NHL Free Agent and Trade Rumors (Part 2) – July 3, 2012.

Updates on Zach Parise, Ryan Suter, Bobby Ryan and Rick Nash.


Will Parise and Suter make their decisions today?

COURIER-POST ONLINE: The hockey world waits for free agents Zach Parise and Ryan Suter to reach decisions over where they’ll sign.

NJ.COM: The Devils remain in the mix in the Parise sweepstakes.

THE TENNESSEAN: The Predators remain in the running for Suter.

STARTRIBUNE.COM/PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE/PHILLY.COM/DETROIT NEWS:  The Minnesota Wild, Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers and Detroit Red Wings remain in the running for the duo and await their decisions.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES/ESPN CHICAGO: The Blackhawks have jumped into the bidding for Parise.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s believed once one or both players reach their respective decisions, it’ll open up not only the UFA market, but also the trade market as well. It’s possible they could reach their decisions today.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Eric Stephens reports Ducks GM Bob Murray admitted he’s still working the phones looking for options to improve his team. Stephens believes Murray isn’t done making move, suggesting the Teemu Selanne and Bobby Ryan situations need to be resolved.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley reports the Capitals aren’t planning to get into the free agent bidding wars, and suggested they “could” be quietly involved in trade talks for Ryan or Columbus’ Rick Nash.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Bucky Gleason believes the Sabres aren’t done dealing in the wake of their shipping Derek Roy to Dallas for Steve Ott and Adam Pardy. He believes another move could be for a center or “a big winger”, pointing out Ryan will be available once Zach Parise signs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Ryan is being shopped, he’d be a more affordable option for clubs seeking first line scoring than Rick Nash. Speaking of Nash…

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports Nash hasn’t been presented with any trade offers yet, the Flyers are definitely on his list of preferred trade destinations, the Rangers still appear to be the most logical destination though the Jackets asking price reportedly remains high, the Detroit Red Wings could be a trade partner, the Sharks have an offer on the table, the Hurricanes aren’t on Nash’s list, but they’re making a big push for him, while the Ottawa Senators have taken themselves out of the bidding.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Chip Alexander also reports of the Hurricanes rumored interest in Nash, who are also out of the bidding for Parise and Suter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Red Wings could make their push for Nash if Parise doesn’t sign with them, and Portzline reports the Blue Jackets aren’t averse to shipping Nash to a division rival. The Hurricanes, however, could make things interesting. They might not be on Nash’s list, but he might want to give them some serious though. A chance to  play with the Staal brothers, Jeff Skinner and Cam Ward? On a team which appears to have a bright future? Might not be a bad idea.


  1. Sorry guys I know there is no thread in here about the Leafs but all these players passed over the leafs and the Leafs can not secure and decent players ….

    At this point of the so called (new era of Burke 4 years later ..this should have been the year that Burke should have been singing with glee that his team was so well rounded and was a legit contender that all these guys were bidding to sign with the leafs to make a huge run for the cup ….BUT NO!!!!

    Burke has built an NHL Marlies team that will finish last in the league this year and nobody wants to sign there, with all this talent and a blank check Burke can not wooooo anyone into the ACC, WHY??? Because the team has no future …Iam tired of hearing all these bloggers say dont sell ” the farm ” the cuboards are full ”
    Thats a bunch of BIG Bull crap …they got nothing to trade and a last place team on paper as all other teams will or have gotten significantly better!!!!

    The only hope left right now!! Is Burke trades Phaneuf and Reimer to the Blues for Halak and Stewart and can try and trade Kessel straight up for a bonifide big banging young gun who can grow in the leafs uniform as a Franchise player!!

    That is his only hope at this point as all elese has failed …..its really time to start things over and IMO Burke should not be doing the job moving fowrad any longer!!!!

    • I feel your pain brother Slap.

