NHL Lockout Canadian Corner – November 12, 2012.

Mats Sundin wishes he retired a Maple Leaf, Pavel Bure didn’t really connect with Vancouver, Canadiens Blake Geoffrion out of intensive care, and former Oilers equipment manager inducted into Hockey Hall of Fame.


Sundin wishes he retired a Maple Leaf.

TORONTO STAR: Former Maple Leafs captain Mats Sundin wishes he’d retired a Leaf.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Very classy of Sundin, who never really got the same level of love and respect from Leafs fans accorded to former Leafs captain Darryl Sittler, Wendel Clark and Doug Gilmour. 

VANCOUVER SUN: Iain MacIntyre claims Vancouver fans loved former Canuck superstar Pavel Bure, but he was reluctant to return that love and never really connected with the city.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bure remains the Canucks first true superstar, and arguably the greatest player in team history.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Canadiens forward Blake Geoffrion is out of intensive care following surgery for a depressed skull fracture suffered during an AHL game on Friday.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Former Oilers equipment manager Barrie Stafford was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, joining the list of names on the trainers Wall of Honour. Stafford joined the Oilers as equipment manager in 1981 and held the post for 26 years.


  1. I love Mats, but if he wanted to retire a Leaf then he should’ve accepted Toronto’s contract offer in ’08.
    He has nobody to blame…

  2. Mats was villified by Toronto fans for not allowing himself to be traded during his last year there (part of the reason he signed with Vancouver the following year), it’s bizarre to call him disloyal for not accepting a trade when he showed his loyalty by sticking with a subpar Leafs team as he didn’t believe in “rental” players. in his final season with Vancouver he made an impact with Canuck players despite having a lower point total than previous years, Kesler and both Sedins point to Sundin’s time with the club as being instrumental in their development. it should be noted that he took less than was offered by Vancouver so the club could add a significant player at the trading deadline.
    Pavel Bure was a different sort of player all together, supremely talented with an ego to match. Bure’s first game against Winnipeg showed a glimpse of what was to come (i was there, in the rafters but still in the building) with multiple scoring chances and a couple of rushes that brought the crowd to it’s feet. his talent wasn’t in question but his attitude at times left something to be desired. the story of how he came to be a Canuck was fairly intriguing as when he was selected most teams assumed he was ineligible, Vancouver took him when they did as they’d heard Edmonton was going to take him with their next selection. after his name was announced several clubs stormed the stage angrily asking for the pick to be invalidated commissioner John Ziegler said it would be investigated. much credit has been given to Canuck’s head scout Mike Penney for discovering that Bure had played in additional exhibition and international games. Igor Larionov procured copies of the scoresheets during the offseason but they were in Cryllic with the players numbers being the only thing that could be understood and a ruling could’ve gone either way, luckily for the Canucks their coach and GM Pat Quinn had been suspended (as it turns out illegally) by Ziegler and threatened an embarassing lawsuit. although it was never stated in so many words Quinn dropped the lawsuit and Ziegler allowed the pick to stand.