NHL Lockout Morning Coffee Headlines – November 13, 2012.

Check out the latest reports and analysis on the NHL lockout, plus Jeremy Roenick doesn’t have kind words for Patrick Marleau in his new book, and Pascal Leclaire retires.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE:  NHLPA special counsel Steve Fehr said he and NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly agree that “when the moment is right the deal could be done very quickly”, suggesting it could be completed in only a matter of days. Daly response to Fehr? “I hope he’s right”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While Fehr sounded a positive note, his comments were fodder more for Cialis jokes on Twitter than in spreading any optimism over a resolution to the lockout. 

TSN.CA: Bob McKenzie offered up his take on Sunday on the status of NHL CBA talks, suggesting at that point it was difficult to know where things stand.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I missed this in yesterday’s update but feel it worthwhile to post today, as not much has changed since McKenzie’s piece was published Sunday. It’s a lengthy, in-depth analysis of the situation from one of the best pundits in the business, and well worth the read.

SPORTSNET.CA: Mark Spector cautions NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman not to overplay his hand in negotiations with the NHLPA. Spector suggests that, having gotten the players to accept a 50-50 split, Bettman might be pushing the players too far by trying to impose stricter limits upon their contract rights.

 THE HOCKEY NEWS: Ken Campbell believes NHLPA director Donald Fehr is getting under the skin of NHL negotiators, explaining the players are resistant to changes to contract rights because they feel they’ve made enough concessions without getting any back from the league.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Andrew Gross believes this NHL season will begin at some point in December.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: He’s not the only one. As frustrating as the current NHL CBA talks have been, there’s still plenty of time to get a deal done which would see the league open at some point next month. I still feel a deal could be reached by the end of November.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Penguins captain Sidney Crosby isn’t happy with how one-sided the NHL CBA negotiations have been, voicing his frustration over the lack of progress and the league’s unwillingness to make concessions.

BOSTON GLOBE: Former Bruins forward Mark Recchi, who went through the last two lockouts, suggests the players should reach a new agreement with the league soon and get back to playing. Recchi points out the players are losing money they’re not going to get back, that the longer this standoff goes the worse the offers from the league will get, and they’ll eventually do fine under a new agreement.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Recchi makes some good points, but as Ken Campbell pointed out, the players feel if they keep making concessions without getting any from the league, nothing will prevent the owners from squeezing them again in future NHL CBA negotiations. 

Mats Sundin, Joe Sakic, Adam Oates & Pavel Bure inducted into HHOF.

YAHOO! SPORTS: Nicholas J. Cotsonika reports the lockout loomed over this year’s Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremonies.

 THE GLOBE AND MAIL: James Mirtle on how Pavel Bure, Adam Oates, Joe Sakic and Mats Sundin represented the tail end of hockey’s high scoring era.

 CBC.CA: Tim Wharnsby on Adam Oates’ winding road to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The small applause that greeted NHL commissioner Gary Bettman when he spoke at last night’s ceremony, and the scowls shot at him by some in the audience, provided an uncomfortable and unnecessary chill to the otherwise warm proceedings honoring this year’s inductees. 

MERCURYNEWS.COM: Jeremy Roenick had some unkind words for Patrick Marleau, his teammate during Roenick’s final two seasons in the NHL.

SLAM SPORTS: Former Ottawa Senators and Columbus Blue Jackets goalie Pascal Leclaire has retired due to a recurring hip injury.


  1. I agree Lyle, Bob’s article was about the best unbiased and informative article I have read yet, and definitely a must read. As for Mark Spector, so what if they achieve 50/50 without dealing with the contract issues, it will actually be detrimental for the lower end players as cap space will be absorbed by these ridiculous contracts. There is no way the league agrees to play without dealing with term and equal spread of contracts, and altering UFA and ELC to create a second or bridge contract before UFA. I do agree with Lyle on arbitration though, the players need to keep those rights.

    I am not a pessimist, though I am a cynic, and I firmly believe that there will be no season. I think the inclusion of Fehr brings a stiffening of player resolve, and even though hey really have no leverage, the NHL has proven in the past they are willing to go as far as it takes…….and to be honest, if I am Joe Owner, it makes no sense to me to have half a season if I dont get the deal I want. And behind close doors, there is no doubt that the owners, knowing that future revenues might possibly drop for a period after the lockout are looking to use that in the next year or two to bring salaries down as well.

    I have said over and over, the players biggest issue in this negotiation is the fact they cant keep their traps shut. Now I am no Crosby fan, but I admit he is an incredible player, one of if not the best around today. But to make the statements he has, just makes him look ridiculous and uninformed…..”one-sided”, so basically the passive and placid Mr Fehr is being totally dominated by Bettman and the Owners???? Really Sid?

    Lyle, I understand your statement about Recchis comments, but there is a flip side to that as well. This lockout began with two main issues, bring players salaries down to a 50/50 ish point, and to correct all the contract issues and loopholes that the previous CBA created. So if those issues arent dealt with, if the only thing that is resolved is a 50/50 split in revenue, then there is absolutely no doubt there will be a lockout in 5 years or so. If the issues are resolved now, the odds of that in my mind go way down……one thing that might help both sides, hire a consulting team to try and find loopholes and mistakes in the new CBA so there wont be the same issues.

    As far as Roenick/Marleau……as a fan I love the fact a player shares some of the locker room stuff with us fans, though as a teammate I would probably not be too pleased. As far as Marleau, the hardest thing for him to deal with is the fact his overall career kind of proves Roenicks point…..

  2. I respect JR’s play, but as for being an announcer – I don’t have much use for him. Not every player plays the same way and the way one person gets ready for a game may be different than anothers. Roenick has always been controversial, complaining about other players, his ice time and not being picked for the Olympics. Seems he is always issuing an aplogoy for sticking his foot in his mouth.

  3. up until today I have remained hopeful that there would be a season………I have lost just about all hope ! The reason…..Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr. These two are engaged in a power struggle that neither one wants to even appear as losing. There is absolutely no way that Bettman will agree to anything Fehr puts on the table….And absolutely no way Fehr will agree to anything Bettman puts on the table. We have a stalemate. I’m thinking that the last thing that totally frustrated Jeremy Jacobs shouted as he stormed out of the room was…..cancel the f ‘n season…there’s no way Fehr is going to decide how things should be done. It’s not about doing what should be done to get a deal signed……it’s about making sure that ” I ” am the one who decides what the deal will be……in bettman’s case, even if it means axing the rest of the season and next season as well. It is unfortunate that it is not a negotiation that we have…but rather…. a power struggle between two stubborn idiots.

  4. Also……it is my opinion that the reason that Bettman is damanding the changes to the players contracting rights, is to protect the owners from the damn PLAYER AGENTS…..it is the agents that put the pressure on the owners and GM’s when contracts are being negotiated…not the actual players. This is not just a battle against the players……but in the case of the contractual rights……the player agents are the actual enemy !