NHL Lockout Blog Beat – September 28, 2012.

Among today’s collection of notable posts from the NHL blogosphere: the financial risks of an NHL franchise in Seattle, five league executives who could end the lockout, ten things we didn’t know about Gary Bettman, and a review of the 8th and final game of the 1972 Summit Series

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Jeff Angus examines the financial risks facing an NHL franchise in Seattle.

Could Brian Burke help end the NHL lockout?

FIGHTING FOR STANLEY: Jeremy Wiebe lists Detroit Red Wings owner Mike Illich, Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis, Pittsburgh Penguins co-owner Mario Lemieux, Tampa Bay Lightning GM Steve Yzerman and Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke as five NHL executives who might be able to end the lockout.

MILE HIGH HOCKEY: A look back at the impact the 2004-05 lockout had upon the NHL.

MC79HOCKEY.COM: Tyler Dellow has some quick thoughts on the threat of Oilers relocation, HRR, mediation, and collusion.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski with ten things we didn’t know about Gary Bettman. Shooting a man in Reno just to watch him die isn’t one of them.

BACKHAND SHELF: Hey, kids! Chris Lund has a new game for us: “Where in the World is Ron Wilson?”

GREATEST HOCKEY LEGENDS: Joe Pelletier reviews Game 8 of the 1972 Summit Series, which featured the greatest goal in hockey history.


  1. Bettman is the real problem here, cannot be trusted by the NHLPA.The players should not play another game under his reighn.Dump Bettman or no hockey period.That is the chip that needs to be played.Turn the whole discussion from money to Bettman.

  2. as much as Bettman is despised by the common fan he’s still seen as useful by the majority of the owners (for now). Bettman isn’t teflon though and an inability to get a deal in a timely manner might bring the end of his tenure if only to appease the fans.
    the battle in the boardroom might get more interesting the longer this lockout goes on as Bettman isn’t universally loved there either. after the last lockout was seen as a win for the owners he got them to agree to a format where he only needs the support of 8 owners to continue doing things his way, it would be interesting to know who his core supporters are other than Jacobs and Snider. if there’s a revolt in the boardroom then i would hope that Jacobs and Snider’s influence disappears at the same time as Bettman does.
    the owners have been saying the system they designed doesn’t work so maybe it’s time for the players to get a seat in the boardroom as well where they will have real input into designing a system that works for everyone.
    if anything positive is to come out of this lockout then let’s hope the NHL is willing to listen to the players ideas if only to get a different perspective as the ideas they’ve come up with haven’t worked so far and more of the same aren’t likely to do any better.
    the long term health of the league might be better served by cutting loose a few of the most troubled franchises either by relocation or contraction. the constant financial drain and neverending drama in Phoenix needs to go away and a new owner won’t do that unless they relocate (which is the only way i can see someone agreeing to take on that mess). the Coyotes GM and Coach have done all they can to make it a competitive team but they can’t make the people of Phoenix support them financially. success in the playoffs doesn’t always bring the kind of sustainable support the team needs going forward as Cup winners in Dallas, Anaheim, Carolina, and New Jersey have all experienced financial difficulties following their championship seasons. if the best teams (on the ice anyways) in the league aren’t being supported financially by their fans then why should the rest of the other owners do so?