NHL Lockout Morning Coffee Headlines – November 25, 2012.

The latest NHL lockout news, locked out Rangers and Flyers stage a charity game for victims of Hurricane Sandy, and Peter Mueller hopes to get his career backon track.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks calls for “a hero or two (or four or five) to emerge from the ranks” of the NHL Board of Governors during their meeting on December 5 to bring this lockout to an end. He finds it hard to believe the owners of the Maple Leafs, Canadiens, Rangers, Canucks, Flyers Red Wings, Penguins and Blackhawks would just stand by and let the hardliners among their ranks threaten the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see if a number of owners use the BoG meeting to push Commissioner Gary Bettman and  league negotiators toward a settlement, or if they’ll just rubber-stamp Bettman’s agenda.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli reports NHLPA director Donald Fehr hinted at the possibility of decertification but wouldn’t commit to it. Seravalli considers the PA’s threat of decertification as part of negotiations, akin to the owners threat of cancelling the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree this is a negotiating tactic. Will the league try to call the PA’s bluff, or are both sides merely engaged in public posturing while working toward a new CBA?  We’ll find out between now and the end of December.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Fehr also believes Roman Hamrlik’s ability to criticize the PA leadership is what separates the players from the owners, as the former can freely speak their opinions to the media, while the latter are under a gag order from the commissioner.

CSNCHICAGO: Blackhawks forward Dave Bolland has apologized for retweeting a fan’s post wanting commissioner Gary Bettman dead. “It was a mistake, I never meant to retweet that out,” Bolland told TSN on Saturday. “I like to retweet for a lot of my fans and I just retweeted the wrong thing. I feel bad about it.”

Locked-out NHLers play charity game for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

CSNPHILLY.COM/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Locked out members of the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers (plus other locked-out NHLers) staged a charity game last night in Atlantic City to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy. The sellout crowd (10,792) saw Team New York (captained by Brad Richards) down Team Philly/New Jersey (captained by Scott Hartnell) 10-6. The fans at times also expressed their feelings over the lockout, chanting “we want hockey!” in the first period.

MIAMI HERALD: Peter Mueller hopes to get his NHL career back on track when the lockout ends.  Mueller has been plagued by career-threatening concussion injuries.


  1. Bolland didn’t use the words ‘I apologize” or ‘I’m sorry”. He just said it was a mistake… probably because someone like his team rep or one of the Fehrs talked to him.

    I’m sure he reads tweets before he re-tweets… so IMO he knew exactly what he was sending…

  2. Okay, a few things on this article:
    1. It’s too bad more players didn’t keep their mouths shut, get together and do barnstorming tours for charity. This would have been good PR, and they’d likely be held in higher regard than they are now. Based on user comments on TSN, it appears that a majority of readers are against the players.

    2. I think Brooks rationale is silly. What he’s really saying is that the owners of the teams that perpetually make money regardless of how they perform are going to bully the majority of the league operating on tighter financial limitations.

    3. Bolland is another player making an idiotic statement. Now compare that to the professionalism shown on the owners sides. I haven’t heard of owners or Bettman engaging in name-calling.

  3. There’s no way to make it happen, but Bettman has not helped the game of hockey nearly as much as he’s helped the “game of ownership” who control his employment. Hard for a fair deal to get done when the commish admonishes Fehr’s appearance and comments as “incomprehensible” that the players and owners are close to getting a deal done….and expresses his own comments that the players should come back to the table without legal representation ? Really ? I guess Bettman was hoping to prey on the players further.

    How Bettman and Daly can grab the mic and continue to hammer the assets who make their owners their money is incomprehensible….maybe the owners need to stop offering these 7 and 10 year contracts but seems the players will pay the price of the owners inability to trust themselves. That always seems to be at the heart of every CBA negotiation isn’t it ?

    Bettman whines that $1.1B has been lost in revenues during this lockout….and the rest of what remains of this season remains on the brink of cancellation….so what is Bettman’s and the owners point exactly by arguing over what remains as a 5 yr contract limit and 5% raise cap? Can we as fans form a Union to lock the owners out ? Surely I’d argue a cap on profits on a 43% ticket price escalations on my same seat since 2006..not to mention the price of a Budweiser that has gone from $7 to $9 friggin .50 ?

    And the owner of the Wild can offer 9yr $100M to two players just a few months ago….and not enough teams are making money? Cry me a river…but tell the truth. Shame on the owners for killing the sport of hockey…again.