NHL Lockout Canadian Corner – September 21, 2012.

Check out the latest lockout news of your favorite Canadian NHL team.


Iginla claims players don’t trust the owners.

CALGARY SUN: Flames captain Jarome Iginla indicates the players don’t trust the owners, and league commissioner Gary Bettman, since the last lockout and the imposition of the previous CBA. Iginla points out how Bettman lauded that CBA as the cure-all for the league, but is now demanding more from the players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The players mistrust of ownership is justified. They feel if they give in to the owners’ demands again, they will continue to be squeezed in future CBA negotiations. There appears a willingness among the player to reduce their share of HRR, but not as much as the league demands, nor do they want revenue sharing to be funded by the players. I believe if the league were to offer up a revenue-sharing system in which the big market teams contribute and not the players, the PA would be more willing to accept a 50-50 split.

VANCOUVER SUN:  Former Canucks star and MoDo GM Markus Naslund would love to have the Sedin twins on his club as it has lurched out to a slow start to this season in the Swedish Elite League.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sedins would love to play there if the lockout drags on into mid-season, but if the Swedish Elite League continues to ban locked-out NHL players unless they agree to play the entire season there, Naslund’s club might be waiting a while for the Sedins.

OTTAWA SUN: Senators centre Kyle Turris is still mulling his lockout options.

TORONTO SUN: Leafs forward Clarke MacArthur isn’t optimistic about a quick resolution to the NHL lockout.

CANOE.CA: Montreal Canadiens defenseman Alexei Emelin has returned to KHL team Ak-Bars Kazan, where he played for four season prior to joining the Habs last season.

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets defenseman Derek Meech’s hopes of cracking the lineup this season have been postponed by the lockout, but he’s maintaining an optimistic attitude.

EDMONTON SUN: Oilers owner Daryl Katz has rejected Edmonton mayor Stephen Mandel’s request for a public meeting over a new downtown arena for the club.


  1. So, here we go with the players crying that they don’t trust the owners, well get over it. You are more then fairly compinsated for what you do. Move on accept it and realize how fortunate you are.

    As a fan I don’t trust the players either. You cry about HRR share and reduced salaries, but you fail to mention publicly the years you made more then your contract was slated to pay( as pointed out by TSN last night.). TYou failed to start CBA talks months ago when approached by the NHL, yet want to tell us it is thier choice to lock you out? That being said I will watch your over paid ass play the game I love, by getting over it just like you should!!!

  2. Opposite of what DD says. I’m on the player’s side. If the owners win again, we’ll see another stupid lockout every time the CBA expires because the owners will always have their hands out for more. If the PA proposal fixes the financial issues for small market teams while lowering the player’s share of HHR, everyone wins and there won’t be a reason to lockout players next time a new CBA is needed.

  3. I agree that players are paid alot. Overpaid for sure. Contracts are negotiated in good faith and owners/management are the ones negotiating and handing out these crazy salaries. Yes it is a business, but it isn’t a regular business. Most businesses wouldn’t negotiate contracts with employees that they couldn’t affort to pay. Where are the creative Billy Beanes of the NHL?

    Ownership won’t get any sympathy from me. The NHLPA can have a little. It is all spin. The league needs to get it’s act together. The rich have to share with the poor or get rid of some of the poor teams in bad locations and then expand when the league is healthier to more traditional hockey markets. The league needs teams that have fan support through thick and thin- not only when their team is winning. Maybe the teams that don’t make the playoffs can have a little tourney so they can earn more revenue? If the new cba is just a claw back in salaries, we will be back here again in 6-7 years.

    What is that quote, something to the effect, ” Hockey has to be a great game to not be ruined by the idiots running it. ” Something like that.

  4. To dumb fans that think players get paid too much, you tell me how much is fair payment for a job where your career can be over any or everyday you go to work, not only that but even if you we’re lucky and never had a career ending injury, to have a career as short as they have having spent their whole life prepering for and often workingexpected to play through injuries…never mind the millions of dollars made by others from your hard work and sacrefice.

    • I hear ya Ron, and wonder too….. “how much is fair payment for a job where your career can be over any or everyday you go to work” and “never mind the millions of dollars made by others from your hard work and sacrifice.” This is the case for many blue collar employees – what is a fair wage? and even with workers compensation, if you get hurt on the job there has to be uncertainty about yours and your family’s future.

      I know players make a good wage and so do the owners. I am not sure if there is such thing as “fair” or a consensus when you are dealing with the dollar amounts involved here and the different interests.

      It is funny when you think about how the arguments for Hockey players and spots on teams work. If you are good enough, you get a spot on a team, someone not good enough gets cut. So with that logic, A good/well run team/organization makes money and a poorly run one should go bankrupt/ out of business.

    • Well, I go to work everyday as a tradesman and could get badly injured and never work again, so i guess I think what I make is fair.

  5. So you don’t trust the owners Jerome? The same owner who has signed a little over $69 million in salary to you, not including bonuses and this year’s salary. The same owner who has involved you in every decision the team has made in the last decade. Of all the players who MIGHT have a complaint about trust issues, Jerome is so far from that list to be laughable. The NHLPA really needs to clamp down on its members, because it seems that every time one of them opens their mouths, the more idiotic they sound.

  6. Okay, its time to put things in perspective. I understand the emotion with which some folks utilize when accepting the players position in this lockout. First, there is no one, not one person who can argue that the Owners own the team, and the players draw a salary as employees of said team. So lets see how the players have been “treated” as employees over the last 2 decades…..thats right, 20 years since the 1992 strike.

    The average players salary in 1992 (the first of the recent work stoppages) was $225K. That’s right, the average NHLer made $225,000. 20 years later the average salary is now $2.4 million.

    That is a 967% increase in salaries in 20 years…….once again 967% in 20 years.

    To give you a comparable, an established Lawyer in 1992 had an average salary of $54,000, while in 2012 an established lawyer makes an average of $86,000. So a high paying career, that takes a min of 8 years education, has had an increase of average salary of 59%…..59% over the past 2 decades.

    So how about a Doctor, hell not even an average Doctor, but a surgeon. The average 1992 income for a Surgeon was $159,000, and now the average income for a Surgeon in 2012 is $311,000. That is a 96% increase.

    So basically, Joe Average SURGEON had his income increase less than 1/10th of Joe Average hockey player in the last 2 decades.

    Tell me, in what universe is that NOT a ridiculous statement.

    It is rather funny how things change in perspective when facts and numbers are included in all the hyperbole. The days of owners mistreating players are 4 decades past. The smart person in this situation is the one who realizes a good deal when he has it and shuts his trap.

    • So what are the comparables on the league side? What has the league made and what have teams like Toronto, New York, Philly done over that same period. I like your comparisson with those in the medical field… important jobs and such, but maybe a better field to compare players salaries with would be entertainment- hollywood actors and such?

  7. sorry about the acting thing, just came to mind thinking about all the diving talk the last few days. I think the Canucks should trade Kesler for Will Ferrell.