NHL Evening Rumor Mill – June 26, 2014

On the eve of the NHL Draft, trade rumors are flying fast and furious. Read on for the latest on Ryan Kesler, Evander Kane, Keith Yandle and Vincent Lecavalier, plus updates on Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, Jarome Iginla, Matt Niskanen and more. 

Will Jason Spezza and/or Ryan Kesler be dealt when the NHL Draft begins on June 27?

Will Jason Spezza and/or Ryan Kesler be dealt when the NHL Draft begins on June 27?

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger reports there’s a heightened sense of urgency regarding the Ryan Kesler trade situation, with some close to the situation suggesting a trade could happen within the next 24 hours, though no idea who the specific team involved in talks with the Canucks. Anaheim and Chicago have been rumored talking trade with the Canucks…It’s believed the Blues would like to acquire Ottawa’s Jason Spezza, and there’s been ongoing talk between the two sides, though a package centered around Patrik Berglund won’t suffice.

In a later segment, Dreger claimed there’s lots of interest in Coyotes defenseman Keith Yandle (two years left on his contract at $5.25 million annually), claiming the Coyotes aren’t trying to push him out but are listening to offers. The Red Wings are among those who could be interested, and they are also connected to Buffalo’s Tyler Myers. He also touched on rumors regarding Vincent Lecavalier and Evander Kane (more on that below).  Dreger also reports Panthers GM Dale Tallon claims he’s got one really good offer for the first overall pick plus some “so-so” offers.

Dreger then joined Bob McKenzie and Pierre LeBrun to discuss other moves. LeBrun claims a number of teams are trying to muscle their way into the Ryan Kesler sweepstakes, but the center must be willing to allow more clubs to get involved. Currently the Anaheim Ducks and Chicago Blackhawks are believed his only preferred destinations….Dreger believes the Oilers and Canucks have interest in moving up but not to the level Panthers GM Dale Tallon seeks for the first overall pick. McKenzie believes Tallon would like to move the pick, while LeBrun notes he doesn’t want to accept any offers from those below tenth overall.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford fears another Roberto Luongo situation for the Vancouver Canucks if they’re unable to trade Ryan Kesler this summer. Canucks GM Jim Benning said he’s speaking with Kesler’s agent daily and talking to teams trying to find something which suits both sides. Benning states Kesler will remain a Canuck if no suitable deals are found.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Trading Kesler just for the sake of moving him isn’t going to help the Canucks. If he’s unwilling to expand his trade list there’s a limited market for him. That being said, I think Benning could be waiting to see what happens with Spezza, who seems more likely to be dealt by tomorrow evening than Kesler at this point. Once Spezza’s dealt, that could open up the market for Kesler.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Tim Campbell reports Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff acknowledged there’s trade talk regarding his team, but declined to say which player it could involve. Evander Kane’s been the subject of trade speculation but Cheveldayoff said from his standpoint Kane remains a Winnipeg Jet.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cheveldayoff also didn’t come right out and say Kane’s untradeable, which will ensure the young winger’s name remains in the rumor mill. I believe Cheveldayoff is listening to offers but it’s going to take a significant one to convince him to move Kane. 

NBC SPORTS: Mike Halford speculates the Dallas Stars could be a big player in the coming days via trade or free agency.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve said for weeks the Stars could try to get into the bidding for Spezza and Kesler, plus they could jump into the UFA market. They need a second-line center. Like the Ducks and Blues, they also possess depth in young talent to make competitive bids for either player, provided they’re willing to go to Dallas, who are an up-and-coming club. Stars GM Jim Nill last summer demonstrated his willingness to make bold moves with his acquisition of Tyler Seguin. He could make another big splash this summer.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio reports a league source claims Flyers GM Ron Hextall has given Vincent Lecavalier’s agent permission to speak to other clubs to gauge trade interest in his client.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap floor clubs like the Islanders, Panthers and Sabres could have interest, while Lecavalier’s been linked to the Predators for weeks now. Ultimately it’s up to Lecavalier as to which clubs he’s willing to waive his no-movement clause for. 

