NHL Entry Draft Rumor Roundup (Part 2).

The latest on Rick Nash, Bobby Ryan, Jordan Staal and Roberto Luongo.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports the Rick Nash trade speculation is casting a long shadow over this year’s Entry Draft. Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson said he’s not close to any deal yet to move Nash.  “The New York Rangers, Philadelphia, San Jose, Carolina, Toronto and Ottawa are believed to be in the mix”, reports Portzline.

OTTAWA SUN: Don Brennan reports the Senators are open to including their first round pick (15th overall) in their rumored offer of Mika Zibanejad, Nick Foligno and Ben Bishop.

ESPN.COM: James Murphy reports multiple sources claim the Boston Bruins have made exploratory inquiries about Nash. Murphy suspects the high asking price could keep them from making a serious pitch.

CSNBAYAREA.COM’s Kevin Kurz took to Twitter to report ” #SJSharks still in discussions for Nash that would inc. Pavelski, Clowe, pick. Market softening with B. Ryan on market” He also reported Also, #SJSharks not believed to be pursuing #Flyers winger James van Riemsdyk at this time.”

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS: David Pollak took to Twitter reporting “From 2,247 miles away, I’m hearing there are no Nash talks between #Sjsharks and CBJ, who still want Couture. No counter-proposal period.” Pollak also reported it’s unlikely the Anaheim Ducks would trade Bobby Ryan to a division rival like the Sharks, who could be going after Flyers forward James van Riemsdyk.

THE HOCKEY NEWS/ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Ken Campbell reports the possible availability of Anaheim Ducks winger Bobby Ryan is interfering with the Blue Jackets efforts to trade Rick Nash. Eric Stephens reports the Ducks won’t move Ryan unless they’re blown away by an offer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s obvious the Blue Jackets aren’t backing away from their high asking price for Nash. It’s still possible he could be moved today, or this weekend, but if no deal is found by Saturday, this could stretch into July, when teams who lose out in the bidding for Zach Parise – or Ryan, for that matter – could return their attention to Nash. I still consider the Rangers the front-runners, though it appears the Flyers could mount a challenge. I don’t believe the Sharks, Bruins, Senators or Leafs can land him. As for Ryan, while he would provide an affordable option over Nash, Stephens is correct that the Ducks won’t move him unless they get an overwhelming offer. 

Will Luongo be dealt this weekend?

TORONTO SUN/VANCOUVER PROVINCE: The Canucks are receiving calls regarding Roberto Luongo as the entry draft approaches. Management is willing to take their time to find the right deal for Luongo, but it’s believed this weekend could be one of the best times to try to move him. The Toronto Maple Leafs are still considered the prime destination for Luongo by observers, but his big contract and the coolness between the respective managements of both clubs are significant issues. Tony Gallagher believes the Chicago Blackhawks should take a run at acquiring Luongo, even though it’s believed they’ll stick with Corey Crawford next season. He also claims Columbus is very interested in Luongo. He also noted the Florida Panthers are linked to Luongo in rumors

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Toronto seems the logical choice, but the aforementioned issues could prevent such a move from happening. I don’t believe the Blackhawks have interest in Luongo, preferring instead to seek offensive depth at center. TSN’s Darren Dreger reported the Panthers had “mild” interest, but the Canucks would have to take salary back to make such a deal work. A Luongo deal could happen this weekend, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still with the Canucks on Monday.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE/PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Dave Molinari reports Jordan Staal’s reported rejection of a ten-year contract offer from the Penguins doesn’t mean he’ll be moved this weekend, as there’s no need for drastic action from either side, unless Staal seeks a trade, which isn’t likely this weekend as he’s getting married today. Dejan Kovacevic believes Staal’s rejection of that offer signals his intent to join his brother Eric in Carolina as a free agent next summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe Jordan Staal’s days with the Penguins are numbered, and I wouldn’t rule out them trying to shop him this summer. Don’t expect him to be traded this weekend.