      IF this is all Burke has planned to go into the fall with then I say you are 100% correct. Time will tell and we shall see if he can pull off a big trade for a legit goal keeper to right this ship. I’m afraid he’s backed himself in a corner and every GM knows it which makes even the crappiest goalies over priced when talking trade with Burke, He has such a big mouth I have to figure most GM’s are quietly laughing at him and won’t think of giving him an inch (except for Bob Murray) lol.

      It’s looking like a big center and vetran goalie are a life time away so we could be in for another fustrating season that is unless the Ducks GM feels it in his heart to give Burkie Getzlaf and Hiller for another bag of pucks. If Bob is going to get Sh$$ canned anyways why not give Burkie those guys and then BB will hire him after he gets fired? I have to admit Bob has done 10 times of a worse job then BB. I feel bad for the Ducks fans but at least they’ve won a cup in the last 45 years.

      So Slap lets see where we are come Oct before throwing out BB with the bath water. In closing I say good for Franso holding out for a playing time guarantee. BB was willing to give it a guanantee to Schultz so he’s screwed himself with Franson now.

      • BeerGoggles
        Don’t cry too much for us Duck fans, we can still see as many games as anyone else with
        Center Ice package, both Ducks & Kings TV games, and NBC Sports Network plus NHL network.
        It’s not like 40 years ago getting 20 King games on TV per year and some of them tape delayed AND rarely seeing a Stanley Cup game unless one of the networks put a Sunday game on.

    • Hahahaha, Phaneuf and Reimer for Halak and Stewart. Gotta love Leaf fans in the face of adversity they still manage to over value their crap and come up with hilarious trade scenerios. Please enlighten us as to how this deal would help the Blue, at all? And no they don’t need a $6.5 mill pylon.

    • please look at the roster and contracts that burke had to start with and look at what he has now… you can not honestly tell me the leafs arent in a waaay better position that 4 years ago… yes he set expectations too high in time frame but with the prospects in the pool right now the leafs are looking good in 3 years

      • @Darcy tucker i agree with you completely and im sure before february these guys were all singing praises for Brian burke and co. We had the likes of stajan, mayers, hagman and ponikarovsky on our team when brian burke took over and really only had two prospects in our farm team in Kadri and Schenn and now we at least have players that can compete in the nhl…Yes Phaneuf is overpaid but you know what i’d over pay him to get some production then keep stajan mayers hagman or ponikarovsk on my team…we then turned that trade into acquiring also Keith Aulie which we changed into Carter ashton which can still pan out…you leaf fans cry wayyyyyy tooooooo much…Its been stated that the last 2 years have had possibly the worst activity in terms of Free agency and trade deadline transactions mainly because its a salary cap era and people tend to keep teams together now…and before you start hitting on Brian burke that he is now entering year 4 with no progress might I remind you that Dean Lombardi took over in 2006 and they didn’t make the playoffs until year 4 which was 2010 and now they’re the stanley cup champions…This all coming from a red wings fan…as which speaking of my wings I would god damn hope they bring up Gustav Nyquist, Tomas Tatar and Brendan Smith already

        • btw i say our team because i live in Toronto…not so much a leafs fan for almost a decade since they traded Doug Gilmour…Stupid MLSE take over ruined the leafs

    • Burke set the Leafs back years in the Kessel deal … a really nice offensive player but not nearly worth all of that … and he is too soft for Carlyle … those two will be like oil & water … where’s the truculance?

      • Did he really? Give me a break, yeah an 80 point winger who scores 30 plus goals a year ..what a set back…! Are you for real. Tyler Seguin looked great in Boston- who wouldnt between Lucic and Horton- come on…be realistic do you really think that he flourishes the same on a different team. Read the previous posts and research…google 2008 opening night Leafs lineup and then tell me the leafs lineup is worse….I woudl still take Kessel…I know …I know all kessel does is produce points without a centre….who needs points..right

  2. To Spectator. Please fix your site or I am leaving for good. This morning I wrote a long reply to Slap and Shot and as usual the reply disappeared and didn’t get posted. This is unbelievably fustrating and I won’t post here anymore until you tell me it’s fixed.

