NHL Lockout (Day 96) Canadian Corner – December 20, 2012.

Updates on Daniel Alfredsson, James van Riemsdyk, and Evander Kane,  plus the latest on the Oilers arena deal.

OTTAWA SUN: Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson has no idea what will happen next in NHL CBA talks. “We’re just all speculating and hoping for a piece of rope to hang on to,” he said.

James van Riemsdyk recently honored a bet for a good cause.

James van Riemsdyk recently honored a bet for a good cause.

NATIONAL POST: James van Riemsdyk went shopping for Christmas gifts in full hockey gear (minus skates) in Minnesota’s Mall of America as part of a bet he lost to Scott Hartnell. The pair” competed to raise as much money as possible for Hurricane Sandy Relief in New Jersey and New York.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s worst things he could’ve been forced to do for losing a bet for a good cause.

WINNIPEG SUN: Evander Kane got in some hot water yesterday after he tweeted a picture of himself posing with a couple of handfuls of cash. He’s apologized for any offence the picture caused.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yes, it appears some fans and pundits were quite upset by the photo of a well-compensated athlete jokingly flaunting his wealth. Y’know, if he’d been taunting homeless people or starving orphans, it would’ve been worthy of the “outrage”. This “story” is yet another reason why I hate this lockout.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Edmonton mayor Stephen Mandel said the city “has about six weeks left to reach an arena deal with Edmonton Oilers owner Daryl Katz or an agreement will never be completed”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Here’s hoping this gets done soon. Too much time has been wasted already, on both sides (but especially on the part of Oilers ownership), on this issue. 


  1. I think the Kane photo is a pretty legitimate slap in the face to all fans. I mean, how can anybody have sympathy for the NHLPA’s cause now. That picture represents the players as a bunch of children who make so much money they obviously don’t even know what to do with it. In the same breath they continue to bitch about not getting any concessions from the owners, they spend time on their labour strife as a vacation in vegas getting wasted, while small business owners with families who depend on the NHL are struggling to survive/going out of business around christmas time.

    • Dude you are putting to much into this,this is not a hockey problem this is a world.He just emualating all the rap stars.honestly he just a young guy who has not matured yet.If this was let say Shane O brain then maybe.

      He also not part of the labour talks so why does that matter.

      • Of course he’s a part of hockey talks. Just because he’s not on the negotiating committee doesnt mean he is not apart of the NHLPA union. Everything the union is holding out for is going to make young players like this more. While us fans and small business owners struggle to survive, Kane and his brethren holdout because they apparently dont get enough. This photo suggests otherwise.

        • No he is not part of the discussion.He just player who was locked out form the oweners

          Also who cares about your small business sean.You should stop comparing you and the NHL player.

  2. just another example of how greedy these players are . he should try to feed a family working at a temp agency for 10.00$ an hour it is so pathetic

    • Oh poor baby ,what is the differents what he is doing then say 50 cent.