NHL Evening Rumor Mill – June 27, 2013

The latest on Vincent Lecavalier, Kris Letang, Roberto Luongo and Dave Bolland.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports a source claims it’s too early to tell if the Montreal Canadiens have interest in former Tampa Bay Lightning captain Vincent Lecavalier, who will be bought out by the club and become an unrestricted free agent on July 5. LeBrun speculates the Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks, Vancouver Canucks, and Toronto Maple Leafs could have interest in Lecavalier.

Where will Vincent Lecavalier sign?

Where will Vincent Lecavalier sign?

SPORTING NEWS: Sean Gentille reports Lecavalier hasn’t made up a list yet of preferred destinations, but claimed his door is “open to everybody”.

DETROIT FREE PRESS/MLIVE.COM: Helene St. James and Ansar Khan speculated on the possibility of the Red Wings pursuing Lecavalier as a replacement for Valtteri Filppula, who is expected to become an unrestricted free agent on July 5.

TVA SPORTS: speculates on the possibility of Lecavalier returning to Quebec and playing for the Montreal Canadiens. Louis Jean reports he was told Lecavalier is “open and willing to play in Montreal”, but he wants to consider all his opportunities.

LNH.COM: Arpon Basu reports via Twitter Lecavalier doesn’t think he wants a one-year contract. “I’d prefer a contract that can bring me to retirement.”

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Joe Yerdon cited a report from the Tampa Bay Times that Lightning GM Steve Yzerman has no plans to use his second compliance buyout for this summer. Yerdon suggests that means winger Ryan Malone, rumored to be a buyout candidate, can breathe easier.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The addition of Lecavalier, and to a lesser degree Daniel Briere, will certainly spice up this year’s free agent market. The biggest question is how much they’re seeking for salaries, and for how long. Obviously they won’t get the same deals they had with their former clubs, but Lecavalier could seek three-to-five years at between $4-$5 million per, while Briere could get two-three years at $4 million per. Seem expensive? Remember the golden rule of NHL free agency: never underestimate the ability of NHL GMs to succumb to auction fever and overpay for players they really, really want.  Where either guy ends up is unclear right now, but with the start of free agency only a week away, the field should narrow considerably in the coming days.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Ryan Dadoun cited tweets from TSN’s Bob McKenzie in which Kris Letang’s agent denied having any discussion about moving his client to the Toronto Maple Leafs, insisting his camp remains focused on re-signing with the Penguins. Dadoun also cited a tweet from RDS’s Renaud Lavoie stating Letang has no trade preference if he were shopped.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s been a backlash toward Pittsburgh Tribune-Review hockey columnist Rob Rossi, who broke the story of Letang’s supposed preference to be deal to the Leafs if unable to get a new contract with the Penguins. I’ve followed Rossi’s work for years and doubt he just made this up. It’ll be interesting to hear his response to this.

NATIONAL POST: The Vancouver Canucks will try to trade Roberto Luongo heading into this weekend’s NHL Draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Canucks GM Mike Gillis will be lucky if he finds a trade partner willing to take on the remainder of Luongo’s hefty contract. Gillis will either have to take back a toxic contract, or absorb up to half of Luongo’s remaining salary or cap hit to make a trade now. Otherwise, he’ll have to use a compliance buyout to shed Luongo’s contract. 

ESPN CHICAGO: Jesse Rogers reports sources told Pierre LeBrun the Chicago Blackhawks are shopping center Dave Bolland, who scored the Cup clinching goal in Game Six of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final. Rogers expects the savings from moving the remaining year and $3.375 million of Bolland’s contract could be put toward re-signing Bryan Bickell.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s what I believe, too. The Blackhawks don’t have to gut their roster to become cap compliant as they did three years ago following their previous Cup win, but they do have to free up some room to retain other key players.


  1. -I doubt Rossi made this up

    Yes he did. Remember Yandle to Pittsburgh? Or Joe Morrow was the Pens top prospect and wouldn’t be traded? He’s full of crap.

    • Rossi didn’t make up “Yandle to Pittsburgh”. Several sources had the Penguins very interested in Yandle during last year’s draft.

      • No, but he did make up the final deal. He was saying all at the draft that a Michalek+ for Yandle deal was going to happen. He was just wrong. He made that tweet based off of assumptions, not what was actually happening. He does that a lot.

    • Joe Morrow was the best prospect in the system, but that was before Bennett and Harrington and Matta

      • Nope, that was posted in March. About 5 days before he got traded.