    Sorry Slap I had a long reply for you but it’s in cyber space.


    • First, it’s “Spector”. Second, I’ve been made aware of the problem and have notified my site designer. Hopefully, the problem will be soon rectified. Third, your threat to “leave for good” is a tad extreme, dontcha think?

      • Sorry didn’t mean it as a threat. It was written out of fustration because it was the 10th time it happened to me in the last 4 or 5 days. It just got super annoying re-typing especially long winded posts. I had not heard back from you that you were aware it was going on and were working on it. The site is fun but re-typing everything feels more like work. lol

        I should have wrote “love the site but getting super fustrated re-typing”…

        Glad to hear you are working on it.

      • Hey BeerGoggles, isn’t that your post underneath Slap&Shots? Or was that there after the fix?

        Just askin.

        • Ya, this one disappeared for a while and then came back some how?? It’s really screwy. Most of them that disappear never come back this is definitely a first. I’m not sure if it is just on the reply posts or all of them. Anyways good to hear they are working on it.

    • Newsflash: This is not the first or only website to ever “eat” a post or two. If you haven’t learned how to highlight your own text and press ctrl+c before using the post comment button, then you are internetting wrong.

      • Bingo

      • Copy-paste to save the day!

  3. Partily agree.
    I’m tired of signing these 2nd teier players. Only way burkehas brought any in is trade, and I don’t know if you can reall call them 1st line guys but, kessel, lupul, jvr, gardiner.
    Its crazy if you look at teams like anaheim, la, detriot and compare who they have and the amount of room they have under the cap compared to the leafs. At this point who cares if its a #1 centre. There really doesn’t seem to be any avaiable, who is available Ryan and Nash. Go one of them.
    I would like to see grabovski moved out and Ryan brought in. Obviously they would need to include something else. But go trade make some moves to get this team finally with some true top pieces.

    • Who does the duck have? Besides the top line? And a goalie that no one is totally 100% on.

  4. Hey Beer goggles dont leave !

    Its all good Ive learned to copy and paste every post just incase so I have it backed up and can resend if it fails !!

    • I keep telling myself to do that but by the end of typing I forget once again. lol Gettin old buddy

  5. High drama, or not, at Minnesota Airport. Apparently a Wings fan walked past Mike Babcock at the Airport today, posting it via twitter. Speculation is running rampant as to why Babcock is at that airport on the same day that Parise is said to be going to meet with family about his decision.

    Or maybe Mike B. is catching a connecting flight to Saskatoon.

  6. I am tired sick sick and tired of hearing that no players want to come to Toronto that simply is not true. Players that have signed were over the leafs cap or had there minds made up before the leafs got to talk to them. Nash are you crazy? who wants an over paid sulk who doesnt want to play anymore because its not fair that he has a long contract worth millions that he signed in good faith and there is no more room to add the players needed to help you? PASSSSSSSS. We should go the Edmonton route? Sorry if the largest fan base in the NHL doesnt want to wait. small improvments over time since the leafs dont want to bottom out and draft top five years and years in a row. Nooooo player wanted to play in Edmonton for years and now you say everyone should? Thats BS. I am glad we missed out on Schultz he might be a great player but he is not right now and the only D he cracks is Edmontons. The leafs would love to sign Parise but not at that price, 90-100 mill??!! How many points did he get last year? (69) Nash? (59) Kessel who makes far far less? (82) Yes we need a goalie so does most of the NHL why are you always dissin the leafs? Dont hate Mate!