  1. I see visions of another Phaneuf deal if Toronto trades for Luongo. Declining skills, slightly over paid, and a contract that will handcuff the Leafs cap room for years to come. Unless Vancouver is willing to trade him straight up for Komisarek and Connelly (or Lyles), why would Burke do this deal…

    • Why would Vancouver take Phaneuf?! You know we have tv’s out here dont you? If he’s sucked on bad teams, chances are he isnt gonna be great on a good team.

      • Read my comments closer. I never said Vancouver takes Phaneuf

    • Phaneuf is signed for only 2 more seasons- hardly a handcuff.

      • We have had him for 2 years already. I’d say a guy at 6.5M for 4 years pegged as the most overrated player in the NHL by his peers is a handcuff. Now you want the same situation with Luongo for 10 years?

    • Because Komisarek and Connelly (or Lyles), are worth a bag of pucks and Luongo has the ability to get TO in the playoffs more than any other player on there roster. I see a Luongo, Raymond + trade for Gardiner. If Burke is stubborn and cant make that deal he is stupid. Gillis is holding the cards and he can wait till TO looses 10 games and Burke comes begging.
      Hey what about if Luongo gets traded elsewhere TO looses 10 games n Burke gets fired!!!.

      • dont pretend your excess trash in van is gonna pry gardiner out of toronto… raymond is exactly the type of forward we dont want in toronto.. were trying to get bigger not smaller… were doing you guys a favour by getting you out of 10 years of lou… were fine with letting komi and connolly expire and be gone in a year… you guys are the ones udner pressure not us

        • dream on n u can stay in second to last again

        • The only chance Gardiner is traded from the leafs is if we get a #1 centre. Luo will be traded for Komi and either Ashton or D’amigo. Vancouver has very little leverage and needs to trade Luo. Long term cap relief is all that will be accomplished for van city.

          • Laffs fans are on crack if you think Gillis is going to take on more salary than he’s trading out in a Luongo deal. You’re stuck with Komi.

        • Raymond…he is not liked by the staff in Vancouver. He was cleared to play last year by multiple Dr.’s and still fought the process. I heard Gillis on the Team 1040 this week, stating that Raymond’s exit interview did not go well at all, and the staff were not happy with it.

      • I heard the same thing when we aquired Phaneuf from Calgary. Luongo may not get them into the playoffs then we will have two overpaid, overrated bums and still no playoffs. No thanks

    • Luongo is a good goalie. Quite capable of stealing games very often. If it wasn’t for the price/salary and the fact that the Wings have Howard who is cheaper and still pretty solid, i’d feel comfortable with him on the Wings. Toronto fans are selling Luongo short and Canuk fans have little faith in any of the Leaf players, with a few exceptions. Komisarik still might do well for Vancouver, with the team they have, but it is a salary issue for Komisarik. ….maybe MacArthur in the mix with Gustavsson. Toronto needs Luongo more than most teams. If it wasn’t for the fact that Philly has Bryz locked the way they do, they would have gone after Luongo! Problem is you can’t really move Lou to a team in the west to bite them in the butt…so, that limits the trade partners.

  2. Staal is getting married this weekend, maybe he’s just waiting for the dust to settle before committing to a 10 year deal? He’ll have a new wife that will probably have input on where they want to live for the next 10 years…..

    .. that, and/or I think Staal thinks he’s capable of being a number 1 center, and doesn’t want to be a 3rd liner for his whole career.

    The rumoured 6 million / year over 10 years shows me it’s clearly not about the money.

  3. With Staal rejecting that 10-year offer from the Penguins Shero will have no choice but to trade him. Also if Im Shero I am extremely nervous about this situation because what if Malkin is done playing second fiddle to Crosby. There are not too many Hart trophy winners that would need to play 2nd fiddle to anyone but as long as they are in Pittsburgh together he will always be #2 behind Crosby. Malkin even plays better when Crosby is hurt he wants his own team. So I have always said the Pens should keep Staal and Crosby trade Malkin now it looks like over the next two seasons or so it is conceivable to see just Crosby on this team. Shero is a really good GM and will get a hell of a return for both Staal and Malkin. But with those pieces they receive can they stay a cup contender short term I’d have my doubts.

