NHL Lockout Blog Beat – October 29, 2012.

A collection of blog posts on the NHL lockout, the Maple Leafs, stats, and of course, Absurd Goalie Monday.

PUCK DADDY: Ryan Lambert suggests social media is the reason why fans seem more emotional about this lockout than the previous one.

BACKHAND SHELF: Ellen Etchingham on the concept of loyalty to the NHL, and how that is being tested during this lockout as NHL European players (especially Russians) participate in European leagues.

 DOBBERHOCKEY.COM: Dobber vents on the current status of NHL CBA negotiations, among other things.

Why not let the NHLPA take over the Coyotes?

 WINGING IT IN MOTOWN: “J.J. in Kansas” suggests the NHL should hand over control to the NHLPA. Hey, the idea is no crazier than those by the league to keep the Coyotes in Glendale.

VINTAGE LEAF MEMORIES: Michael Langlois believes the Toronto Maple Leafs could be in search of an identity when the lockout ends.

NHLNUMBERS.COM: Are stats “ruining” the NHL?

 THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Scotty Wazz with another installment of “Absurd Goalie Monday”. This week: Detroit Red Wings goalie Terry Richardson.

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  1. Well, everyone. I’m done. I’ve had enough. The league and players have disgraced the game so much that I will not ever be a fan again. It disgusts me what you are doing to a national treasure. Shame on you. The game is the most amazing game in the world but management and players epitomize what greed is all about. When you come back to play, I won’t be there. And believe me when I say that. My children and grandchildren will not hear my enthusiasm and leadership to play and watch the game. We will encourage soccer, baseball and football within our family. Be damned with hockey, and shame on you all.

    My name is Bob Watson and I live in Welland, Ontario. WE ARE DONE!!!