the right to draft Horvat? Maybe PHX?

  8. If Van could trade Schneider and edler in separate deals and get 2 first round picks in return that would really help with the cap problem, goalie problem and not prospects problem. Edler hurts the most but they need a physical shoot blocking deman. Both are good players but I hope they both get traded for Vancouver sake.

  9. Columbus will never truly be relavent,like many small market teams.Just will not happen. Bobrovsky knows it . The field of play will forever be tilted towards the money teams with a large fan base.Period.Bye bye Phoenix.

  10. If there are not trades I think the top ten are
    MacKinnon, Jones, Barkov, Drouin, Lindholm, Manahan, Nurse, Nichuskin, Wennberg, Domi.

  11. Hmm seems they were right seems like Jones got a bit of an attitude problem

    • I never thought Jones would ever drop that far. holy.

      • After the combine there was some questions about him, seen him do an interview with him and even and the answers he gave kinda rolled some eyes didnt think he would drop to 4 tho

        • I think things are being blown out of proportion with the kid dropping to 4th. He is a solid player and will do great. The issue was the forwards were valued more. Its alot harder to find a legitimate #1 center than it is to find a defencemen you can plug into the top half your line up. With defense you can cover some inadequacies by doing the defense by committee. You can’t do that with a #1 center. Then tampa needs to restock their aging front lines so Drouin was a logical choice.

  12. Well LeBrun came up a little short on his ten trades since we had a wopping two.

    I haven’t stopped dancing around my computer since hearing Leafs got Bolland with his 7 goals and minus 7 plus minus at a measely $3.4M cap. I guess that means Kuli is in for a massive raise. LOL
    Actually I’m not that upset considering it means we won’t bother getting into a bidding war for Clarkson at $6M+.

    • I am super happy to find out Bolland won 42% of his draws during this years playoffs though….

      • I am glad we got bolland, he had a bad playoff, minus the game winning goal, but he has 1 year with decent cap and is a good second/ 3rd centerman. say bye to bozak at 5 mil, or grabo bought out. and ill bet we sign clarkson at 5.5 for 5 years.

        • More like 6…at least but Bolland is a nice upgrade from Colborne 2-3years down the road Gauthier if he develops the way he has or should is s perfect guy to take over on the third very big very good 2 way game I seen him a few times this year and could be very good in that role.

      • Around a 20 per 3rd line center man… Beats what we would get of Colborne Im sure…lol

        • $3.4M for a 3rd/4th line centerman who was a minus player won less then 46% of his faceoffs and isn’t a pk specialist. I don’t see how anyone can be happy about this.

          I will make a bold prediction:
          This now means the Leafs go with the status quo for the 2013/2014 season:
          Grabo 1st line center $5.5M
          Kadri 2nd line center $4M
          Bolland 3rd line center $3.4M
          McClement 4th line center $1.5M

          Grabo will NOT be bought out
          Lyles will NOT be bought out
          Komi and his piddly contract will be the only one bought out

          No Lecavalier or any other top center will be brought in

          • You are too impatient my friend we are not winning a cup this year its a good move that tho small will likely help us get to the playoffs, you would have felt better going with Kadri Grabo Colborne and McClement and cross our fingers no one gets hurt? Even if we did Pick up Vinny or some such thing as Wiess if they get hurt we are in trouble you need depth at center and we are slowly getting there finally Bozak goes down in the first round then what happened? 84 games is a long time and we are improved believe it or not.

          • I don’t have an issue with a guy like Bolland I have an issue with his cap hit of $3.4M. I don’t see how this is any different then Grabo’s $5.5M hit, Dion’s $6.5M cap hit or Lyle’s $3.75M hit. It just another gross over payment for a player of his calibre that will cause us further cap issues trying to improve the roster. That’s my only issue…

          • McClement/ Hamilton and Colborne would have been sufficient in my book as 3rd/4th line centers over taking Bolland and his $3.4M cap hit.

          • Hamilton is not an NHL center Colborne maybe could be but again if anyone gets hurt for an extended period of time with who we what we are in very big trouble Bolland is a good pick up, what were you expecting to draft in the 2nd and 3rd round? Cap hit is a little high but he can move up and down the line up with injuries good pick up with out costing roster players.

          • I could careless about the three draft picks we gave up for Bolland if he wasn’t over paid. Bolland is depth but at a ridiculous price. It was his cap hit that killed me. You know I’m a big cap guy so I see this as a bad move stricktly from a cap perspective. Teams with lots of cap room can steal good players to improve their roster by taking a bad contract in the deal (case in point the Franson trade). Taking on 3rd line guys at $3.4M makes this very difficult. I feel like this is another Armstrong situation. Fans will be unfairly judging Bolland all year due to his high salary vs production.
            I don’t see the point in Nonis shopping Phaneuf to move his salary when we just picked up a 3rd line guy with a cap hit of $3.4M. I was excited to rid ourselves of MacA’s salary and we were all hoping MLSE would rid the Leafs of Grabo, Lyles and or Komi’s salary now Nonis goes out and picks up another over paid guy and actually gives up a decent draft pick for him. I was completely wrong about McClement and I admit it but that’s because he makes $1.5M. If he make $3.4M we all would have been bitching about his limited points production all year long.
            Strickly Cap that I don’t like about this deal. Makes no sense to me….