    • There is always this as a possibility…

      Staal gets traded or walks.
      Malkin gets traded or walks.
      Crosby gets hit into next year and is done.

      I have said it for a while, from a money standpoint, player standpoint, and return on trade standpoint, I think the Pens would be best off trading….Crosby.

      Malkin is a beast, and has stepped up and carried the Pens when Crosby has been out.

      Being a Flyers fan, concussions are an all too familiar thing, and I personally think it’s nuts for the Pens to keep Crosby, and jettison 2 guys, one who in my opinion is equal in talent, to keep Crosby who is realistically one hit away from not returning.

      I know you will jump on me for suggesting it, but to me it just makes more sense to trade Crosby, and try to keep the other two.

      But, it appears Staal wants out anyway. And that says a lot.

      • I agree with Gary.. They might be better trading Crosby. Malkin might even be the better player..

        And Crosby is a question mark with his injuries.

      • Gary, I hear what your saying. To me, Crosby will always be a Pen, but I feel he is a hit or two away from retirement. Once Crosby’s career is over, the team will become Malkin’s – not Staals. I understand that Staal wants to get out from under Crosby and Malkin, he wants to be a top 6 forward and lead his own team. I can’t really see him going to a team where his brothers play as again, he will be in the shadows. There are teams out there that are on the cusp and Buffalo is one – they need grit, an identity and leadership.

      • Gary,

        I agree to an extent Malkin and Crosby are close enough in talent. I still think Crosby makes players around him better than Malkin does.

        But with saying that Shero and the Pens can always trade Malkin and the majority of the fan base would understand. Right, wrong or indifferent trading Crosby would be a nightmare for their PR. Crosby is North American and has been hailed as the “next one” since entering the league. He is a marketing machine for the NHL and the Pens. I have yet to see that kind of exposure for Malkin and he’s been a household name for awhile. Then there is ownership (hello there Mr. Lemieux) which do you think they want to keep.

        My point is IF we are just talking Hockey your points are valid and I would tend to agree with most of it. But there is just SOOOO much more involved from a business/community standpoint. With two players like this its never just going to be about hockey.

        • I agree, and I know that Crosby would be the one kept….but lets just remember a few things..

          1) The Oilers traded Gretzky and kept Messier…and Wayne was the best to ever play. If he can be traded in his prime, without major injuries, I feel anyone can be traded.

          2) Is Malkin not a bigger star because he is in Crosby’s shadow? It is so difficult to know, and I would expect the Pens to trade Malkin and/or Staal before Crosby, but the smart hockey move would be trading Crosby.

      • Crosby is a licence to print money for the Penguins. Malkin and Crosby score points at a high rate when they are both healthy, and when one is not, the other picks up the slack. Staal cannot do this. A defensive minded third line center would work well for the Pens. Trading Crosby is similar thinking to Richards and Carter being the problem. Anyone is one hit away from a forced retirement.

      • Gary,I’m a longtime Pens fan, and I agree that trading Crosby is the best thing for the Pens. Crosby is definitely one or two hits away from joining the Lindros brothers in an early retirment, which is a shame. However, am I the only person that noticed the team’s cohesion seemed to unravel after Crosby made his return to the ice? The fanfare that is paid to Crosby is disgusting — especially for someone that hasn’t produced the Gretzy-like numbers we were promised as hockey fans. The fans may not see it, but, trust me, his teammates do. To pin our hopes of a championship on the return of one player doesn’t speak well for the rest of the players. And when they fall embarrassingly short in that goal with him in the lineup, players take note of that as well. People were so quick to point out Malkin’s lack of production during the playoffs, but they fail to recognize that Malkin and Crosby both produced the same number of points. I feel that there is a definite disturbance in the locker room, and I think some of the players are beginning to grow tired of the “Sidney Crosby is the savior of hockey” attitude. In short: It’s Geno’s team. He’s carried for the past two seasons, and he’s earned it.