  7. Really starting to regret all the time I have spent defending BB’s moves to my friends. I hate to say it, but you are right Slap, no one wants to play in Leaf land. The media scrutiny is way to high, the team isn’t playoff caliber, and Burke isn’t willing to play ball with the contract demands of the elite players.
    Would I blow the team up? No, would I offer Anaheim a package deal of Kadri, Franson, Scrivens and 1st round pick for Bobby Ryan and Jonas Hiller? At this point, probably. 1st rounders don’t always pan out, and it’s time to stop playing poker with this team and trade some of these “maybe” superstars for proven NHL talent.
    Just my opinion…

    • “1st rounders dont always pan out”…. thats John Ferguson Jr. talking….

    • The leafs shouldn’t consider offering a first round pick for any player because it will likely be the first overall pick.

    • You could offer the package but would not get even one of those players for that package

  8. Always the leafs.Brian Burke wipes his butt and calls a press conference. Face it Leaf fans, build through the draft, get a few prospects and a winning record, than UFA will sign. Until then, stop trolling every website and blog.

  9. @ BeerGoogles

    Perhaps you can find a site that talks about the leafs (I will never capitalize that ‘L’)non stop.

    • Sorry tired of talking about Parise to the Pen’s, Suter to the Wings and Nash either going to every team in the league or no where at all. Been there done that for the past 3 weeks.. It was time to shake it up just for today. Sounds like 20 other people agreed.

  10. How can people say the cupboard is bare? The Leafs have come along way with improving the depth in their organization. Their prospects have promise and they’ve added more this year with Rielly and Finn. They traded a 5th overall (Schenn) for a 2nd overall (JVR) which in my opinion was a good trade. Burke has been quietly aquiring former 1st round picks which I think is a nice strategy.
    Not aquiring overpriced free agents like Parise, Suter and Nash is not the end of the world. This team is close to being a playoff team and just needs to get some solid goaltending. If Reimer or Scrivens gets hot or Luongo ends up in a Leaf uniform this team will make the playoffs and could acquire some more impact players at the trade deadline. The sky is not falling.

    • ^^ this 😀

  11. medik101 i think u r bang on Other teams r not going to give TO a break as they need something decent in return. I think before BB arrived and Fletcher was the manager they should have tanked that season and go after Tavares and that would have started the building block. At this time Luongo does not want to go to the Leafs and without a goalie the Leafs r gonna end up in the bottom 10 where the draft picks are always questionable.
    The best thing is to start to do what Edmonton did for the next 5 years but BB is not going to be around for that.

    • Agreed but instead Fletcher went out and signed Gerber for the last 12 games of the 2009 season of which he stole 6 of the games and vaulted the Leafs from a top 3 pick that year to the 7th pick which was Kadri. We missed out on Tavares, Hedman, Kane, Duchene, or B Schenn in that draft. Then a few weeks later BB decides he’s going to take the fast route because he is smarter then all the other GM’s and goes out and trades away two more first rounders Segin and Hamilton. Just imagine right now having a young core of Segin, Hamilton, Tavares or Kane, JVR (courticey of L Schenn), Gardiner, Ashton, Frattin, Franson and Kulemin.

      • I’M GONNA CRY!!!

  12. I just want the leaf fans to stop crying and whining about what they have and slamming Edmonton for building what could end up being a perrenial cup contender. The problem is they were bad and battled through, while the leafs brought in Burke who tried to buy a championship with “truckulence” and traded away the franchise future draft picks. The cupboard is bear with the exception of a proven Jake Gardiner and a helathy JVR!!!! Get over yourselves and realize the draft builds future greatness and isn’t a tool to grab somtimes hot players with no passion!!!!!!!!

  13. It’s amazing – in a column not mentioning Toronto at all, all we have are Toronto replies.

    Hey guys, right now the hockey world is NOT centered around your city!

  14. As much as I’m not a Brian Burke fan… he is smart to stay out of the craziness of Free Agency.

    A lot of teams overspend to get players.

    Look no further than Buffalo last year.

    Hudler — 4M this year. A 35 yr old Kuba 4M. Carkner (love him) but has a really bad knee.. 1.5M each of the next 3 seasons? He made 750K last year. Garrison has been in the NHL for 2 seasons.. had a great season last year and he signs for 4.6M? Wideman in Calgary?