    • Yea Rossi is an unreliable source and has yet to come through on anything solid. He’s always wayyy off base and not even close. He was the writer that made up the Ovechkin to San Jose rumor last year when Ovechkin wasnt even being shopped. He shouldnt have a job doing what he does.

  2. The Calgary Flames have traded forward Alex Tanguay and defenceman Cory Sarich to the Colorado Avalanche in exchange for forward David Jones and defenceman Shane O’Brien.

    • what are your thoughts on that deal?

  3. lmao, now there are rumors that Chicago wants a 1st rounder and (2) 2nd rounders for Bolland…am, yeah, that just ain’t gonna happen! Maybe for Hossa, but not fo an injury prone player who plays the 3rd line!

    • “there are rumors that Chicago wants a 1st rounder and (2) 2nd rounders for Bolland…”

      It has Leaf trade written all over it. LOL!!

    • I wouldn’t give up that much for 3rd liner let alone a first rounder. Especially In a deep draft like this.

  4. If a team like Ottawa can land both Lecavalier and Briere, they’d be a force to be reckoned with! Any team would, but more-so Ottawa.

    • Lecavalier to Sens sounds awesome, but it wouldn’t make sense seeing that they have Turris and Zibanejad behind Spezza. Unless he wants to play wing???! I would’ve thought you’d be saying Lecavalier to the Leafs. Leafs want a number one center and how about Kadri learning under him? He produced good numbers this year. As much as I don’t like the Leafs, this would be a great signing and provide great leadership.

      • Gahh he is getting brittle but man do I like the idea of him between Kessel and JVR With Kadri Lupul and Clarkson/Bickell I guess why not he still might be cheaper then Weiss or Bozak…Nonis is going to have a few sleepless nights this week.

        • Who would you rather Richards or LeCavalier? Vinny had a 54% win in the dot while Richards had a 50.5% win ratio. Pretty even stats throughout their carears same age with Vinny a bit bigger but Richards way tougher. Tough choice if the Rangers buy him out.

          • Vinny will be cheaper I imagine so I take him, also more leadership quality I think…could be wrong but ya I’d go with Vinny

          • BeerGoggles

            Enough with the “LeCavalier”, it is ‘Lecavalier’, no capital ‘c’.

          • @LA
            Got it, is that’s all you have to add to the question? lol

          • Interesting question, although I sincerely doubt NYR buys him out I would lean more towards Richards.
            He has more grit than Vinny and plays more games.
            Of course Vinny has more talent, but talent is useless if you’re injured 20 games per season. I like Richards defensive game better as well…

    • Briere is rumoured to have a preference for a US based team as playing in Canada will cause difficulties for him as far as custody of his children.

      Lecavalier is probably a longshot given that Ottawa already has pretty good depth at centre. I don’t think they’ll throw as much money at Lecavalier as other teams will (might be worth something extra from a marketting perspective to get a high profile french Canadian player, though – particularly one so coveted by Habs fans).

      I think 5 years at $5 million is probably the minimum Lecavalier will have to take, and he’ll probably still have a couple choices at that price tag.

  5. What a huge shock that Gillis will wait till the last second to buy out luongo. Why would vancouver keep 1/2 his salary (20m van would pay). It would cost almost as much as the buy out amount (27m). Plus if they keep 1/2 the contract it would actually count against the cap 2.67m for 9 years. I know that 1/2 is the highest amount but even 1/4 of the cap hit is 1.333m for 9 years. Just buy him out! GILLIS MIGHT NOT BE THE ABSOLUTE WORST GM IN THE LEAGUE BUT HE IS THE MOST ARROGANT!!

    • lol, they’d have to pay him over the next 18 years

      Buyout Cap Hit each year for Luongo:

      – 2013/14 to 2017/18 = $121,926
      – 2018/19 = $3,453,926
      – 2019/20 = $5,217,926
      – 2020/21 to 2021/22 = $5,835,926
      – 2021/22 = $5,835,926
      – 2022/23 to 2030/31 – $1,502,593

      However, Luongo (if bought out) will be paid $1,502,593 annually till 2030/31

      • He should definitely buy his agent a Rolex and a boat!