    • Malkin has said that he wantsto play in Pittsburgh his whole career

      • Tom,

        Malkin may want to play out his career in Pittsburgh but how do you know he wants it to be with Crosby. The truth of the matter is this Malkin plays much better hockey when Crosby isn’t in the lineup. For whatever reason but that is fact. By the way this isn’t the first time a pro athlete has said I want to play my whole career in said city. There is this guy named Rick Nash that requested a trade back in January. He signed a 7 year extension and wanted to be a Blue Jacket for life. Hows that working out these days.

    • I dont see shero as a really good GM, i see him as a descent GM. Staal and Malkin obviously both want out and seems as though the common denominator is crosby. This could get real ugly in pitt if something isnt done soon.

      • where have you heard that Malkin “obviously wants out”? I think you’re making that up…

    • I have been rooting for the Pens since 1990, everyone here is saying Crosby is a distraction and that his team mates didnt want to follow him anymore. I dont believe that one bit, especially with his work ethic. One thing the Pens didnt have this year that I think was their undoing was actual veteran leadership (hello Gary Roberts, and Bill Guerin) I bet you dollars to donuts if they had a veteran in the locker room they dont lose thier heads in the games like they did this past playoffs. I think Shero has done a good a job as he can (Hello Mr. salary cap) but I think the one thing they lack is true veteran leadership.

  4. I’m still not understanding why the Ducks would consider trading Ryan. Either they’re going to get a lights out return or there is a chemistry issue. Ryan has three more years on a reasonable contract. It seems strange that they would trade him, especially when Selanne is going to retire one of these years.

    The Sharkies are a mess. I really think they need to trade everybody off for picks and prospects. They should keep Pavelski and Couture and ditch all of the old guys.

    • Sharks are gonna try to trade Marleau – but I don’t see it happening, more likely it will be Pavalski and Clowe – something I’ve been saying all along. Sharks want a winger, they also need a d-man similar in playing style as Boyle. Buffalo has a nice stable of d-men ready to break into the NHL and if they don’t trade out a draft pick, they will add one or two more to their team. Based on the Sharks needs – I would say Vanek, Adam and Sekera for Pavelski and Clowe. We could even trade do a Miller, Vanek and Weber for Niemi, Pavelski and Clowe. Gives the Sabres some grit and leadership and give SJ what they want.

    • JDBiGC
      If I’m trading one of the big three ( Getzlaf, Perry or Ryan) it would be Getzlaf. Ryan is signed to a reasonable contract for next few years. Perry and Getzlaf have each one year left on their contracts.
      Two big contacts to settle this year may be too much so one goes between now and trading deadline. I’d keep Perry, he works hard every game and is a over achiever. Getzlaf is a horse but only when he feels like playing, needs to be motivated.
      The big issue I have with Getz is that he has a hell of a shot but refuses to shoot the puck, what a waste. Right now his stock is still high, get what you can ( a lot) and keep Perry & Ryan.

  5. I have solved the Luongo Problem…
    Keep him. Your not going to get anything for him..
    Let’s face it, There are not to many team out there looking for a starting goalie.
    Instead Trade Schneider.
    Trade to Columbus for 2nd overall pick and prospect.
    That way Columbus gets a starting goalie and and doesn’t have to draft a russian this year. And the Nuck’s actually get something in return.
    It wouldn’t kill the Nuck’s to keep Luongo. He is still a good goalie..
    Good for both teams.

    • Agreed keep him. The Leafs don’t need him. I’d rather roll the dice on Reimer and Scrivens then get saddled with that contract.

  6. I agree with Gary–the Pens should trade Crosby. It makes the most long-term sense.

    Spector, I don’t see the Rags getting Nash for the garbage they are offering. Now apparently they’ve even taken Stepan out of the offer. A package highlighted by a guy who scored 10 goals, was benched or on the 4th line for the playoffs after being hurt, is NOT getting a player of Nash’s caliber.

