NHL Lockout Morning Coffee Headlines – October 15, 2012.

Among today’s notably NHL headlines: CBA talks expected to resume on Tuesday, warnings the league risks damage to its fan base, an update on Cam Barker, Sidney Crosby sees greatness in OHL prospect, and two LA Kings scouts posthumously get their day with the Stanley Cup.

OTTAWA SUN: The NHL and NHLPA are expected to resume CBA negotiations on Tuesday in Toronto, but it’s doubtful the two sides will discuss the core economic issues driving the current lockout.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, don’t expect any real progress toward a resolution to this lockout this week.

DENVER POST: Terry Frei and Adrian Dater believe the NHL lockout is squandering the goodwill of the league’s fans, suggesting it could have dire consequences for the league’s fan support.

CBC SPORTS: Elliotte Friedman suggests the NHL could learn from Major League Baseball, which took a cue from fan anger in 2002 over another potential labor dispute to reach an agreement that avoided a players strike, leading to ongoing labor peace.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe it’s going to take a significant hit to the fan base before the NHL and NHLPA realize they’re alienating the fans and work together toward avoiding another labor dispute when this current lockout ends. If the fans come flocking  back after this lockout, regardless of when it ends, that’ll only embolden the team owners to threaten another lockout whenever the next CBA ends, secure in the knowledge the fans will return. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson on Cam Barker’s fall from being a promising NHL defenseman to playing with the Dallas Stars farm team on a tryout contract.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Former Blues president John Davidson is back in St. Louis to contemplate his next move after spending a “very good two days” meeting with the Blue Jackets ownership. The club is courting Davidson as a potential president of hockey operations.

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Penguins captain Sidney Crosby sees a lot of himself in Erie Otters 15-year-old sensation Connor McDavid.

Bavis & Bailey posthumously get their day with the Stanley Cup.

USA TODAY: Los Angeles Kings scouts Garnet “Ace” Bailey and Mark Bavis posthumously had their day with the Stanley Cup on Sunday. Bailey and Bavis were on United Flight 175, which was highjacked and crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.








  1. 1) Apathy has already set in. The NHL sdeason start was wiped out but I didn’t hear/see much out cry. With the MLB playoffs, NF, and soon the NBA starting, fans will simply spend their time/cash on other things.
    2) I believe unlike last time, if the season is wiped out, the damage will be MORE significant and long lasting. The economy back in 2005 was roaring along. 2012-2013, not so much. It’ll take more than silly gimmicks(shootouts) etc to re-attract the casual fans here in the states, where hockey probably is already irrelavant.

  2. I know I’m only one fan, but after 3 work stoppages in 18 years, I’ve had enough. I won’t be rushing back to give them any of my money.

  3. Another unfounded article based on the writers own impression rather than facts, Frei and Dater spend too much time using twitter as an investigative tool than actually doing research, as an example, the Philadelphia Inquirer pointed out that out of 18,200 season ticket holders for 2012 – 2013, 12, yes only 12 have asked for refunds. So 0.06 percent is apathy? There are 14 teams in the NHL that have reported not a single season ticket holder has asked for refunds. So if a dumb illiterate old soldier can find out these facts using google, how do these folks defend their statements as anything other than personal opinion.

    The fans arent going anywhere……of course the media and even the NHLPA would love for that not to be true, to give the media something to write about, even if they themselves are trying to create the news. But history has dictated that the NHL like the NFL, has a very unique and passionate fanbase. They will complain daily, they will spew vitrol and throw verbal stones, but the fact is, the second the lockout is over, even if its 2 years from now, they will buy the jerseys, get the PPV, and order the tickets.

    Its more than obvious without the league playing, the media and pundits are struggling for information to keep drawing readers and such, but stop making things up just to get your 1000 words up in print. And Lyle, isnt it a bit hypocritical that you say you wont give them one cent of your money, but your income is based on “that” league. And no offense, but I call bull…..I bet you do buy Center Ice, or get a subscription to The Hockey News, or any of a dozen ways the league gets some income.

    And I have one direct question for you Lyle, what if the league had been passive and not gone for the lockout, and tried to continue negotiating until Fehr and the NHLPA went on strike in April (no-one can deny that would happen) would your bitter sarcasm then be directed at the players? Or would it still be the leagues fault?

  4. 1) It would be INSANE to believe there would EVER be a chance the NHLPA would strike if the current CBA was honored while discussions continued. Its down right delusional to believe they’d willingly stop playing right before the playoffs. Anyone who belives that/writes that obviously doesn’t know hockey players
    2) Its also silly to try to quantify apathy based upon the number of ticket refund requests.