NHL Free Agent News – September 15, 2012.

With the impending expiration of the NHL CBA, here’s the latest on Jamie Benn, P.K Subban, Ryan Getzlaf, Dmitry Kulikov and Michael Del Zotto.


No new deal for Benn expected before CBA expires.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: The Stars likely won’t re-sign RFA forward Jamie Benn before the CBA expires at midnight. The Stars would prefer to sign Benn to a three-year “bridge” contract, while Benn is seeking a longer term.

RDS.CA’s Renaud Lavoie reports via Twitter: “Don’t expect the Canadiens to sign PK Subban before midnight on the 15. If it happen, it will be a big surprise. Nobody expect one.”

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: New contracts for pending UFA Anaheim Ducks forwards Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry will have to wait until a new CBA is in place.

THE MIAMI HERALD: Florida Panthers defenseman Dmitry Kulikov expects to have a new contract in place not long after the new CBA is implemented.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Rangers defenseman Michael Del Zotto’s contract situation might get more interesting in the wake of the Washington Capitals signing John Carlson to a six year, $23.8 million contract. Rangers GM Glen Sather said his offer to Del Zotto (believed to be three years at $2.5 million per season) won’t change and he expects the blueliner to “come to his senses” and sign.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If a new CBA is finalized in time to salvage the upcoming season, expect most, if not all, of the aforementioned RFA players (Benn, Subban, Kulikov and Del Zotto) to be signed within a couple of weeks of its implementation. Re-signing UFAs Getzlaf and Perry could take longer.  I’ll be very surprised if any of these players are signed before midnight tonight.


  1. NHL is becoming a joke. Seriously, a 2nd lockout (almost certain) in 7 years? The way I see it, there WILL eventually be a deal am I right? If not, the NHL has folded and gone out of business. So, why the hell can’t they put in solid time and get a deal done in the next few days? Both sides know what there willing to settle on. So stop nickel and dining and get it done.
    I would like to challenge reporters to challenge Bettman and Fher, the questions they ask at these press conferences are quite wimpy to be honest. REPORTERS!!! Ask Bettman how owners cry poor whilst signing 13 years 100 million++ contracts. How do the NHL and owners cry poor when the NHL has had major growth in the last 7 years. REPORTERS….Ask NHLPA how 43% to them seems crazy and an insult but the owners getting 43% now and paying every single bill and expense is OK. NHLPA, what gives them the right to demand to know every penny their “Bosses” make and demand that they take a greater % then said “Bosses”.
    To the average person and common “Joe”……….this is laughable, a joke, insane, stupid, childish, amateur, asinine, and plain reDONK. Which makes up 100% of the fans.
    I believe the reporter should speak up for us average Joes and quit with the dumb questions. Us fans dont care about %’s and #’s….let the NHL/NHLPA know what we really thing of them and make those weasels squirmish in there crocodile shoes and Ed Hardy shirts. (come on Chara that Ed Hardy crap’s been out since 2008)

    • now these are comments I can agree with, this is not a popularity contest it is negotiating now get back to the damn table and do your job.

  2. You sumed that up pretty good I hope reporters take note

  3. Once the lockout starts there won’t be any stupid rumors hurray. But there will be as they need to write about something

  4. Wake up players!!!!—A fourth line forward makes a million a year , or thereabout. It takes the “average joe” working a 9-5 job who makes $70,000 per year about 15 years of employment to make 1 million dollars for which a 20 point NHLer receives in 1 year!!!(unbelievable!!)….and $70k was generous as a lot of people make less. Let’s take a player who makes 5 million per year……that equates to about 75 years to make for the “average joe”. I think you get the picture! These players have never had a “real” job. I propose during the lockout, these players get a working man’s job and then you’ll see how fast they sign an agreement :-) Consider yourselves very lucky to be playing a sport you love and making a lot of money at it!

  5. bummer,

  6. You can say the same thing about the owners Born with a silver spoon in there mouth
    Let the owners go out and earn minimum wage for a day to appreciate the regular Joe and than maybe they can lower the ticket prices by 70% so a real hockey lover can go and enjoy a game with his son without costing him a day wages
    The players should make as much as they deserve What are the contracts like in European or Russian soccer I think we are becoming more like the old Russian regimes

  7. I agree with all of you. All these guys in both parties are equally important to their counter parts. The players need the owners to orchestrate a competitive league and the owners need the players to orchestrate a fan base and sales.

    Both are lucky to have each other so they need to respect each other and take a 50/50 approach. Nothing spells equality like 50/50.

    Get your heads in the game and play. It’s a total lack of respect to the reeason they are all here; the fans.

  8. im sick of owners and players crying about money.nobody made the owners give out 13 year 100 million dollar deals.they are there own worst enemy,if owner a does not give player big money owner b will find a way to do it,just to screw over the other owner.i understand teams are losing money in certain markets and if you have 15 teams losing money thats alot but ,the owners found loopholes in the last cba so they will in this one to,just to give out big money,and during all this crying they are signing players to new contracts.thats odd seeing as they may not get the rollback they want.as for the average joe i make 10.25 an hour and work 50 hours a week to make ends meat.i dare any nhl player to do my job ans live off what i do in a year.i would give my right nut to make what a fourth line guy makes in his carrer