    I can’t say that I blame Burke.

    The Sens did a trade to get a hard-hitting D. Then Latendresse & Lundin.. 1 yr terms at just over 1M each. Not sure I like the signings.. but they fill a void until the young players get more experience in the AHL.

    The loss of Kuba may affect Karlsson’s game on the outset… but I did not want Kuba back @ 4M a season for 2 yrs…

  15. A lot of great points made on here. I would have really liked to have gone the Edmonton route. If we’d have finished a bit further down in the standings each year and not traded for Kessel, then instead of having Kessel, Kadri, we could have had something like: Evander Kane (3 spots higher than Kadri), Seguin, Knight, Strome (4 spots higher than D.Hamilton), and let’s say we still get Rielly either way.

    so here it looks better this way, hypothetical rebuild comparison:

    fast track: Phil Kessel, Nazem Kadri.

    traditional: Tyler Seguin, Evander Kane, Ryan Strome, Jared Knight.

    That additional 1st and 2nd for Kessel makes a big difference because it was 3 assets for one, and we did bomb that year.

    I really would have liked to have seen a traditional rebuild, and I think maybe Burkie is headed in that direction right now, he’s definitely trying to build a young team. Don’t care for the McClement signing but whatever.

  16. I am a big leafs fan. But this article is not about them so give the BB and leafs comments a break. I wish Parise and Suter would make up their minds already, this is worse than the Richards fiasco. These guys knew they were free agents a long time ago and should have been giving it some considerable thought for a while. Parise(the greedy bastard) will stay in Jersey and Suter will go to Detroit. Just sign please as the rest of the hockey world is getting just a tad frustrated.

  17. I wonder if both Suter & Parise are on the phone discussing each others deals, as have been pointed out most have tendered out offers to both players. I am truly shocked they would take Carolina off their list as they were willing to spend for both of them, have a cup in the past decade, a great climate to live in … plus as was mentioned about Nash … that is a lot of talent to play with.

    I still think the best fit for these players would be in Pittsburgh. THOUGH if the owners could open their vaults in Nashville it would be interesting to see Nashville pitch for Parise, which would likely ensure they keep Suter, which would help them keep Weber! Keeping the NHL’s best defensive pairing and adding an elite forward (at last) would be a big day for the Preds.

  18. Actually this article is about the leafs because they are missing out on some of the best players in the game right now becuase over the last 4 years they have not been developing there team to be on this craziness where if they had a GREAT CORE and they manged there money better they could have signed 4 big ticket players in the last 5 days thet could have walked right on the team and been absolute super stars and created a power house for the next 8 years but they didnt and thats why Iam posting this because all of these players that are on this thread a number of them could have been signed by Burke and could have been brought in if they were in a better position and had better players to surround the elite talent that could have come to the ACC ……

    Congratulations on winning the cup awesome team !!!
    Quick was sensational and a playoff for the ages for sure, incredable run very dominant !!!!

    Blues are looking at Boumester right now so cap hit fopr Phaneuf would be the same and they would get a bigger physical player which the Blues play in style as opposed to Boumester ….so it makes sense dont be so harsh…
    Halak will split the time with Elliot so why have such a big contract on two Goalies when they can shave some money off by Having a good goalie back up Reimer and give the ball to elleiot and use the money to go after some more upgrades …its a pure hockey deal for both teams as well as they shave a significant cap hit with Stewart as well and can sign a better player so the Blues can get three top quality players out of that trade to fill the holes they need and save money money for a better return and player to sign !!!

  19. I commented on the Parise & Suter friendship 4 months agao for all who read my posts and followed on here during hockey season …and MOST of you laughed at me ONCE AGAIN about my idiotic posts ….I always tell you to copy and paste my articles so you can refer back to them as to what will happen ….and as we can see they are looking to play with each other and how they will make it work !!

