NHL Free Agent News – Tuesday, September 6, 2011.

A look at some “unfinished business” involving several unsigned RFAs, and another veteran UFA accepts a training camp invitation.

TORONTO STAR: Kevin McGran listed several bits of “unfinished business” facing the NHL as the pre-season approaches, part of which was the status of unsigned RFAs Luke Schenn of the Maple Leafs and Drew Doughty of the Kings. McGran reports “no panic” from the Schenn camp or Leafs management at this stage, though he feels it’s a little unsettling the Leafs have yet to come to terms with their promising young defenseman. He also suggests perhaps Schenn is waiting to see how Doughty fares with the Kings, pointing out the two blueliners are represented by Newport Sports.

SPORTSNET.CA: Jeff Marek also reports on the “unfinished business” of key unsigned RFA players, noting Boston’s Brad Marchand and Winnipeg’s Zach Bogosian also currently remain unsigned. Marek pointed out Bogosian was the subject of trade rumors last season and this summer, but believes the Jets haven’t dealt him because they believe he could turn into one of the biggest blueline studs in the league.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Doughty, Schenn, Marchand and Bogosian are all key players of varying value to their respective clubs, which is undoubtedly why their contract negotiations remain ongoing. The fact three of the four are represented by Newport Sports has also contributed to the lengthy negotiations. It’s quite likely all four could be re-signed by the middle of next week, when training camps open, or before the end of this month at the latest. A holdout by one or more is possible, though it’ll do more harm for themselves than good, and if they haven’t re-signed by December 1st, they’re ineligible to play the remainder of the season. I’ll be very surprised if any of those players aren’t under contract when the season opens on October 6th. Yes, a trade is also a possibility for one or more of those four, but I consider that remote, and don’t buy into any of the trade speculation which has been bandied about the blogosphere this summer.

BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reported yesterday UFA forward Chris Clark has accepted an invitation by the Boston Bruins to attend training camp on a tryout basis.


  1. I don’t worry about any of those RFA defencemen staging a holdout. Doughty and Schenn’s agent Meehan is a notorious loafter. It’s just the way he does business. Drives me nuts!

  2. aren’t all agents like that though? especially in baseball the dude is the biggest jack ass alive, Scott Boras

  3. Lyle just a ? but is it posible that Toronto needs too move a player so they can sign Luke because of the 50 contract rule.

  4. if doughty or any of them hold out i would love to see a team go ok well thanks than but you can sit at home,enjoy your year off.it wont happen but it would be refreshing.

  5. The Laffs should just tell Schenn to fly a kite and let him go play in the KHL where he belongs. Its an absolute embarrassment that any team would even want him. No wonder the Leafs are so terrible.

  6. Yeah, why would any team want a 21-year-old D that led the league in hits the previous season. I suggest you sit out the upcoming season with concussion-like symptoms.

  7. Mike that was short sighted and dumb. You odviously know nothing about the Leafs or hockey for that matter. Your future posts will be disregarded as of now. Thanks for coming out. Don’t let the door hit you troll.

  8. Bill: interesting point, as Capgeek.com currently lists the Leafs have having 50 players under contract, but all indications appears to be it’s negotiating term and dollars are the reasons for the delay. It’ll be interesting to see if they do move a player first or later.

  9. Thank you Lyle.

  10. Doughty is waiting on Schenn to compare salaries… Schenn is waiting on Doughty to compare salaries… anyone see a problem here?

  11. anything on Steve Bernier?

  12. @tattoofreak34
    while he’s not the same caliber as Doughty, you might just see that happen in Phoenix. reports suggest kyle turris wants way too much for what he’s produced so far and the financially conscience coyotes are balking at his demands. i could see them standing up the kid and his agent. it’s not like they’d lose much by having him not in the line-up. still a long shot, but a better chance than there probably should be.

    i’d love to see it happen just to set a precedent to be used against others threatening a hold-out.

  13. I could see that. Turris to date has been a bust and hasn’t gotten much traction in the NHL despite the prospect he is. To come by with high demands on a cost conscious team is simply making a perfect storm for a holdout and one that can black mark him as well. That said, I wonder if the Yotes would simply deal him before it got to that point?

  14. k….did 63’s head get inflated that much. Boston should trade…nuts how a guy has one good year then they want the world. He was only able to roam and stir the pot at will cause of all the big boys around..Horton,Lucic,Chara….etc

  15. “i’d love to see it happen just to set a precedent to be used against others threatening a hold-out.”

    I wouldn’t. That would have to rank among the absolute worst things a team could do. Yeah, he’s not worth the money he’s asking, but absolutely refusing to negotiate or deal a player isn’t a road the NHL teams should start down…