NHL Lockout Morning Coffee Headlines – November 3, 2012.

NHL offers concession to NHLPA on significant CBA point, prompting a meeting this weekend, the reasons behind the cancellation of the Winter Classic, and enforcer Eric Godard announces his retirement.


Steve Fehr & Bill Daly to meet Saturday for CBA talks.

TSN.CA/ESPN.COM: Darren Dreger and Pierre LeBrun reported last night the NHL has offered to amend the “Make Whole” provision in its recent CBA proposal to the NHLPA which would shift the cost of deferred payments away from the players to the owners. As per Dreger:

“The concept of “Make Whole” is a protection plan to cover player salary reduction in dropping the players revenue share from 57 per cent to 50 per cent in Year 1 of a new CBA. The NHL proposal included a deferred payment system which the league is also willing to reconsider when negotiations resume.”

LeBrun, meanwhile, reports NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly and NHLPA special counsel Steve Fehr will meet on Saturday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Apparently the league offered this concession earlier in the week, prior to the league’s cancellation of the Winter Classic. The “Make Whole” concept initially would’ve seen the cost of deferment payments coming from the players. The league is now offering to have the owners pick up the tab. It remains to be seen, of course, if this will prompt the NHLPA to return to the bargaining table, let alone if its something the PA would seriously consider. As they say, “the devil is in the details”, and as Lebrun suggested, the two sides would need to agree on the amount and method of payment, plus there are other notable issues still to be addressed.

The fact Daly and Fehr are meeting today suggests the PA is intrigued. Hopefully, this will spur a return to formal negotiations toward the two sides soon and a resolution to save the remainder of the season by the end of this month.

ESPN.COM/THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Pierre LeBrun and David Shoalts explain the reasons behind the NHL’s cancellation of the 2013 Winter Classic (Preparation, players unhappiness with league over CBA talks, limited time to ensure a sellout). The general feeling is it would be better to stage the event in 2014 in the same location with the same teams once the lockout is over. Scott Burnside, meanwhile, suggests the cancellation of this season’s Winter Classic won’t hurt future ones.

 DETROIT NEWS/DETROIT FREE PRESS: Reaction from the Detroit media toward the cancellation of the 2013 Winter Classic.

VERNON MORNING STAR: NHL enforcer Eric Godard has announced his retirement.


  1. Hopefully, this will jump start the “negotiations”.

  2. The reason they cancelled the classic was the NHL had to pay Michigan State a lot of money November 2 nd and more later as payment to use. This money the NHL wouldn’t gotten back if they cancelled later.

  3. I promised myself I wouldn’t comment anymore, anywhere until the lockout was over but if the owners take the financial hit of the make whole it’s basically like they are still paying the salary in full, it’s just deferred and spread out. That should be huge to the PA. It would appear to be securing full contract value, over time. Hopefully it works. As for the classic being cancelled, I live near Detroit and the US doesn’t really care too much. More ppl in Windsor are pissed because its the huge hockey event that A LOT of ppl were excited to go to and all the extra games, etc. too bad for them. It didn’t matter to me though haha. When its at the Rogers centre or big O for habs and leafs is when I’m in.

    • I’m a Windsorite and you are spot on. Although most Windsorites are pissed at pretty much everything in general…:)

  4. Normally it would be a great sign that this offer was made and things should be worked out.
    then i remember the name Don Fehr and i have faith more in him screwing it again and this time it ends the season.
    the best shot is if Don’s one time and gone leadership is to make sure baby brother steve looks like the hero sweeping in late to save negotiations and get a deal done thereby cementing him as the next NHLPA leader due to this late brilliance.
    if some due believe the owners are following a script set forth by the NBA and a law firm then it is very possible the fehr brothers have written a hollywood script for themselves as well.
    i hope this is the case and it gets settled even after all the nonsense but if it really is not and it will come down to Don this year looks doomed as he will not look at it as negotiation but weakness and start up with his we want lots more crap because he was always sure the owners would give in.
    if that happens i think the owners get super pissed and it shuts down with the next offer going back to draconian levels with intent to crush fehr.
    normally i would not believe anyone could be that dumb but with fehr it would not surprise me one bit.

  5. I really don’t like the owners and downright hate bettman but I’m siding with them these days. At least the league is making offers and trying to make something happen. Fehr isn’t doing jack but complaining about how the league is negotiating when he isn’t even trying to.