    A deal centered around Pavelski and Clowe is much better, as both are top 6 forwards, realistically, second liners, but good players.

    Even getting Nash may not help the Sharks because their problem is the Hawks’ and Pens’ problem–way too money tied up in top talent and not enough quality in the depth department. The last two cup winners were deep teams, a requirement for the four-round playoffs.

  7. Very wise observation by Gary. Malkin will be overshadowed by Crosby (although I don’t know why) as long as he is on the Pens. I would take Malkin over Crosby in a second mainly due to Sid’s recent injury woes.

    In addition, I’d take Ryan over Nash considering age and contracts.

  8. 2 days ago, Shero said that he was in no rush to sign Staal and wouldn’t trade him. Yesterday he offered him a mega-contract on the day before the draft, with many of the interested teams having a top-10 pick. Maybe he will trade him tomorrow, and today was to see if Staal would rather stay here or go to Carolina or Toronto or Minnesota.

    My honest opinion on Staal is if he really wants to play on a bad team with his brother more than a consistent cup contender, he shouldn’t let the door hit him on the way out. I can see his point, but Z didn’t go to Ottawa when he was a FA, he went to Pitt. If he wants to win, he will stay here, but if he values family over fans (which is understandable) he will go there

    • You do realize that the Pens and the Canes have won an equal amount of Cups very recently right?

      • It doesn’t have to do with cups, the Pens have a better team than the Canes, it is that simple

  9. Mild interest in Luongo is still too much. Understand about the salary back to Vancouver, but, what does this say about the future with Markstrom. I don’t like the idea.

  10. Sounds like it is going to be a who gives in between burke and gillis. I can’t see luongo costing that much since he is going to be such a distraction next season with a goalie contravercy. Vancouver needs to just suck it up and get what they can, I don’t see any team outside toronto being able to take that contract. Or needing that type of goalie.

    • I have said it before, the Canucks and their fans have to look at trading Luongo differently….they get Schneider. Just dumping his salary for a couple 3rd liners should be enough for the Canucks. Luongo has been replaced the last two seasons in the playoffs by Schneider, and the team seems to be more relaxed and comfortable playing in front of Schneider.

      Luongo’s contract, in my mind, makes him hard to move. You can’t compare him to the Richards/ Carter trades from last summer, as R and C are only in their mid twenties, and there contracts only run to their mid 30’s, not early 40’s. He is a risk, and one that can hurt a team for many years. I think any team giving up anything of value for Luongo is nuts.

  11. I’ve never disagreed with you before Spec until right now in saying Ottawa can’t land Nash. The rumored Rangers deal isn’t HALF as good as what Ottawa is offering up (in rumor). Just look at the deal

    Foligno hard nosed 24y old winger who has shown constant improvement. Ben Bishop, one of the best young goalies not starting today, Zibanjad potential to be an offensive with good size and still young and a center. Plus a 15th OA pick?

    That would be the deal Columbus would want. Four solid, young pieces for Nash all that fit into the rebuild. In what world is Del Zotto, Dubinsky, 28th OA better then that? The Rangers would have to be sweetening the pot with something better to make the Jacket bite if both those were the offers on the table.

    • I do like that Ottawa package for Nash. But I think its a mistake for Ottawa to go away from the rebuild. Also not to sure if Nash even wants to go to Ottawa. For all we know Howson may like that Ottawa pitch and Nash told him no-go. Who knows anymore. I just want Nash traded I don’t care where he goes at this point lol. I don’t even want him on the Bruins the assets to give up to get him plus the cap hit sorry let him be someone else’s headache.

  12. Media reports are that Nash has said he’ll accept a trade anywhere if it means a trade is to happen. (I’d bet there still a small list of no go’s, but I doubt any of last years playoff teams are on it.) Also knowing the way Howson is, he’d throw Nash under the bus if that had happened.

