NHL Free Agent and Trade News – September 5, 2011.

Could Bruins defenseman Johnny Boychuk be dealt later this season? What’s the latest on UFAs Bryan McCabe and Sergei Samsonov? Read on to find out!

ESPN.COM: James Murphy, in response to a reader’s question about Bruins defenseman Johnny Boychuk’s inconsistent performance last season, suggested Boychuk might become trade bait if he fails to improve his game this season. Boychuk is eligible for UFA status next summer, and could be pressured by upcoming young blueliners like Matt Bartkowski or Steven Kampfer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despite his inconsistency, Boychuk’s big shot and physical play would certainly garner attention if the Bruins were to put him on the trade block. Of course, that’ll be determined by his performance, as well as whatever possible weaknesses arise that might need to be addressed by the trade deadline. If he were to be shopped, I would expect it’ll happen in the second half of the season.

NEWSDAY’S Katie Strang reported via Twitter UFAs Bryan McCabe and Sergei Samsonov may be reluctant to accept training camp invitations from the Islanders, preferring instead to have a contract in place. She suggested they might wait to see if any training camp injuries arise.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Injuries in training camp/early in the regular season could increase the possibility of those two getting one-year contract offers. It could also depend on which team is interested in them.


  1. I’m thinking injuries to teams are going to be the only way these guys are signed. They haven’t been signed yet so..

  2. I heard the Habs wanted a top-4 defenseman… someone should tell them McCabe’s available!

  3. i cant see the bruins trading boychuck,he stepped up his game in the playoffs,and hes still young and a cheap contract.and hes got some good players there to learn from.

  4. Markov – Gorges
    McCabe – Subban
    Gill – Spacek
    +Yemelin, Weber

    I like it. I’d rather see McCabe back in Vancouver, though, as insurance for when (not if) Sami Salo gets injured.

  5. VanCanFan, not to be too nitpicky, but it will likely be Markov and Subban on the top pairing, as they are the two top-flight offensive power play specialists. Gill and Gorges worked incredibly well last season as a second pairing shut-down crew and should end up together again this season.

  6. I’d like to see Edmonton sign McCabe. He would really help their young defense and immediately bosst their anemic power play… I mean he couldn’t make it any worse right?

  7. Boychuk….Really!!!! Come on …..this guy is what vancouver never had..the guts and the drive to put it on the line to win.

  8. Never liked McCabe but he could be a very handy D-man on the Habs.
    I think we’ll see the season with Markov paired with Emelin to help bring him along and I think Gill will remain with Subban but a pairing of Gorges and McCabe as the 3rd pairing would be interesting.

    I am also thinking of a PP that will feature Markov dishing it off to mcCabe on the point.

    I would personally take the risk.

  9. McCabe is waiting for the Islanders to beg him to sign, and then he will.Takes over as the wiley sage veteran. His wife is from Long Island and nobody else is kicking his tires. Write this down, its a good one.