SPORTSNET.CA: Chris Johnston reports the Boston Bruins limited cap space has forced Jarome Iginla to start exploring other options. The Bruins have limited cap space to offer Iginla a multi-year deal while still re-signing RFAs Reilly Smith and Torey Krug. They’re facing a cap penalty of $4.75 million for bonus overages tied to Iginla’s bonus-laden contract for this recent season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Bruins are willing to shed salary to re-sign Iginla, they’ll have no choice but to let him walk. Iginla loves playing in Boston but he’s not going to accept a bargain-basement deal to remain a Bruin.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Shelly Anderson reports Matt Niskanen’s agent said his client plans to test the UFA market.

TSN’s Bob McKenzie reports the following via Twitter: “It’s believed Kane-Toews initial ask of CHI on extension is around $12M/yr each. They’ll end up lower but still could be $10M+ AAV players.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I guess they’d come in around $9.5 million per season so I wasn’t far off. $10 million per sounds like a like but the Blackhawks will pay it willingly. These two are the biggest reasons the Blackhawks won two Stanley Cups in four years and will be Cup contenders for years. 



  1. Myers to Detroit is an interesting idea, but I imagine the cost to acquire him would be prohibitive. The cost for Yandle is probably obscene as well.

    • I would think Yandle would require less than Myers, but agree the cost for either would be high.

      • Keith Yandle is a perennial 40-50 point defenseman, with playoff experience. Far more proven then Myers and not as bad in his own zone as everyone makes him out to be. Doubt the asking price is more for Myers, at best it is equal.

        • Ehh Myers is 3 years younger and a more important piece to the Sabres, I think they will want more for him than Arizona who have a pretty suitable replacement for Yandle in OEL. Yandle is a pretty big minus last year on a very good defensive team with pretty good goaltending like I said price would be high with either but I think the Sabres would want more for Myers not saying he is worth more just that they would probably want more.

    • Sportsnet reporting that Tallon said he has recieved an offer that goes above and beyond what he think is fair for the pick, was going to sleep on it but looks like the no.1 pick is moving

      • Backed up by nobody anywhere I can see.

        • Did you check sportsnet.ca? the had the interview lol

          • Tallon saying to reporters exactly what I just said….seems pretty credible to me.

          • Yup lol opened up with “70% chance we are going to keep the pick”.

            Just a GM posturing trying to increase trade value, if it was over and above what they expected they would have taken it. It was only over and above enough to leave a “30%” chance they would trade as opposed to draft. Still looks like Florida is drafting to me.

          • I think if he did get that offer that is “over and above” what he expected it moves, he isnt going to say Im probably going to move it we are now offically acvepting no more offers, and cut his own throat for other bigger better deals And If he did get such an offer that is over and above what he expected and doesnt do the desl he should probably start worring about his job…. I got an offer that I feel is worth more than the pick, but I devided to keep the pick? That doesnt make sense.

      • I heard Vancouver was offering a package of #6, Bo Horvat and Edler. Not sure if this would be possible because I doubt Edler would agree to go to Florida. IMO, this offer is an overpayment to get Reinhart.

        • No you didn’t. Those are the voices in your head.

  2. Lyle I have a quick question:

    When a team retains salary in a deal which might be likely in a Lecavalier or Boychuck deal, do they retain any of the cap hit?

    Say if Phaneuf gets traded and Toronto picks up $2 million of salary, do they only get $5 mil in cap relief or do they shed the full $7 million?

  3. I don’t think Myers gets traded unless they get a big return. There seems to be a few teams that are looking at a dman right now, who’s to say Edmonton doesn’t dangle the third pick plus for myers

    • The 3rd plus anything significant for Myers is a considerable over payment for still waiting to be reached potential. Myers is a solid defenseman, but overrated and over sold.

      • If Edmonton is willing to give up a #3 for Myers and a 2nd rounder – I would run not walk to make the deal. Myers had a great rookie year, and a decent 2nd year, but has looked lost the last three years. Although he improved a bit last year, I just don’t think that he is consistent and I question his durability (injuries the past 3 years). If we can trade him for a 1st rounder – do it.