        • Don’t kid yourself…he’s bought his agent these things and more…at the 10% or so they take off the top. lol

  6. ***Edit***

    Buyout Cap Hit each year for Luongo:

    – 2013/14 to 2017/18 = $121,926
    – 2018/19 = $3,453,926
    – 2019/20 = $5,217,926
    – 2020/21 to 2021/22 = $5,835,926
    – 2022/23 to 2030/31 – $1,502,593

    However, Luongo (if bought out) will be paid $1,502,593 annually till 2030/31

    • That is $27,046,667 paid to Luongo or the next 18 years. Not including the next contract he signs. #Rich

      • Wow if your numbers are true thats insanity. Theyre way better off just keeping him and trading Schneider, Luongo is still a damn good goalie. Another lockout is looming…

  7. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the Coyotes pick up Lecalavier and go after Paul Stasny as well, and push for a move to Quebec? What would attract more fans to a team than that????

    • They could put skates on monkey and it will sell out in Qubec if the NHL goes back there same as it was in Winnipeg a party of epic proportions, but I think it’s Seattle.

      • Ya Seattle’s the place it’s gonna go if indeed it will move. Quebec would just mean another team in the East. Need to stay in the West… They won’t screw things up with the conferences when they just changed to something that makes sense.

    • That is if there is a Coyote’s team, they have until the 2nd, if nothing is resolved in Glendale, they’ll be going to Seattle.

      • Does Pho have an owner already. Or does this latest owner’s deal only go through if Glendale says yes or does it go back to the bid process. You would think more people would be interested, with more money to buy the team once the Glendale deal is dead and move it.

  8. With Vinny L being bought out it raises some interesting questions coming into the draft period as the Bolts now don’t have a #2 center. I think there is a really good shot that the Bolts draft Aleksander Barkov who should be able to step into the position next year and give a solid one two punch down the middle.

    • That’s what I think will happen also. Barkov over Drouin.
      Van trades Schnieder to TB for 3rd overall

      • Come on man you think that Dion is just a top 4 Dman in the league then offer up a goalie who hasn’t even really been a starter yet for a top 3 pick…really? Lmao dreaming I guess your going to wake up in a wet spot type dream….

        • I did for get the 24 pick overall going also. But I can only dream since my team is getting worse by the minute. And I don’t think Dion is just a top 4, I was saying teams need 4 top deman. I just don’t think he’s a number 1 anymore. But when he signs his next contract for less; I don’t think he will have that question following him anymore and people will start to love him again. He’s a really good player, would mind him on Vancouver but not at the cap hit.

          • Man never thought I’d feel sorry for Van fans but Gillis is just a team killer its like Back Checking is running the show.

          • Really the money is the only reason I’d deal him, we have such little depth on D that if you traded him buy out zLyles and Komisarek you’re looking at nearly 15 mill go get 2 good stay at home guys to play with Franson and Gardner Fraser and Blacker as the bottom 2 and we are much more solid Ferrence and Scuderri around 8-9mill is way better then paying Dion 6.5 and still 6 mill to sign someone else without even dipping in to the 19 mill we have available now.

          • And don’t forget you haven’t included Gunnar so you look to save $3M+ when the negotiations start IMO.

      • The Bolts will stick it out with Bishop. He is good enough that they can focus on the rest of the roster for now. I can see them signing Bozak and Roy to fill their Center positions.

      • wow!! schnieder for the 3rd overall? your right you are dreaming….

        • What he’s a $4 m starting goalie with a back-up making 5.33 m (cap hit). Every team will want him. I was putting in the 24th overall (forgot to add it however). Does that help. lol. Hey I’m learning from gillis how to make trades happen.

      • Tampa Bay already has Bishop and Lindback they dont need Schneider.

    • I don’t think Barkov can play here next year. Doesn’t he need to be in the Army for a year? I know Joel Armia did. I believe all 18 year old men have to serve 1 year in their Army in Finland.
      Same for Ristolainan.
      I could be wrong.

      • I have never heard anyone mention that before but I looked into it and it sounds like you are correct but i’m not 100% sure.

        • It’s true

      • Don you are correct. Same deal with Armia.

        • Minimun service in finnish army is 6 months and pro hockey players can split their time so they can service during summers. Barkov also told in a recent interview that he will play in north america next season if team that drafts him wants him there immediately.

  9. Pierre LeBrun ‏@Real_ESPNLeBrun 5m
    Hearing that Letang camp informed Penguins earlier tonight that they were turning down an 8-year contract offer worth around $56 million…

    Pierre LeBrun ‏@Real_ESPNLeBrun 5m
    Whether more contract talks are coming or whether Pens put Letang on trade market remains to be seen…

  10. Pierre LeBrun ‏@Real_ESPNLeBrun 2m
    Also told that Letang camp counter-offered with a long-term deal which would pay less than $8 M (north of $7.5 M); Pens said too high

    Shero will now be the ‘hero and trade Letang!

