NHL Goaltending Rumors – June 5, 2012.

The latest on the Bruins, Luongo’s market value may be improving, Blue Jackets need a starting goalie, and how dwindling goalie options could help the Sharks land Rick Nash.

BOSTON GLOBE/CSNNE.COM: Tim Thomas’ agent Bill Zito insists his client’s decision to sit out next season wasn’t an attempt to create trade leverage, but speculation to the contrary persists. Fluto Shinzawa of the Globe pointed out the Bruins attempted to trade Thomas – with his permission – in 2010 but couldn’t find a trade partner, suggesting the goalie used the trade rumors back then as motivation to elevate his play into a Vezina/Conn Smythe/Stanley Cup-winning performance in 2011.

Could Rask receive an offer sheet?

YAHOO! SPORTS: “Puck Daddy” Greg Wyshynski speculated on the possibility of Bruins RFA backup Tuukka Rask receiving an offer sheet this summer, though he doubts it could happen, citing the fact superstars Steven Stamkos and Drew Doughty never received any last summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The trade speculation about Thomas won’t be subsiding anytime soon. It’s possible a team which needs to spend to reach the cap floor next season could acquire his contract solely for that purpose, even if he doesn’t play next season. As for Rask, I concur with Wyshynski. Offer sheets have dwindled since 2007, because they’re rarely successful. With a new CBA on the horizon, it’s increasingly unlikely Rask, or any other RFA player, will receive one this summer.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Tony Gallagher suggests the Penguins acquisition and signing of Tomas Vokoun reduces the depth in available goaltending talent this summer, which could sweeten Roberto Luongo’s market value.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It certainly couldn’t hurt Luongo’s trade value.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports the Blue Jackets are in need of quality goaltending depth, especially a starting goalie. He doesn’t rule out Luongo as a possible trade target, though his hefty contract is a concern. Another trade target could be Nashville’s Anders Lindback, though the Predators might prefer not to trade him within the division. Portzline also listed Philadelphia’s Sergei Bobrovsky as an option.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz wondered if the dwindling goalie pool could work in the San Jose Sharks favor in acquiring Rick Nash from the Blue Jackets, listing starter Antti Niemi and prospect Alex Stalock as possibilities.

SPECTOR’ S NOTE: Hat tip to GJ Berg for the Kurz link. The Blue Jackets can’t ignore their goaltending situation any longer. Steve Mason isn’t a reliable starter, and they’ve no one in their system to step in and fill that role. 


  1. The 2010 trade rumors may have pushed Thomas, but the real reason that he was able to come back and have a monster year was the hip surgery. That’s why he thanked Dr. Bryan Kelley, when he picked up his Vezina.

    I’ve had that surgery and it’s extemely tough and physical therapy is slower than knees, etc. Thomas ceratinly recovered to his former self, much fast than Kessler.

  2. At 38 years old….taking a year off pretty much means retirement….I say he’s done, at least at an NHL level anyways.

  3. Seriously why did it only take a 7th rounder to snag Vokoun? I mean why didn’t BB or Stevie Y get in the bidding war? Kinda frustrating that all the teams that really needed goaltending still really need goaltending. As a Leaf fan it would have been nice if at least TB got him, so we had less competition in the goalie market.

    • Maybe Vokoun was asked if teams come calling but want “assurances” that there would be a good chance of signing with that team, what teams would he want to go to. Probably doesn’t view Toronto or Tampa as having enough pieces to make a legit run at a Cup.

      • Exactly….BB could have traded for Vokouns rights all he wanted, but doesn’t mean Vokoun would have signed anything. He is obviously realizing his career is winding down and would rather win a cup than be a starter, and we all know that isn’t happening in TO.

        • And yet fans will continue harping on about how Europeans don’t care about winning the Cup.

    • Steve Y has said he wants a younger goalie that can be a cornerstone, not an aging vet. Expect him to bid for Bernier or Lindback.

    • I’d rather make the playoffs as a potential starter then sitting on a bench behind a better goalie in Fluery. Just my opinion.

      • At 35, Vokoun is on the decline in his career. He’s running out of Stanley Cup attempts. I don’t think you understand what it means to hoist one over not, I think 10/10 NHL’ers would accept the cup, swing it over their head in celebration; even if it meant them playing a secondary role.