    I still maintained that Parise would be back in New Jersey as well as that Nashville should have traded bothe Webere and Suter befors all this to maximize there return where as in now they will loose both players and get nothing ….thats really BAD MANAGEMENT ….Poille got to emotional with his players and did not look at this as a business and will now loose out on two of the hottest comodities in the league he could have gotten a HUGE return if he had traded these two guys who have treated his organization like crap with there demands and are now leaving for not just the money anymore!!
    He has to trade Weber the moment Suter signs with another team or he will loose him when he can get 2 top 6 2 first rounders and d man to rplace him to retool right now !!!

    And have enough money from the sour Suter deal to sign big ticket quality players to rplace them both!!!
    and be competitive long term!

    • Is this don cherry?

      • @Jrd18 That is a good one. Even Slap has to agree…
        See sarcasm works much better then trashing a guy.

  20. I cannot believe the salaries these guys are signing for.Salvador had 9 assists last year.Unbelievable.

    • Can anyone get me on Pitts for just enough time to get one assist to Crosby so that I can quit working for awhile ?

  21. Allforducks have you heard anything or is there any reports on the Ryan situation? Did he talk to Murray? Did he calm down on wanting to be moved? I’ve only heard one report on an asking price which was to include a 2nd line centre.

    • No, have heard nothing on Ryan but something is going on. They signed two d-men for about 7 million a year and are still 23 million under the cap
      and 7 million under cap floor. Figuring Selanne gets 4 million they are still under the floor.
      They don’t need another D-man and they don’t need a goalie so I’m wondering if they are trying for Semin
      and if they can sign him will then trade Ryan ?

      • Interesting… Like everyone else I imagine semin will sign after Parise but you don’t hear any teams besides Detroit being linked to semin. That could be a good move as he could learn from selanne.
        What do you think a package for Ryan would be? Would a grabovski, Kadri, pick ?

  22. @ beer googles
    @ JRD 18

    I take that as a compliment !!
    And Beer goggles you are right LMAO

    I still think there is a BIG three way deal looking to go down after all this Parise nonsense …heck why does Parises wife have to worry about work when the guys gonna get $100 million anyways …stay home and cut the grass LOL

    I think the 3 way is with either Philly Rangers and Leafs or Leafs Blue Jackets and Rangers ..it seems as if these are all pieces that each team wants from each other some way !!

    If Parise signs and then Suter signs with him then

    Nash goes to Rangers or San Jose most likely to San Jose to play with Joe and the sunshine!

    Ryan to Philly for Cotourier and a propect

    Leafs should be looking at acquiring in order of importance

    1 Weber
    2 Halak
    3 Getzlaf
    4 Steve Bernier
    5 Evander Kane
    6 Colin Wilson
    7 Marcus Foligno
    8 Stastny
    9 Nino Neiderrieter
    10 Luongo

  23. Funny only 2 years ago ppl were all excited saying BB was a genious and the kessel trade was awesome….now that you see the reaping for boston you’re all ready to trade kessel…LMFAO….And to whoever thinks that reimer is a better goalie than halak and he could back up reimer is a testament to general leaf lunacy….funny how all the stars are goin to T.O. until they never due….i hope they extend Burkies contract for 20 years all but ensuring to never win a cup again….LMAO….leaf fans deserve it lol…GO OILERS!!!!!!!

  24. Looks like I stumbled into Leaf Fest 2012. Yet another irrelevant thread jacking.

  25. @ S&S 1,2,3,9 are not going to the Leafs. No opinio on the others but Weber, Getzlaf, and Halak are far too highly regard by their respective teams and I doubt TO has much o interest to the the respective teams. Neiderieter is also held in high regard by the Rangers and they will not move him. What I COULD see happening is a three way trade with the Canucks, Leafs and Panthers. The main result is Luongo in Florida and Theodore in TO. Of course the two big holes in this are what does Vancouver do for a back-up and the other parts.

