NHL Lockout Blog Beat – September 23, 2012.

The Edmonton Oilers send the wrong message (via Twitter) to their fans regarding a new arena, NHLPA director Donald Fehr explains why so many players are headed to Europe, a hockey history project, and “The Goal Heard ‘Round The World”.


Still no agreement on a new arena for Edmonton.

THE COPPER & BLUE/OIL ON WHYTE: The Edmonton Oilers are sending their fans the wrong message regarding a new downtown arena deal, tweeting an Edmonton Journal article hinting the team could relocate if the deal between the team and the city should fall through.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe that threat is a hollow one. With the Canadian markets going great guns financially, the Board of Governors aren’t going to allow the NHL to leave Edmonton. Even if they were to approve moving the Oilers, it would be replaced by one of the currently-struggling franchises when they inevitably face relocation, especially if the next CBA contain no significant improvement in revenue-sharing, or an expansion club. Commissioner Bettman was heralded for his role in bringing the two sides together toward a new arena deal, so it’s time for him to step in and smooth things over again.

PUCK DADDY: NHLPA director Donald Fehr explains why so many of the PA membership is playing overseas. Still won’t mollify the PA’s critics.

DEFENDING BIG D: Brandon Worley weighs in on the possibility this NHL season is already on the verge of cancellation.

WRAPAROUND CURL: Give her an assist with her September hockey history project, and you could win a shirt from the NHL Store. Follow the link for details!

GREATEST HOCKEY LEGENDS: Joe Pelletier with “The Goal Heard ‘Round The World”.


  1. Don’t know how realistic a threat can be in Edmonton to move the Oilers, a good fan base with good attendance… Unless Bettman is thinking of moving them to NewOrleans…. or Maui…. how about Puerto Rico?

  2. I am not disagreeing that the tweet was inappropriate at the moment. But the reality is without a lease committment and “if” the new building isnt approved, there is nothing legally to keep Katz from moving the team. Will he do it? I doubt it, but I am not sure I would want to call his bluff and find out.

  3. Still, it sounds hollow. You have a team that loses money like the Coyotes that should have been moved years ago but isn’t going anywhere, then you have a team like the Oilers, pretty solid support and prolly making money since the dollar has been above 75cents… Gee, with the way the NHL is run, a money making team would be moved before a money losing team.