NHL Lockout Morning Coffee Headlines – October 27, 2012.

The NHL cancels all games for November, Winter Classic threatened. Check out the details and the latest reaction.


NHL arenas remain empty throughout November.

TSN.CA: The NHL has cancelled all games up to and including November 30.

DETROIT NEWS: No decision has been reached yet regarding the Winter Classic and the All Star Game, but those could be made as early as next week.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For those wondering why the league would cancel those events – especially the Winter Classic – so early when they’re over two months away, apparently it has to do with the prep time required to stage those events.

ESPN.COM/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS/SPORTSNET.CA: Several players, including Ryan Suter, Martin Biron, and Patrick Marleau voiced their disappointment over the cancellation of the November schedule and their frustration with the league over its seeming unwillingness to negotiate with the NHLPA.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: According to various reports, the players remain united in their stance against the league, but speculation has begun over how long that unity will hold as the lockout progresses and the players start missing paycheques.

ADWEEK.COM: Comcast chairman and CEO Brian Roberts weighed in on the NHL lockout. “I can tell you we’re pretty disappointed with regard to the lockout,” Roberts said. “I don’t think we should say a heck of a lot more. I think that we’re just hopeful that the ownership and the players can get together and get on with the season.” Comcast owns the Philadelphia Flyers and has a majority stake in the NBC Sports Channel, which televises NHL games in the United States.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wonder if the league will fine Roberts for his comments? 😉

TORONTO SUN: Calgary Sun’s Randy Sportak interviewed hockey legend Ken Dryden, who blasted both sides, claiming there are no winners in this lockout.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: One side will trumpet victory when this lockout ends, that’s for sure, and claim it was all worthwhile. In 1995, it was the NHLPA; in 2005, it was the NHL. 

SPORTING NEWS: Jesse Spector interviewed AHL president David Andrews, who spoke of the positive impact the NHL lockout is having on his league, particularly with young NHL stars like Jordan Eberle and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins playing for their club’s AHL affiliate.

 THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Sean Gordon strikes an optimistic tone amid the current gloom settling over the NHL, predicting this lockout won’t be a season-killer as the last one.

 CHICAGO TRIBUNE: The 2010 Chicago Blackhawks roster reunited for a charity game against a team of fellow locked-out NHL stars. The Blackhawks fell 16-15, though Patrick Kane scored five goals in a losing cause, raising over $353, 000 for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Illinois and Northwest Indiana.

NHL.COM: The St. Louis Blues have hired former NHL star Sergei Zubov as a consultant to hockey operations.


  1. Lyle looks like you will have to get a real job like the rest of us till this lockout ends

  2. So if the owners didn’t give players so long and expensive contracts this strike may of been over. Owners have much to blame for this now they are trying to get out of paying them for a long contract

  3. Pretty sure this is a real job. One that I am glad Lyle does for us to.

  4. Over on the TSN website they have an article about what Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller had to say regarding the lockout and the possible larger revenue that will be coming to the league that may well be keeping the two sides apart in their negotiations. Miller spoke about the renewal or the Canadian broadcasting rights as well as the Islanders moving to a new arena which will bring added revenue to the league most likely above the average 5% growth that the NHL is speculating on. This may be causing the NHLPA to table the longer term timetable to get to the 50/50 split rather than what Bettman wants which is 50/50 immediately. To go along with taking longer to reach 50/50 Fehr is adamant that the league honour all contracts at full face value. I may be on the fence regarding the increased revenue but I am definitely on the players side when it comes to having all contracts honoured at full face value.
    Miller made some good points and while he is obviously speaking from a players perspective I do think that if the league takes in more than its projected 5% growth then some percentage of that should come back to the players.

  5. The November cancellation makes me hate Bettman even more. This is giving the fans the finger. This is also nothing more than a punitive more to get the players for not accepting their take it or leave it offer.

    The league has made 2-3 poor offers, and all have been take it or leave it, and they are shocked that the players won’t accept their poor offers.

  6. If revenues go down or even stay the same then the owners end up the only losers as costs will not go down either.
    It is pretty easy for players as they have guaranteed contracts and no costs.
    So again we are talking revenue and not profit so if higher revenue gets split 50/50 the owners do not get 50% because they still have to pay costs while the players 50% goes right into their pockets.
    not what i call an even and fair split.
    as for the 3 poor offers at least they were offers and could be negotiated as such.
    trying for a 12% cut is wrong but a much lower cut to offset the last 7 years and future rapidly rising costs to run teams seems fair,maybe 5%.
    players and agents knew this was coming and for sure negotiated with this in mind and made sure they got more then deserved.
    the players made zero offers as what they tabled change nothing overall and kept it almost exactly the way it is now except they were telling their bosses how to run their business.
    in the long run the longer the players bite the hand that feeds them the less food they will be getting.