  4. Durt agreed, same thing at the trade deadline when ottowa got bishop. Why wouldn’t tbay or toronto or even columbus pay a 2nd. Nothing wrong with depth especially at goal

  5. @ Durt et al. According to Pierre Mcguire on Montreal team 990 it was Vokoun that approached Washington about the move. He also has history with Ray Shero and is why he signed so quickly. I have a feeling Pittsburg was the only place he could have been traded to and would have waited until free agency to go to Pitt in any case.

  6. @clays Tampa has the pieces they just dont have goaltending

    • You mean the same goaltending that they made it to the finals and then won the cup with? That goaltender? Or was that a different goalie.

  7. Luongo and Raymond for Schenn,Colborne,2nd rounders in 2012 2013 2014 let’s do it BB

    • Too much. Luongo for Connolly, next years 1st and a prospect like D’Amigo or Blacker. I’m still unsure whether Luongo is BB’s target though.

  8. Allot of rumors suggest that Yzerman is still chasing Bernier.

  9. I can definitely see the Avs taking a flyer on Thomas, now that he’s moved to Colorado. They’ll need to add at least 25 million to reach the cap floor, and adding Thomas would help a lot. Plus, he might be more likely to play if he’s close to home, perhaps coming back half-way through the season. Varlamov could learn a thing or two from Thomas as well (goaltending-wise that is).

    • JS Giguere works well with Varlamov. Ain’t happening. Avs cap space will quickly be gobbled up by O’Reilly, Duchene, Johnson, O’Brien, and hopefully a UFA dman and/or forward.

  10. Luomgo Raymond for Schen Colborne and a swap of 1st round picks

    • Ur still not getting Schenn and our first in any package for Luongo no matter how many times you say it.

      • I agree Burke wouldn’t give up schenn in that deal. However, in all honesty, he’s one of the worst defensemen drafted in the 08 draft (first. round).

        I think most of you guys over value your own team.

        I also agree Vokoun wanted nothing to do with Toronto. They’re no where near a contender, and he’s getting a bit old. Pitts was perfect, split time, decent contract And a top tier team.

  11. As a Canuck fan, please keep Schenn, there is no way Van takes him in a trade for Luongo.

  12. I agree with Dynamo45; I would not want Schenn in a Luongo trade. Vancouver needs defensive stability and not another liability. If Luongo does go to the Leafs with Raymond I would like to see MacArthur as someone coming to the Canucks as part of thectrade package. He’s a hard nosed, 20 goal a year man with lots of upside.
    Even if Stevie Y is still saying publically that he wants a young goalie, he may well be considering Luongo. He would like to win a cup and there is less of a chance with a lower caliber goalie than with a proven commodity.

  13. why the hell would toronto want luongo? 10 more years? are you insane. he cant handle the pressure in van city so how do ya think hell do in toronto.

  14. @Durt

    Wouldn’t Halak at $3.75M for two years be a better snag then Lou? Everyone seems to think Elliot will be the guy going forward in ST. Louis. I don’t know why everyone keeps talking about Luongo as being the only capable goalie in the trade market.

    • I honestly don’t think Halak or Elliot are going anywhere. It’s a very good tandem. Why split it up?

  15. Maybe not but it’s worth BB exploring STL’s thoughts.
    I agree Vokoun was probably the right guy but he obviously didn’t think TO was right for him. Looks like he took less salary to play in Pits. He probably believes he can over take the No. 1 from Fleury which shouldn’t be hard to do. Even with a cup Fleury is seriously over rated and could go number two behind Phaneuf on that over rated list.

    • Fleury over-rated? I disagree the guy plays 60 plus games a season, keeping a mid 2.00 GAA and a .910 to .920 Save percentage every year(mind his first year). Vokoun could turn out to be a reliable backup and could sustain Pittsburgh if Fleury is hampering an injury, but I don’t believe he’ll take the starters role. Marc-Andre Fleury should be Pittsburghs goalie for the next 5 years at least. I think number two behind Dion Phaneuf on that over-rated list, probably should also go to Dion Phaneuf.

    • Just a side not on that last comment. I never understood why Phaneuf is considered over-rated. To be over-rated means that people rate you to high based on your skill set. It’s not like there are a ton of people saying he’s one of the best defencemen in the league so how do people rate him too highly? My over-rated list starts with Nash. Not because I don’t think Nash is a good player, but when you have people like Craig Button saying LA should give up Kopitar and Bernier for Nash or when people suggest Kessel and Gardiner…I think people rate him a tad high.