        Taking on Vinny Lecavier’s contract wouldn’t be a bad thing. Buffalo needs a Center and we also could use a veteran presence to help mentor our youth. If Philly included their #17 to take on Lacavier’s contract – why not?

        • Lecavalier would not want to come to Buffalo.

          • You know – that’s a pretty canned statement, but it seems that a lot of players who didn’t want to come, enjoy their time there and a lot seem to retire in Bflo. Thing is, Lecavalier would be part of a rebuild, a leader and personally I don’t seem them being that far away from being in the playoffs – maybe a year or 2. Wouldn’t it be interesting from Vinny to skate with one of the Sam’s and McDavid or Eichel. The trade will give Vinny the opportunity to skate on a 2/3 rd line and on the power play. Also it gives Philly cap relief and a 2nd round pick, while Bflo takes on the full salary, gets a veteran leadership and #17.

  4. If the Hawks end up giving Kane and Toews $10M each, that will be the end of their dominance as they’ll have a tough time having any talent at depth on their roster.

    Their existing contract pays them a combined $12M ($6M each). Even with a cap ceiling at $63,000,000, their combined salary represented 19% of the teams overall budget. If they sign at $10M each ($20M total) and we assume a cap at $75,000,000, their salary will be eating up 26.7% of the team’s overall budget. Put another way, the cap shifting from $63,000,000 (previously) to a projected $75,000,000 after next season is an increase of 19%. Kane and Toews salary increase from $6M each to $10M each will represent a 66.7% increase. You can’t have a quarter of you overall budget going towards two players when you need twenty three to make the team.

    The Blackhawks have bigger problems with Crawford and Hossa’s contracts and the fact that the have no compliance buyouts left. Crawford is an average goalie and Hossa is 35 with 7 years remaining on his contract. If they sign Kane and Toews to $10M per season deals, the Blackhawks will go the way of the Penguins: out in the first or second round every year.

    • Whats Getzlaf and Perry’s percent of cap? How far the Ducks make it inthe playoffs? 26% of the cap16.9 mill of 63 mill, took the Kings to game 7…hogwash The reasons the Pens get taken out early is not due to what Malkin and Sid make. Toews and Kane are 10 mill players with a 75 million dollar cap world.

      • @ Shticky

        Well first, Getzlaf and Perry just signed those deals a season or two back, so it will take time to see what the ramifications are going to be. In addition, Getzlaf and Perry are making $8.2M and $8.6M respectively. That’s a difference from $10M+.

        • Not if you look at the cap its not they make 16.9 mil of a 63 mill cap which is
          26 % of the total cap, and made it to the confrence finals game 7 agsinst the cup winners your arguement that teams can ecpect to advance paying 2 guys 26 % of the cap is hogwash, if the Hawks pay Toews and Kane 10 mill each they are just making a little more than Malkin Sid, of Getzlaf and Perry all who have won only 1 cup, they have 2 and the cap for the year those deals would gointo effect would be around 75 mill if not more, their percentage of the cap could actually be lower than the 26 % or more if you look at ehat sid and Geno make, then when Sid Malkin or Getzlaf and Perrysigned their deals. A 75 million dollar cap means players will make more money, not that teams will spread it around more.

          • Crosby Malkin = 18.2 mill 28.9 % of cap
            Getzlaf Perry = 16.9 26.8%
            OVI Bacstrom = 17.2 27.3%
            Suter Parise = 15 mill 23.8%
            Staal Semin = 15.2 24.1%

            Kane Toews 20 of 75 mill cap = 26.6%…. puts them in the middle of those guys and they have 2 cups and are younger than most of the others.

          • So here’s the problem with your argument:

            None of those teams have gotten far SINCE signing the deals. The Penguins won the cup in 2008-2009, the first year of Crosby’s deal that paid him $8.7M. BUT, it was the final year of Malkin’s entry level contract that had a cap hit of $984K. Since that time they’d made the playoffs every year, going out in the first round twice, second round twice, and Eastern Finals once.

