NHL Lockout Morning Coffee Headlines – Halloween 2012.

The NHL lockout continues with no end in sight, threatening the Winter Classic and stoking fears of another lost season and the end of some players’ careers. Happy Halloween, everyone.

NATIONAL POST: NHL players will have lost a month’s worth of salaries and will lose another, but they’ll receive their escrow checks this week, which should provide them some financial relief. To date, there’s been no progress in negotiations and no formal talks scheduled.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: It’s possible the cancellation of the Winter Classic and the threat of another season lost to a lockout could drive away some of the league’s sponsors, possibly for good. Larry Quinn, a former minority owner of the Buffalo Sabres, believes otherwise.

WASHINGTON TIMES: Fears the 2012-13 season could be in jeopardy are rising.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The NHL and NHLPA will face off again at Quebec’s labour relations board, this time in December.

Lockout putting Matt Cullen’s NHL career in jeopardy.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: The careers of long-time NHL veterans, like Minnesota’s Matt Cullen, former Wild forward Brian Rolston, Anaheim’s Teemu Selanne and Ottawa’s Daniel Alfredsson, could be threatened if this season is lost to a lockout. For many, this season was expected to be their last.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Expensive insurance costs could prevent Sidney Crosby from playing in Europe during the lockout.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve previously written about these subjects and I’m not in the mood to do so again today. This lockout is pointless, for the league as well as the players. Hopefully, both sides will return to the bargaining table soon and hammer out a season-saving deal.





  1. I agree 100% that the lockout is pointless. Negotiations could be going on during while games are being played. Hell, they could have begun serious talks LAST October, and signed something over the summer.

    I’m getting tired of NHL ownership. At this point, I’m hoping a new league sprouts up. I heard rumours that Pat Brisson may be talking to some of the players he represents about getting together for some games. That could be fun.

    I still think having a ‘mini’ league with 8 teams would be awesome. Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, New York, New Jersey, Ottawa, Boston, Philly, stocked with NHL players. I’d pay to go see that.

    • well, i can see how that league might be nice for east coasters and Canadians, but let’s not forget about the rest of the country that’s still in the office with the puck drops ECT

  2. I think that if a new league sprouted up filled with NHL calibre players, people would flock to it in droves, especially if the locations were limited to traditional markets.

    That said, it is pretty much a guarantee that it is never going to happen, because they would need buildings to play in, and the ones that the NHL are in aren’t going to be letting in a new league to compete with the tenant that is already there, even if that current tenant isn’t playing. After all, don’t most NHL owners also own, or at least have some sort of exclusive rights to the buildings that their teams play in?

    So that would leave smaller arenas, which could work on a temporary basis, but long story short, the NHL and it’s owners would find a way to snuff out any attempt at a rival league, they have too much invested not to.

  3. There is already a league like that in place and it’s called the American Hockey League. No it doesn’t have Sidney or Alex or many other extremely overpaid players but it is stocked full of players working their butts off so that if possible, they get a shot at the brass ring. The AHL is very entertaining hockey that deserves to be supported, possibly and argumentively more so than the NHL does.
    If by chance you do not want to support “second rate” pros there are always Major Junior games to go see and you get to see just about every North American player that will one day wear an NHL jersey, for a mere pittance compared to NHL gouging, oops I mean NHL seat prices.
    If anyone is really going through hockey withdrawal there is no reason to sit and agonize over when or if this season is going to start, go out and catch some great hockey at reasonable prices.

  4. I wish they would cancel the season today. I don’t see these negotiations going any different then last time. Save me the media speculations, PR nonsense and let everyone bleed money for a year and return next fall eager to make a deal.