NHL Late Afternoon Rumor Mill Update – June 29, 2013.

A collection of updates on Ryan Miller, Thomas Vanek, Stephen Weiss, Alex Edler, Vincent Lecavalier,Viktor Stalberg and more.

No market for Ryan Miller?

No market for Ryan Miller?

THE BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl reports Sabres GM Darcy Regier doesn’t expect to move Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek this weekend. Miller’s agent concurred, doubting anything would happen.

James Mirtle of The Globe and Mail: “Gillis also hasn’t ruled out buying out Luongo. Next few days on this front will be fascinating.”

Pierre LeBrun of ESPN.com:  Dallas Stars meeting with the Vincent Lecavalier camp today. Very interested in him. LeBrun also reports the Canucks are receiving inquiries about defenseman Alex Edler. His NTC kicks in on July 1.

George Richards of The Miami Herald: Panthers GM Dale Tallon has spoken to the Avalanche about moving up to first overall. He also has interest in Lecavalier.

Harvey Fialkov of SunSentinel.com: Tallon said his club is still trying to sign Stephen Weiss.

Craig Custance of ESPN.com: “Columbus an interesting team to watch with three first-rounders. Plenty of trade talk there now but mostly of the tire-kicking variety.” Custance also spoke to Viktor Stalberg’s agent, who believes his client will become a UFA.

Bob McKenzie of TSN: Minnesota Wild’s Pierre-Marc Bouchard headed to UFA market.

Renaud Lavoie of RDS:  Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin doesn’t know yet if he’ll send Yannick Weber a qualifying offer. Lavoie also reports Colby Armstrong will become a UFA.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Probably isn’t much of a market right now for Miller and Vanek because of other players in play. That could change over the next couple of weeks. It appears the Canucks are merely testing the trade value for Schneider, but not actively shopping him. As for Edler, sounds like the Canucks are even listening to offers at this point. I doubt the Panthers can make an offer rich enough to convince the Avalanche to part with the first overall pick. It could happen, I suppose, but I remain pessimistic. I also doubt the Panthers could re-sign Weiss, especially if they’re interested in Lecavalier. 


  1. Weiss is not coming back as a Panther. Would have been done by now. Lecavalier is too old for the Panthers to hand out such a contract that would be around four to five years at around $5M per.

    I think Tallon will be in on Seguin and Bolland.

  2. Spector. I love your work. But, can’t you at least find a picture of Miller in the current Sabres uniform? I’m really trying to forget that slug-alo.

    • or the Trump comb over

      • Maybe start throwing a few more names out there Lyle with some of the old hideous Jersey ideas that have come and gone like Morrow in that awful Dallas number with the Bull head with stars for eyes on it remember that one? Vinny in the Lightning Jersey that looks like it was designed at Orange County Choppers with the waves and cheesy lightning down the arms perhaps? Possibly a story on the Cyotees moving with that camouflage looking thing with the Aztec skull dog head thing on the chest…lol those were the days

  3. With all the hype surrounding the draft tomorrow I was expecting some more action trade wise the last few days. I am pumped for tomorrow but I have a feeling it could end up being a real snooze fest as far as trades are concerned. Lots of talk but no action.
    I see there is plenty of interest on Lacavalier but is he really worth what some are reporting. 5 mil per seems a bit steep for a guy who has under performed much of the last three or four years. He had a decent year last year but at 33 how much more does he have to give. Is his heart really going to be in it if he is dreaming about being back on Florida beaches.
    If Regier was serious about trading Vanek and Miller I think if he wasn’t asking for the universe in return he would have moved them by now. He always asks for too much and eventually loses players to free agency.
    Edler had been one of Vans best d-men for a few seasons. Granted last year wasn’t his best by a long shot but I don’t think it makes much sense to move him unless Gillis can improve his team or at least keep the status Quo. Moving him for prospects doesn’t make sense as the canucks window to win the cup is closing fairly quickly and they need experience on the blueline. Rumours are that the canucks are actively shopping Schneider. Its the only goalie move that makes sense since they can’t get anything worthwhile for Luongo.
    Another goalie rumour has the Blue Jackets seriously interested in Thomas. Why? The only conclusion is that Bobrovsky has now developed a inflated head and wants way too much money. Have fun in the KHL “bob”. Thats funny though if it happens as they would be replacing one fat head with another.
    Not too much in the way of rumours involving Stalberg except he will become a free agent. Some team will be lucky and sign this guy. Stuck on the third or fourth line most of the time hasn’t given him the chance to really prove himself. He has great wheels and will help someone for sure. I was pissed when the leafs traded him.
    Is Boston nuts? possibly trading Seguin. Isn’t it a little early to give up on this guy? If the rumour is true then 29 other teams will be asking for the price and someone will pay it. Please don’t be stupid and suggest he go to Toronto for Kessel.

  4. Why doesn’t Holland make a pitch for Vinny Lecavlier since he does not want to invest the 5 milion in V.F. ?

    • Who says he’s not.

  5. Toooooo quiet on the toronto front… Something is up… Haven’t heard a single thing all day.

    • Clarkson is the target at a very reasonable 6.25 mill a year (just kidding I hope)

  6. With his brother in the Shark system, and the Sharks needing an affordable winger speedy enough to play on the second line, and with Wilson’s habit of going after Blackhawks, I’d say I’d expect at least some strong mutual interest….

    • about Viktor Stalberg, that is…..

  7. Viktor Stalberg’s comments since the Blackhawk’s Cup victory talk about, how…” I have improved and grown and am ready for playing in better roles and deserve to be conpensated…”

    I don’t doubt he will grow interest but GMs need to relay his footage in the more tight checking Playoffs where the refs swalloed their whistles when it came to much of the slowing down of the attackers. He clearly didn’t exel, or even handled passes well.

    He does provide a nice face-lift for a team that is looking for a middle six wing, who has seen some PP tick.
    You can’t teach speed

    • Always been blazing fast agreed but I dont see much improvement in his game from the finals this year from his first year or 2 as a Leaf