NHL Entry Draft Rumors (Part Two) – June 23, 2012.

The latest on Bobby Ryan, Keith Yandle, Rick Nash and Roberto Luongo. Will any of them move today? Read on to find out!

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER/LOS ANGELES TIMES/COURIER-POST ONLINE: Anaheim Ducks winger Bobby Ryan, unhappy over the way he’s being treated by management and the uncertainty over his future, indicated he’d accept being traded and suggested the Philadelphia Flyers as a possible destination. “I take things personally,” said Ryan. “Anaheim to me has been a team over the past year that really has shown me nothing to prove that they want me here, unfortunately.”  He added, “”I gotta be honest with you. At this point, I don’t care. Move me … because it’s just tough going to the rink every day knowing that if something goes wrong, you’re going to be the guy moved.”

It’s believed the Flyers are interested in Ryan, and were rumored to have offered up winger James van Riemsdyk to the Ducks, who countered by seeking promising forward Brayden Schenn. Ducks GM Bob Murray responded to Ryan’s comments, saying “”I’d just like to say I’m disappointed at this time at his comments and I intend to talk to Bobby personally when we get back from the draft and clear the air a little bit”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Murray can be as “disappointed” in Ryan all he wants, but I believe the Ducks GM hasn’t handled this well, so little wonder Ryan has grown exasperated about the situation and voiced his frustration. Murray comments suggest he doesn’t intend to move Ryan this week, if at all, but that could change if he gets a good offer.

Coyotes listening to offers, but aren’t shopping Yandle.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio reported Phoenix Coyotes GM Don Maloney was canvassing offers for defenseman Keith Yandle, and a source claimed the Flyers wanted to get into the bidding.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reported yesterday began with the Coyotes getting offers for Yandle but no deal materialized, as the feeling is it could take a special deal, like a first line center, to pry him out of Phoenix. The Coyotes instead last night reacquired defenseman Zbynek Michalek from the Pittsburgh Penguins, leading to speculation the Penguins were clearing cap space to take a run at New Jersey’s Zach Parise in the UFA market.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski reports Coyotes GM Don Maloney said following the draft nothing was imminent regarding Yandle. Maloney isn’t shopping the defenseman but is listening to offers. Maloney is also still negotiating with team captain and pending UFA Shane Doan, who is frustrated over the lack of progress in the sale of the team to a prospective ownership group. The Coyotes GM doubts Doan will sign before the ownership situation is resolved.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So, Maloney is listening to offers, but doesn’t sound keen to move Yandle, though it would take a significant offer to do so. Most teams aren’t willing to part with first line centers, so it appears Yandle could remain with the Coyotes.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Allen Panzeri reports Senators GM Bryan Murray remains interested in Columbus Blue Jackets winger Rick Nash, and is believed to have offered a package with either Robin Lehner or Mika Zibanejad as part of the deal. The San Jose Sharks are rumored to have offered Ryan Clowe, Joe Pavelski, Jason Demers and a first round pick for Nash.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the NY Rangers attempt to land Nash has hit a brick wall as Jackets management continues to stick with their high asking price. Discussions with the Ducks regarding Bobby Ryan haven’t advanced, and their attempt to land Jordan Staal prior to his trade from Pittsburgh to Carolina didn’t get far. It’s believed several teams have interest in Rangers forward Brandon Dubinsky, but they would want a scorer to replace him. It appears the Blueshirts will be parting ways with pending UFA forward Brandon Prust.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless something changes today, it’s expected the Blue Jackets won’t move Nash soon, but could instead prefer to wait until after the first week of next month’s free agent frenzy has passed, which could improve his market value. If the Sharks have offered up that package reported by the Citizen, I don’t think the Jackets could get much more than that. 

VANCOUVER SUN: Iain MacIntyre reports the Toronto Maple Leafs were rumored to have made an “unsuccessful pitch” for Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo olast night during the first round of the Entry Draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Media consensus suggests Toronto or Florida are the only destinations available for the Canucks to move Luongo, which it’s believed they’d like to do before they start contract talks with RFA Cory Schneider.


  1. Re: Bobby Ryan. I agree that the Ducks have handled this situation badly. If Bobby didn’t care about being Duck, he would not have reacted like this. Murray should take this as a positive that a player of his is hurting when trade talks are rumored. His talk with Bobby is long overdue. Murray created this situation, he should call him now and fix it.

    • Once a player goes public it’s just a matter of time until he’s gone.
      First Lupul, then Gardiner, then Schultz and now Ryan…

      • Yep Ryan is as good as gone. I think the teams with interest in Nash will now turn their attention to Ryan. Too late for Murray to fix things. Trade him quickly while the fire is hot.