          • Its one year at that rate. Not a huge deal. The leafs will not win the cup this coming season regardless of any “anything can happen situations” and then his salary will be going down or he is gone.

          • He will be gone, so I hope three picks was worth a one year rental on a 3rd line player.

  13. The icing on the cake would be the fact that because the Leafs took Bolland’s $3.4M cap hit off Chi’s hands the Hawks were able to turn around and sign Bickell for $4M and avoid him becoming a UFA and possibly a Leaf at that same rate of pay.

    • Bicklle as a ufa would be looking at more then 5 he just won a cup and still on team that could keep competing for some time he would cost more and have had tones of offers on the open market.

      • Still lots of time this summer more will change, but all in all pretty good day for the leafs no bone head moves 2nd and 3rd round picks wouldnt do as much for us anytime soon as Bolland will

      • Maybe but you can’t be sure he wouldn’t have signed here for $4M. Probably not but we will never know. Chi got a decent deal on him.

        • Could be worse look at Van they just traded their starter for a pick that wont see the NHL for probably the next 2 years…lol

        • I am very sure like 100% sure Bickell would make closer to 5 (if not more) then 4 and yep Id jump at him for that price, because they way things are going Im betting Clarkson makes between 5.75 and 6.5 and Im pretty sure he is not thst much different then Bickell and those types of wingers are a premium in the league.

  14. Bolland is a good pick for the leafs. Makes the 3rd line a lot better. His cap is a little high for what he did last year but I think he will pick his game up again.

    • bolland will do good for the leafs…

      • I don’t disagree Bolland will add depth but at his salary he’s over paid by $1.5M. Add that extra over paid salary of Bolland of $1.5M to the $500k we had to keep on the Bernier trade and the Buds just lost $2M of cap room. It all adds up and very quickly. We then end up making crappy salary qualifiers in order to stay within the cap to a guy like Mark Fraser a stay at home D man who busted his hump all year to have the best plus/minus on the team, while blocking the most shots in the NHL, and fought anyone who even looked sideways at one our smaller skilled guys. Makes no sense to me.

        • No he is not because if we go in to the season as it stands now he is almost more suited to tbe 2 hole then grabo…lets not forget be played 03rd line on the hawks where there are a couple pretty good centers there to play behind he is probably a better option at 2 then Grabovski assuming you would move Kadri to 1st line 3.5 or whatever is a little steep for a third line center yes but not much for a second line center its just comparing him to Grabo is where your problem is coming from its assuming that because Grabo makes more means he should be the number 2. Grabos numbers were not that much better if any then Bollands and he makes 5.5…you have to pay decent players Bolland is a good 3rd line center who if needed could play the second line you have to pay him that way Grabo on the other hand is a second third line guy getting paid like a top 2 line kinda guy you cant say Bolland is over priced because Grabovski makes to much money.

          • Bolland had 7 goals and I think 14 points and was 46% in the dot (42% in the playoffs). I don’t see him being slotted in as a number two IMO and Kadri probably isn’t ready for number one. It all seems F&^%ed up to me. Time will tell I guess.

            Lets see what the next few days brings.

          • Its what I and many others have said all along Grabo makes way too much money and throws things off, I dont know what they will do with Grabo but he is the problem not Bolland, buy him (Grabo) out trade him or trade Phaneuf who will probably walk at the end of the year anyway by the looks of things now, but whatever the case Bolland is a good pick up (especially for a second third and fourth round pick next year) for a team that has little depth at center. We will have to see what Dave has in mind but there are wsys to clear csp room and so far it looks lime they have a pretty good idea what they are doing and there seems to be a game plan they are following, picking up 3 centers today addressed some goaltending issues etc.

          • Grabovski had 9 goals 16 points and was a -10 getting 5.5 mill
            Dave Bolland had 7 goals 14 points was -7 at 3.5 mill

            Who is overpaid?

            You really think Grabo is that much of an improvement if we went into the season with what we got now as the 2nd line center?

  15. Both are over paid. I said it at the time they signed Grabo he was only worth $4M max. Actually I thought they should have traded him at the deadline the year he was a UFA having a great year. My prediction is Bolland will end up playing for this year then walking as a UFA just like the real possibility with Bozak, Phaneuf and Kessel. We wasted three more picks if that happens. It most likely will happen because Bollands salary is so high so an extension at a much lesser amount will be difficult to achieve.

    • he will be gone after this year . he will be a ufa who made 3.4 mil. to score 12 to 15 goals . he is injury prone . he does show up for big games but disapears for very long stretches of time he takes stupid penalties at the absolute worst times , he is not the player he was in 2010 , the concussions and the chronic bad back have really hurt his play he can barely take a face off nowadays . i have seen just about every hawks game in the last 20 years , he was the last of dale tallons mistakes contract wise .

  16. if Bolland stays healthy he’ll be a good addition to the Leafs. Chicago’s cup win in 2010 he had 8 goals and 16 points in 22 games. Keep in mind he was playing behind Toews and Sharp in Chicago not quite the same 1/2 punch in Toronto. Not saying he’s a 1/2 center but he’ll get his chance to prove himself and guys in the last year of a contract seem to raise the bar going into UFA year. If the Leafs sign Bozak it should to be in the 4 mil range and Grabovski would have to be cut loose.

  17. I would love brier to sign with the pen he plays both c/w. and as much as i like shero he needs to trade MAF