    • That’s to much for Letang. Shero could have a hard time getting full value since the salary will be so high and scare some teams away.

  11. Now that Letang’s good as gone (from Lebrun’s tweets), let’s start guessing what he would get. I’m thinking something like:

    Gardiner, Kulemin, Biggs and the 21st overall pick
    Petry, Paajarvi and the 7th overall pick

    Those all happen with an extension in place with the new team. You can complain about “oh that’s too much” all you want, but that’s basically going to be the return for Letang.

    • Its a hard call for Toronto. It seems like no one will take a discount to play in Toronto so it will be hard to fill out a team that will ever make a run at the Cup. Most of the teams that have high priced players also develop their draft picks (with lower cap hits) but Toronto keeps trading there 1st away. If Toronto is happy just making the playoffs but never being a serious contender then make the trade.

    • No non nuh unhappy there is no way that is happening way to many holes to be paying anyone that kind of dough and sending away cheap assets, wanna take Grabo along with those guys maybe but still unlikely

      • Look at what Staal got last year. Why would Letang get any less? And rational Leafs and Pens fan would agree that at least Kulemin, Gardiner and a 1st is fair. Also, you lose a top-4 D, a top-9 W and a 1st, while getting a top-pairing freaking Norris finalist.

        • @ Jose Are you a Toronto fan or not. I don’t know if you want him on the team or just saying what he’s worth. I think he’s worth what you are saying in the trade but I think the 8 m kills it for Toronto. Toronto is just another team for me, don’t love them or hate them.

        • I dont care if he won the freaking Norris! he is not worth 8 mill a year plus all those assets…by the way who won the Norris and how much he get paid again? Lol with that line up it wouldn’t surprise me if Gardner was a Norris finalist in the next 2 years if we did that deal…good luck getting rid of that for anymore then a pick and a player if someone is that desperate.

        • Stall wasn’t asking for 8 mill a year and Rutherford caved so he could play with his brother totally different situation here….

          • Agree Staal was a different and 8 mil is a load of money but you know that some GM will make the trade, just hope its not yours.

          • Shticky is right….

            Letang isn’t worth that much. He disappeared when it mattered most and honestly Malkin and Crosby both disappeared and so did he… Coincidence?

            Honestly he is good. But $8 Million good? Nope…. But in a trade Shero will demand a large ramsom. Dunno if he’ll get it….

  12. Wow, it is getting insane in the Letang negotiations

    Will DePaoli ‏@TIOPS_DePaoli 7m
    Can confirm Letang’s agent Kent Hughes countered the Penguins 8 year, $54 million offer, asking for 8 years, $62.5 million/ full NTC

    • Is he smoking crack or something? In what world does he equal Weber? Just awful

      • Agreed he doesn’t deserve anywhere near that. Good luck trading this guy with teams now knowing they need to pay him close to $8M for 8 years. Someone will have to use their compliance buyout next year to shed themselves of his new contract already. Kidding I realize a new contract wouldn’t kick in until after the original two year compliance period is done. This guy will be virtually untradeable for anything of value now.

        • That’s just wrong, everything that you said. Let’s break this down:

          1. Letang is a Norris finalist on a great contract in a cap dropping year. Couple that with the scarcity of PMD and the demand for them, someone will pay big-time for him.
          2. A team like the Islanders could easily pay him that much. There are teams out there that can afford that. Pittsburgh isn’t one of them.
          3. His contract would kick in at the start of the 14-15 season, which means that someone can use their compliance buyout next year to clear up space. For example, the Lightning can get Letang now at $3.5, then buyout Malone to pay the rest of Letang’s salary. That’s just an example.
          4. Saying that a Norris finalist is untradeable for anything of value is just plain wrong.

          • I don’t think anyone is saying he not a dam good player but there is a huge difference between a player worth 6.5m and 8m. He is not Weber, Chara, or Suter. Knowing its 8 m to sign him less teams will be interest now but I’m sure someone will. I wouldn’t want him on my team for 8 m.

          • Yeah I can completely understand that, but saying he’s untradeable is just wrong. Someone will look at it like a rental, and will want Letang at $3.5 million.