        Howson is screwing the pooch. He’s banking on all the teams that lose out on other guys coming to him. By that time his options will be limited. Who wants to take a wait and see approach until after their options are gone? Apparently Howson is the only one. Then he will be stuck with Nash and the stink on his hands going into the season. Good luck there. Nash may sit out at that point.

  2. I’m sick of hearing the Luongo to the Leafs rumour. Burke please please let the Nucks rot with him for the next 10 years.

    As for Bobby Ryan looks like Murray is single handedly ruining this organization for the next 10 years unless he can start getting good pieces back (unlike the past few deals). He has already lost out big time on the trade with the Leafs which included Lupul and Gardiner and now Ryan is publically saying he wants out. Murray isn’t holding the cards in this pending trade now that Ryan has gone public. I feel sorry for the Ducks fan base. Us Leaf fans feel so bad we are willing to give you Burke back. Not a Burke for Murray trade, You can have Burke for free…

  3. Just looking at the other side of the coin for a second.. I mean we really don’t know too much about the Ryan situation beyond what we read on the net.

    Ya.. he’s in trade rumours a lot.. but so? Is that why he’s wanting out? If not, and there’s something else going on, deal with it internally.. (see Jordan Staal) don’t cry about it publicly.

    The fact that he couldn’t be professional about whatever the situation is, to me, lessens his value.

    • Ryan said he wants out because his name is always in the trade rumor mill. Did I miss that?

      and about Lou to T.O ; Why would a team that requires an exp elite goalie need one of the best in the league with a good cap hit? Weird.

      A team like T.O doesn’t care about his 10 year contact. He’ll retire before it’s up and it’ll come off the book.

      • Correct me if I’m wrong Spec, but regardless if Luongo retires during his contract doesn’t the full extent of his cap hit stay with the team that takes him? I know the Leafs don’t care about the actual money they pay him but management and the fans sure care about a 10 year cap hit at over 5.0M whether he plays or not. Does it still count for the remaining 3 years if he retires after 7 years on the 10 year term?

        Lets face it we are still getting a $1.0M cap hit for Tucker (different situation but it’s still a pain in the ass 4 years later).

        • BeerGoggles: Luongo is only 33, so if he retires before his contract expires, the cap hit is removed. It’s only those who sign long-term contract at 35 and older in which the cap hit remains intact if the players retires before the contract expires.

          • Thanks. My error I thought it stayed with the team. Obviously Luo won’t be playing out his last 3 years at $1.0M when he is in his 40’s. So I guess his cap hit is really only for 7 years (still a long time) unless something changes in the new CBA although I would figure any previous contracts would be grandfathered.

  4. The Devils should go after Luongo if Parise decides to bail. Brodeur can’t have much left in the tank after their cup run this year and Luongo would be on the east coast closer to his family. Would love to see the Bruins light him up 4 times a year.

  5. So the Monster failure has finally come to an end. It will be interesting to see if he can turn his game around with the Jets now that he’s no longer being coached by Allaire.

  6. I wonder if Doan could be convinced to come lead The Leafs? He’s the type of veteran presence we could use. Also – if the Blue Shirts are done with Prusty then Burkie should sign him up – exactly the type of player he likes. He hits, drops ’em and can even light the lamp the odd time…

    Luongo – why would he want to come to Toronto? He is leaving a rabid fan-based pressure cooker in Vancouver where he couldn’t handle the presence of an up and coming back up – so he would come to Toronto where it’s not a pressure cooker but a deep fryer only to have a (hopefully) up and coming back up (Reimer) waiting in the wings? You combine that with Burkie’s hatred of over five year contracts – doesn’t add up…

    • Agreed about Luo and Burke except Lu’s cap hit is really only for 7 years (see above) and if Burke can dump Komi’s remaining two years on the Nuck’s then he can justify it to himself as a 5 year deal. I sure hope it doesn’t happen. I’d rather offer up something decent to the Ducks for Hiller and let them go after Lu.

      • Blue Jackets should take the deal, Pavelski, Clowe and a draft pick for Nash. I ultimately think he is going to end up with the Rangers, but who knows now that Staal has been traded and Pitt is now looking to fill that void.

      • At 40 Lou doesn’t have to retire, if he stays active he can play backup for $10MM a year for the last 3 years of his contract.

        • He only gets paid $3.0M in those three years. Doubt he’s interested in putting his body through the grind for that money.

