NHL Evening Rumor Roundup – June 26, 2012.

Updates on Zach Parise, Shane Doan, Paul Martin, and Jason Garrison, plus an update on the Hurricanes.

NJ.COM: Rich Chere reports Devils captain Zach Parise said first and foremost he wants to re-sign, and wouldn’t rule out returning to the Devils if he become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. Chere suggests it’s possible Parise could command offers between $9-$10 million per season on the open market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, he’ll probably give the Devils a chance to match or top the best offer.

DENVER POST’s Adrian Dater reports via Twitter Phoenix Coyotes GM Don Maloney confirmed Coyotes captain Shane Doan will test this summer’s UFA market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll leave the Coyotes, but it does appear to be at least a foot out the door. He’ll get good offers from a number of clubs, but will the Coyotes get a chance to match? Can they afford to? Should add some additional intrigue to the UFA market. Hopefully, there’ll be be more info on this in the coming days.

Are the Penguins shopping Martin?

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE’s Dave Molinari yesterday tweeted he had it “on rock-solid authority that while Pgh. has received expressions of interest in D Paul Martin, he’s not being actively shopped now.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE:That could change, perhaps next week, depending on who the Penguins sign via free agency.

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: Harvey Fialkov reports Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon remains optimistic about re-signing pending UFA blueliner Jason Garrison, but hinted the franchise has plenty of good young defensemen to take his place if need be.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It could well become a case of “need be”.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM’s Chip Alexander posted the following via Twitter: “One man’s opinion: Canes have interest in Justin Schultz, Jason Garrison. Also will make offer for Ryan Suter come July 1.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The addition of Jordan Staal could help make the Hurricanes a more desirable destination for potential free agents.


  1. Doan in my mind will have the most effect on any team he signs with. He would be a HUGE pick up for any team.

    Lets go Hawks sign him! It would give a new excuse to buy another hawks jersey!

  2. I will go on record now and saying that Doan isn’t ‘testing’ the market. He had been quite candidate that he wants only to return to the ‘Yotes but they have to be there and he doesn’t want to be shipped just anywhere if this year or next the franchise has to be moved. He will see what offers are out there while he waits a bit into the summer for the ownership of the ‘Yotes to be resolved.

    If the sale and what/not goes through then he will be a Coyote and for DOAN other offers won’t drive up his price a lot. He is a Coyotes through and though. IF things aren’t going well or he feels his playing season would be in jeopardy then count your dollars that he goes to the ‘Peg if they have interest and likely at below market value.

    I also wouldn’t count out Doan signing a one year deal with the ‘Yotes if it is a forgone conclusion that no matter what they are staying in Phoenix another season … praying to go the Doan rumors don’t ramp up with everything else. I would be as shocked as all sin if DOAN just up and signs with another team before some sort of resolution with the Coytoes as it has never been about the money. If he did and Winnipeg wasn’t in on him, bet your bottom dollar that 28 teams in the NHL will be calling.

  3. Paul Martin to any team for some paper and pencils

    • Agreed. I’d even settle for pencils alone.

  4. I don’t know if its just me but all this talk about Shultz kinda makes me laugh. He is getting talked about pretty much as much at Suter and Parise, but who is this guy? How can you really be that confident about a guy who hasn’t even played pro hockey yet? Just a thought…

  5. Some of these rumors are a joke. 90% of them don’t happen..

    • your right…but thats why there called rumours!
      you need to stop reading them

    • @ mattstake

      That’s kind of unfair. Many of the rumors are perfectly valid. We often find out years after the fact that a deal that was rumored to happen was close, or an offer was made but rejected.

      The Nash rumors are a perfect example. There are lots out there and they may all be valid, but Nash can ultimately only be traded to one team. So if we hear Nash to Toronto, Anaheim, Chicago, Philadelphia, and the Rangers, but he ends up going to the Wild, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the other rumors were bogus. It could just mean that the Wild had the best offer.

      Besides, if you love hockey, what else is there to talk about?

  6. @ mattstake

    So it’s midnight here in Southern California, and I was thinking about what you wrote. I looked back through Spector’s archives just around and after the deadline. I cherry-picked a few. I generally ignored rumors that could still happen (Nash). Here are some results:

    – Feb 25, 2012; Morning Update: Knuble not available (he wasn’t dealt). Nailed it. Hamrlik available. He wasn’t dealt. Not bad.

    – Feb 25, 2012; More Saturday Morning Rumors: Leafs linked to (among others) Van Riemsdyk. It happened in the off-season… Nailed it; Dustin Brown won’t be traded. Nailed it; Pahlsson to the Wings. Not quite, he actually went to Vancouver. Gaustad to the Wings. He went to Nashville. Edmonton won’t deal Smyth. Nailed it. Moen not available. Nailed it. He wasn’t traded.

    — Feb 25, 2012; Evening Update: Schneider won’t be dealt; Ott won’t be dealt; Blue Jackets will have to wait until summer for a better deal for Nash; Stars won’t move Ribeiro unless they get a player that helps them now; Toronto might move Schenn (happened at the draft); Grabovski won’t be moved at the deadline. Bang across the board on these.

    — Feb 26, 2012; Sunday Morning Update: Toronto out on Nash; Stars won’t move Ribeiro, Ott, or Morrow by deadline; Flyers won’t make big move at the deadline; Correct across the board.

    — Feb 26, 2012; Sunday Roundup: Ovechkin won’t be dealt (Spector); Grabovski will sign a contract extension with Leafs (5 year deal was done in March); Flames won’t trade Jokinen; Bang.

    — Feb 26, 2012; Sunday Evening: Bruins interested in Winnik, Galiardi, and Jones of Colorado. Winnik and Galiardi traded to San Jose; Not bad.

    – March 10, 2012; Radulov could return this season. Spector nailed it.

    I’ll be honest. This site was actually MORE accurate than I was expecting.

    • Nice work! Thanks also for the kind words.

    • @JDBiGC
      If your up at midnight going thru old Spector rumors then your life is as boring as mine is.

      How are the NHL players going to react to Justin Schultz demanding a roster spot without earning it? If your Joe Smith and you have been playing in AHL for 3 years and now a spot opens up on the big club but is given to Schultz, how is that going affect the team chemistry. There are what 600 NHL jobs and all of the others had to “earn” a spot on the roster, not be given one.
      Comments ?

  7. if you dont like rumors, why would you be reading the rumor section anyway. this site just reports the rumors and for the most part, lyle does an awesome job shooting down the bs.

  8. as a loyal leafs fan, the past several years have me loving my daily dose of rumours on here over the game :(

  9. Justin Schultz just wants a legit shot at making the NHL, like his buddy Gardiner got last year with the Leafs and that’s why he will sign with the leafs for that shot.

  10. Yea cause EVERYONE wants to be traded to Toronto or signed by Toronto. It’s a great place to be and it takes no effort at all to endear yourself to Leafs fans.

  11. I wouldnt mind seeing the Ducks throw a 4th rounder maybe a 3rd in 2014 to get Martin away from the Pens. He would slide in nice on the PP next to Fowler. And he brings more size and slight bit smaller cap him than Lubo did.