  13. I would really like to see the Bruins go after Ryan I kinda think Horton is in same boat as Savard his career is probably done

    • Bruins62-

      I don’t think Hortons career is done. But after this year I don’t think the B’s resign him either. I would LOVE to see Ryan in Boston for the right price of course. Send them Krejci and this years 1st rounder. Ryan is much more of a pure goalscorer but as far as points go the two are comparable so are salaries I believe.

      • Horton isn’t done, he’s on his way back, but i do agree. IF we trade for any one i want into be for bobby and to get rid of krejci. He isn’t worth 5.2… in my eyes he’s a #2 center. Bergeron is 1st… and for all we know they seguin make the transition this year to center….

  14. Ask NYI about long contracts for goalies and see what they think. Luongo isn’t worth the risk! Burke’s best deal id for JVR eventhough his health is a concern. Booby Ryan has some of the best hands in the game but he is not dedicated and that is likely what is putting off GM’s.

  15. Just throwing this out there don’t know if anyone else has mentioned it but how about a deal around staal to CBJ and Nash going to the PENS

    • I think more salary would need to go Columbus’ way and I highly doubt Staal would resign there next summer.

      While we’re at it how about Malkin for Nash. The great thing about it would be Howson would actually need to sweeten the pot big time for that trade to happen. Obviously I don’t think either deal happens nor do I think they should happen.

      • Malkin for Nash! Good one….

  16. My guess as to what is going to happen:

    1. Howson continues to think he’s in the drivers seat with respect to the Nash situation and continues to ask for the moon. No one bites, Nash stays with CBJ and sucks next year. Then at the trade deadline CBJ basically gives him away for nothing.

    2. Gillis continues to think he’s in the drivers seat with respect to the Luongo situation and continues to ask for the moon. No one bites, Luongo stays with Van and splits duty with Schneider. Schneider refuses to sign a long-term deal and instead ends up leaving as a UFA, while Vancouver’s dressing room morale takes a big hit with the goaltending distraction. Canucks get stuck with Lu’s absurd contract.

    3. Shero stubbornly refuses to trade Staal because he’s too scared to make that deal. Staal leaves as UFA for nothing.

    4. Murray continues to ask for the moon for Bobby Ryan and no one bites. Ryan gets sick of the constant trade rumors and leaves as a UFA in a few years.

  17. Before Shero could ever move Staal, he would first need to get the word out to the locals that he tried everything that he could to keep him…

  18. Luongo is still a very good goalie.. Look up his stats for pete’s sake.. He is one of the reasons the Canucks won the President’s Trophy. Yeah the Canucks, as a whole, did not have a good playoff. But the issue for the Leafs is to get to the playoffs, right?

    But if Leaf fans really think they can get a good goalie like Luongo for underperforming players like Komisarek & Connelly.. they really are delusional… Vancouver would just laugh in Burke’s face.

    Bobby Ryan is a UFA in 3 yrs.. he won’t come cheap. Then if he walks as a UFA… a team has given up a lot to get him.. then they lose the trade.. big time… They would never get that return back…

    • Agreed Sandy, Sounds more like Leafs fans are bitter about the fact they need to pay to play.

      Loo’s contract is front end loaded, but the average cap hit is exactley where it should be, 5.33 million seems pretty fair.

      It’s is a long term contract, but I think I;d prefer 5 or 6 good years with Loo than to pay someone like Finger and never see him on an NHL ice surface.

  19. Just for perspective, the cap hit for Giguere was 6 million.

    • Just for perspective…

      Luongo still has 10 years at that hit.

      • 10 years at that cap hit, but only 6 “big money” actual salary years. After that, the salary starts to drop off dramatically: 3.3 m for 2, then just over a mil for the last 2. Lu will not be playing/sitting on a bench as a backup for that kind of money. I doubt he’ll play beyond 6.

        • That may be true, but his buyout would not work like that. If he retires..I believe it does come off the cap, but if he is bought out…his cap hit comes into play.

  20. Forget luongo already!!!!! Put in an offer sheet for Schneider for 10 mill. Let the Canucks pay 15 million for their goalies and we will see what they will take for luongo

    • Ha..good one…