            Same thing for the Ducks. In 2006-2007 when they won the cup, both Getzlaf and Perry were on entry level contracts. That year you also had Selanne signed at a very cap-friendly $3.7M, Kunitz was making $1M, and Andy McDonald was making a cap friendly $3.3M. That’s the only reason Anaheim won the cup. I think Neidermayer and Pronger’s twin $7M per season deal would have tanked the Ducks but for all of the above players.

            Since winning the cup the Ducks have never made it past the second round of the playoffs and missed the playoffs twice.

            The other players you mentioned haven’t gotten far either. Ovi and Backstrom , Suter and Parise, Staal and Semin haven’t even gotten a whiff of the Stanely Cup Finals. In fact two of the teams (Washington and Carolina missed the playoffs completely last season, and Minnesota was a second round exit).

            Overpaying super stars will get you in the playoffs most of the time, but it hasn’t proven effective when it comes to winning a championships.

          • The Ducks made the confrence finals this year the Wild beat the Avs made the second round and have space to improve quite a bit more next year, The Pens have got past the first round every year but twice? Thats 3 of 5 teams listed that win more playoff rounds the they have lost this year guys got those contracts if you add Kane and Toews to that list its 4 of 6 teams this year.

  5. Agreed with Myers. During the shortened season he was absolutely awful and then broke his leg. In fact would have not have even made the team that year as rookie, let alone the Calder. Last year a little better but not a stud just yet. Way over paid. Where is all the Vinny to Montreal banter ? That is all you heard a few seasons removed.

  6. If the Flyers decide to buyout Lecavalier, how much of a cap hit will they absorb (I’m fully aware they are out of compliance buyouts)?

    • Long answer (from Capgeek):

      Vincent Lecavalier is 34 years old on the buyout date of June 27, 2014, setting the buyout ratio at 2/3 and the total buyout cost at $8,000,000, in addition to $4,500,000 in signing bonuses, spread over 8 years. His contract was originally valued at $22,500,000 beginning in 2013 and ending in 2018, with $12,000,000 remaining from the buyout year forward (which does not include $4,500,000 in remaining signing bonuses that are paid regardless of buyout). The following is a season-by-season breakdown of the buyout. A negative buyout cap hit indicates a credit.

      Please note, because his contract was entered into on or before Sept. 15, 2012, he is not eligible for a compliance buyout, per Transition Rule 53 of the 2013 NHL-NHLPA CBA.

      2014-15: $1,500,000
      2015-16: $3,000,000
      2016-17: $3,000,000
      2017-18: $2,500,000
      2018-19: $1,000,000
      2019-20: $1,000,000
      2020-21: $1,000,000
      2021-22: $1,000,000

      Short answer: Enough to be prohibitive for the Flyers, especially considering the signing bonuses that need to be factored in.

  7. I believe the jets should take action this off season rather than later regarding Kane. Dude seems to become a distraction once and awhile. I’m pretty sure jets can acquire a very good player if they were to trade him he’s shown he can put up 30 in the past and is only 22. If he doesn’t wanna play in the peg and wants to be elsewhere I say ship him out. There’s always a gm out there ready to overpay for young talent.

  8. You know I really miss the days when a player could get traded to any team. I hate these contracts now that give players so much control over where they go. I know it’s the owners and GMs who allow it, but it drives me nuts. If a player really wants to leave his current team then accept a trade to where ever the team trades you. Limiting a teams options like Kesler and so many others have done eliminates the best trade possible for the team he currently plays for.

  9. Should probably ask the teams like Buffalo the Leafs Panthers Oilers Nashville Winnipeg Calgary Islanders etc if they think the Pens Hawks Ducks and Wild are successful, if you have 2 great players you psy them that kind of money, and you continue to draft and develop players, if anything it could be helpful bevause at ufa time and the deeadline you hsve guys willing to come to your team or waive ntc for perhsps less money to try and win.