  26. ya not a mention of the leafs but look at the replies. And now you ask why Toronto is the centre of the hockey universe. Like it or not it is.Just ask spector and people who make money from hockey.We are the biggest and hungriest audiance. That being said I can understand why hockey fans of other teams who have as much passion get angry and hate on the leafs.When the leafs win again and they will in the future. The hockey world is in for the party of parties.That being said I as a Leafs fan make no apology. So haters keep on hating.When you click on or post something on a thread about nothing to do with the leafs but is all about them. remember your numbers count too making the leafs the most followed team of ALL!!!! LMAO

    • well said

  27. I dont know why some people on here are getting so upset about all the Parise and Suter talk. I have been listening to leaf fans talk out there ass for years about how they are ‘so close’ and all of the ‘promising prospects’ they have, and im not complaining.

  28. I’m a Bruins fan and can’t see how Burke still has a job.
    No goalie wants to sign there because they don’t play defense.
    Burke has been rebuilding for awhile now and you don’t give up two first rounders and a second for any player when your rebuilding.you need the picks to rebuild.

  29. OK Leafs fans here:

    Blues offer Elliott and a bag of those nasty ketchup potato chips you all eat for Phaneuf and a 2nd. You eat part of Phaneuf’s contract because A: He isn’t worth that much and B: You all aren’t going anywhere with your current goaltending. I like Reimer, but I don’t think he’s the guy in that town.

    • Elliot, is a flash in the pan, and you know it…should we all run to get Mike Smith now too, because he is the real deal? Phaneuf isnt worth 7 million but we didnt give him that he is still a top 2 defenseman on most teams…considering what he gave to get him, hardly should be mocking him…

  30. I get such a kick out of how threads have nothing to do with the Leafs yet all the Leafs fans post comments and hilarious trade proposals. I am sorry Leafs fans, but no combination of Grabovski, Kadri, Frattin, Franson, Connolly, Kulemin, Scrivens and Reimer is going to get you anything. The only players on the Leafs roster of interest to other teams would be Jake Gardiner and Joe Colborne…and of course the Leafs 1st round pick which should be a guaranteed top 5 pick. The reason Burke can’t sign anyone is because the team sucks. Who wants to play on a perennial loser that has no hope of making the playoffs for another 5 years? Best thing the Leafs can do is just suck and stockpile top 5 picks. But of course this would have Leafs fans screaming bloody murder. Such is life in Leafs Nation.

    • funny…I would have thought no one wanted Olli Jokkine or Hudler but someone gave them 4.5 million or Brandon Prust 2.5 million…Leafs are a deep in prospects face it… I know it hurts to admit it…but Gardiner Gunnarson Holzer, Percy, Rielly Finn, Fraser, yeah no one wants them ..right- they all suck…Kadri Colbrone Frattin, Damigo…yep all garbage….kessel is 24, Lupul 26 JVR 22. No one likes the Toronto scrutiny…but funny Nash would come, well documented Stamkos wanted to come…

  31. And yet another thread (that has nothing to do with the leafs at all) gets unjustly hijacked by overzealous, deluded, and basically nonsensical leafs fans.

    Only Toronto can trade their overpaid, bad-attitude, garbage-contracted players to every other team in the NHL for a bag of practice hockey pucks. I’m all for being passionate about your team, Leafs nation, but would it kill you to go ONE DAY without derailing every thread blog with Leafs talk? Especially one such as this, which had no prior mention of the leafs at all.

  32. Am I the only one that thinks Parise and Suter are being a bit selfish and disrespectful to the teams, players and GMs that are desperately awaiting a decision? I understand having to take a little time, but at this point they must know how many people are sitting around waiting for a decision. Plus, imagine being the GM who thinks he’s got them all this time, watches so many other players get signed away to other teams, and then finds out he is one of the losers in the big Parise-Suter sweepstakes…this is unfair and they need to make their decisions ASAP.