  13. Brad May on Sportsnet says there is no chance of Vinny coming to Canada. I still think Florida could be possible.

    • Why would Vinny want to come to Florida, When he has stated numerous times that he wants to win another cup. Since when is Florida a Cup Contender. They were the worst team in the NHL last year i dont think so Vinnys Florida connection is’nt that strong that he would be bought out by Tampa Bay only to sign with Florida.

  14. 1. Would love to see Vinny centreing Kessell and Lupul, but spidey senses are telling me no
    2. Would love to see Clarkson and JVR flanking Kadri, seems to be more likely
    3. Somebody will pay Letang whatever he is asking after being traded from Pittsburgh. I say Edmonton.

    Assuming Letang does not sign with Pittsburgh, what do you think about this deal?

    Toronto trades: Reimer, Kulemin and 21st overall for Edmontons 7th overall pick
    Edmonton trades: Yakupov, and their second round pick for Letang
    Toronto sign Free Agent Jose Theodore as backup for Bernier, and draft Sean Monaghan

    The rationale is:

    Edmonton gets a bonifide starter in Reimer, and an NHL winger to somewhat replace Yakupov, plus a franchise defenseman.

    Pittsburgh gets a high second round draft pick and a talented young right winger ( check out Pittsburghs depth on RW on cap geek) Yakupov is a definite upgrade over Dupuis and Kennedy. Play him with Malkin.

    Leafs get 7th pick overall to select their future franchise centre, Sean Monaghan, and a veteran backup for Bernier, since everyone seems to think he will be the starter.

    • Oh my no no no. Yak is going no where my friend.
      Dubnyk is more than comparable to Reimer ad although I don’t mind Kulemin your package is not one you move at #7 overall in a very deep draft.
      I like the thought process but not the offers.

  15. In regards to the Luongo (potential) buyout, doesn’t the window on the buyouts close at 5pm EST on the 4th of July. This way all potential UFA’s would then be available starting July 5th.
    Just curious. Thx

    • Yep..that’s why a few Gms are not saying who they are buying out, until after the draft. There might be deals involving teams with cap room taking on a bad salary (Leafs) to move up or teams like Van and the Rangers to move some bad contracts without buying them out buy dealing them to a team that has needs relatively cheap for later round picks at that time or some teams to kind of windows shop the guys that are bought out early to see if or what they need to do to make room prior to UFA opening

  16. Vinny Lecavalier does not want to play in Montreal. He is simply being diplomatic when asked the question by french reporters, but, like Martin Lapointe and Daniel Briere before him, he does not want to deal with all the “invasion of privacy” issues by the french press here in Montreal that comes with being a Montreal Canadien – especially a french-speaking one. Vinny to Detroit makes much more sense because the Wings were one of his favorite teams growing up, and he has often stated that he grew up idolizing Steve Yzerman (although that may just have changed with the buyout). Also, Detroit needs to replace soon-to-be free agent Valteri Filpula, and I think Vinny would be an upgrade in that position.
    As for Kris Letang… I just have this feeling that he will end up in Philly, much like what happened with Maxine Talbot.

  17. It doesn’t matter if letang is “worth” $8 million, cause we all know some dumb desperate GM will give it to him.

    I think the best fit for him is Detroit. Not sure what pieces would be going back to Pittsburgh but the Wings could really use a new elite puck mover back on the blueline.

    • See Jay Feaster

  18. If Letang gets traded it will have to be to a team willing to let him walk as a UFA next summer or to a team willing to pay him that huge extention. In either scenario it definitely hampers his value and nets the Pen’s less of a return.

    I think his salary expectations take the Leafs out of the running on a trade. I don’t see Nonis blowing everything up and saddling himself against the cap for a Letang type guy. I’d rather see him go after Weber since he’s a way more complete player (not that Weber would happen either).

    • Randy would quit after watching him in his own end of the ice against Boston…

  19. If Letang and his agent are really sticking with 8 years and 62.5 million dollars then I’m pretty sure some other GM/owner would go for it. The justifications being Letang’s abilities, age, and a relatively cheap year left at 3.5 million. That’s a 9 year average of 7.33 million over his current contract’s last year and the counteroffer mentioned above. Not a ludicrous payout, at least by what passes for ludicrous in the NHL.

    To me the Pens offer of 8 years and 56 million was quite reasonable. But, Letang and his agent are doing what they’re supposed to, which is negotiate the best possible deal. I don’t think the Pens or Letang have given up on getting this done yet.