      • I agree, it is a finnicky system. Last year Phoenix could only breathe in their series with Detroit because of Ilya Bryzgalov. Now after a horrible post-season in Philadelphia, Bryzgalov is now over-rated. I think alot of it also comes from the dollars you make, based on your skill set. So Dion at his 6.5 million salary paired with his somewhat questionable defensive abilities, makes him the posterboy. It could also be just a joke among the players to keep voting him most over-rated.

        • Makes sense I guess. But does that mean Boumeaster’s “over-rated”? How about Gomez? I think it’s a misunderstanding of the word when you equate over-rated with over-payed. IMO.

          • Also yes, Bouwmeester is overrated as all hell. I pretty much got crucified on the Flames HF boards for saying he was, and that he could be replaced.

            Gomez’s contract is joke. He’s not overrated, but he cashed out when he was a top tier player; and I don’t think anyone expects him now-a-days to be able to perform the way that contract says he should. Oppositely, I think Dion’s contract was signed early in his career, and was suppose to continue to go upwards… instead he took a major curve in his growth as a player and person.

      • I think you need to listen to the Toronto faithful more. You seem a bit more realistic than most, most people in Leafs Nation consider him a top defensemen in the league (How many times did I hear, “HOW IS HE OVERRATED? HE PLAYED IN THE ALL-STAR??!”).

        Looking at his pay, his play, and his general self, overrated comes right to mind when I think of him. Also, my friends have some AMAZING stories about him when he was here in Calgary.

        • Ya but you’re still considering his pay. It’s not about the money, it’s about having too many people praise you undeservingly. I’m sure there are a few die-hards that hold him high, but no one in the mainstream media, or the average fan, or fans of other teams are giving him any credit. If anything his weakness’s have become amplifiedin Toronto because of too much coverage.so for every die-hard on an HF board there 3-4 haters. Phanuef is hardly over-rated in my book. I would say he’s accurately rated. What if he was making 3mil a season? Would you think he was over-rated then?

  16. As a Canuck fan, please keep Connolly as well. No thanks.

  17. Why can I see Bobby Lou for Komiserak, just to try and even up the money a little.

    Please before you rip up the GM’s involved in looking for a goalie, don’t forget the 7th round pick was in exchange for the ability to negotiate with Vokoun before July 1. Still a risk if he says no thanks. By the sounds of it, that’s where he was headed with Toronto.

  18. Does anyone even have a clue as to what bernier or lindback would get in a trade? Neither have started more then 25 (lindback not more then 20) also I believe both need to be resigned? What would that cost?
    I’m not sure but would tbay not have a comparable goalie in torkaski playing the the ahl finals right now? Not as experienced but seems to be doing well. Wouldn’t an experienced back up such as vokun be a perfect fit.
    As well as the leafs would they not have comparables in reimer and scrivens.
    I read somewhere a list of experienced backups that were available and out of them all biron was the best option. Not as deep a talent pool as I origanilly thought.

  19. Luongo for Nash, seems like a realistic trade. Both want out of their current teams, both are over paid. Neither would help the Leafs much. I don’t see any Darryl Sittlers with red capes on the horizon. Kessel reminds me of Mike Bossy, but without Trottier would he have put up those same numbers? Maybe they can get Staal in a miracle trade. Leafs need a veteran back up, Robbie Luongo is not a back up. They don’t have the stuff to trade for Nash, plus he’d prefer a contender like the Blues, Blackhawks, Philly or Pittsburgh. Whether or not those teams have room for him under the cap, would depend on what they give up (I want to see his list of preferred destinations). Otherwise, I have nothing else to add Mr. Spector.

    1967 was the year before I was born a Leafs’ fan, so as you can see I’ve never had the chance to “drink from the cup.”

  20. @Bosky

    Sorry I’m a little late to the party. Yes, Fleury is big time overrated. Those are regular season stats you quoted. Check out his playoffs stats. Except for one exceptional playoff year his save percentage is brutal. Most of the time he is in the .800’s Don’t forget it’s pretty easy to have a great GAA when your team spends 3/4 of 3 periods in their opponents end of the ice. Fleury gets way to much credit and the curtain was finally opened in this years playoffs showing his real weeknesses. Throw him on the Leafs and you would see another Andrew Raycroft senerio.

  21. Luongo for Nash seems like a realistic trade if you smoke crack. As for not helping the Leafs – more crack. Luongo’s contract is a major stumbling block for any team. Any team who wants Nash will have to give up a boatload to get him. Both of these players would help the Leafs but would probably come at a huge cost.