  7. i wonder if pavelec is coming to toronto instead. cheaper then luongo. luongo’s price has to drop if they think they’ll keep both goalies july 1st

    • Sounds like he has a KHL offer, that’s why they’re having difficult negotiations with him. Doubt he’d be traded anywhere as he’d just end up signing in the KHL instead.

  8. Spector, I agree that the Sharks’ offer for Nash is the best one in the rumors.

    Brooksie, I’m sure teams are lining up to take a 10-goal scorer who makes $4.2 million off the Rags’ hands.

    I wonder if Boston would offer Krejci for Yandle?

    • I’ll pack Krejci’s bags and drive him to the airport. Im sure Yandle would LOVE coming home to Boston.

      • Krejci + Thomas + draft picks for Yandle and Whitney.

  9. I read some comments above about the Sharks offer for Nash being a good one. I don’t agree.

    I can’t imagine the goal of Columbus – one of the worst teams in the league last year – is to be an instant contender. Thus this is something of a rebuild. They obviously want players that they can build around.

    Let’s assume that Columbus has a three year plan to turn the team around.

    Pavelski is 27, Clowe is 29, and Demers is 24. Clowe is a UFA after next season, and Pavelski the year after. Demers is a nice defenseman, but nothing that special as of yet in his career. The first round pick that Columbus gets would almost assuredly be 15th or later, so you’re not getting a guarantee with that pick.

    So if Columbus makes the trade, this is how the deal would shake out. Clowe and Pavelski would make Columbus good enough to just make or just miss the playoffs. This means Columbus’ first round pick next year would be somewhere around 8 to 21. If they don’t make the deal, they’re still probably drafting top 5. Meanwhile, San Jose almost assuredly survives the first round of the playoffs, so the pick Columbus gets from them is 22 or lower.

    Clowe walks as a free agent after next season. In 2013-2014 Columbus is still just in or just out of the playoffs. Again, they’re drafting 8 to 21. Pavelski walks after 2013-2014.

    So in the end, Columbus gets a lower-tier first round pick from San Jose, a good (but not great as of yet) defenseman, and almost assuredly lowers their own first round pick next year. That doesn’t make sense to me.


  10. if howson turned down the alleged trade, he should be fired. thats a steal, nash is worth a player and a pick max. think about it, if a player who can barely put up 60 a season is worth 3 good roster players and a first rounder, a star player would be worth 3 roster players a blue chip and multiple picks including a first. im sorry for everyone but rick nash sucks.

    • Nash scored 30 or more goals 7 times since he’s been in the NHL. He’s scored 40 twice. All of this on a bad Columbus team. That doesn’t suck in any capacity.

  11. Is it me or does a Nash for Bobby Ryan trade seem like a decent one for both sides.

    Ryan’s cap hit is $5.1M for the next three seasons, and Nash is $7.8M until the end of 2018 (thank you capgeek). So right off the bat, the numbers are close.

    Bobby Ryan is 25, so he’s a young player that they can build a team around. He also provides Columbus a star player to serve in next year’s All Star Game (which is in Columbus).

    For the Ducks, they move a clearly disgruntled Ryan and get an upgrade. If the Ryan – Getzlaf – Perry line was one of the best in the league, what would the Nash – Getzlaf – Perry line be? Perhaps one of the best all time.

    Obviously no trade is ever that simple, and there would have to be other pieces involved, but the core of the trade looks right to me.

  12. Wouldn’t it be something if the Pens added both Parise and Suter. They have cleared a ton of cap space by moving Staal and Michalek. They can also let a couple of 1-2 mil a year guys walk and bring in a couple of the young guys. They would be awfully tough to beat if they did end up signing both. Two very good lines…and a really solid D. If they only get one…who is more likely?

    • Parise.

      They have the option of young guys on defense to bring in. Despres and Strait are about ready to fill roster spots. Despres needs some coaching and mentoring. Strait is a ready stay at home. If Martin is dealt and/or Niskanen isn’t resigned then they have another spot or two to fill and another asset to trade in Niskanen. Then they could look to free agency. Doesn’t have to be Suter.

      At forward they got next to nothing to bring up. Parise would be the priority to bring in for Crosby’s line.

  13. Now That #11’s gone and they have freed up a tom of cap space, I dont believe all the overpay for zach talk. I see them going after Ryan or Nash (prefer Ryan) but nash and crosby have history (Olympics) and worked very well together I see them going after a D man Like Sarich, Campoli (Short Term) Carle Etc.

    I also see them trading Martins Contract rumor has it Nashville is interested as is Florida and signing a jordon tootoo and maybe making a run at pa parenteau