NHL Makes New CBA Proposal to NHLPA.

NHL makes new CBA proposal to NHLPA.

NHL makes new CBA proposal to NHLPA.

TSN.CA: The NHL reportedly made a new CBA proposal to the NHLPA on Thursday. According to Darren Dreger, “the NHL adjusted its maximum contract length from five to six years (seven years if a team is re-signing its own player) and boosted the variance from five to 10 per cent.”

Pierre LeBrun adds  “the ‘Make Whole’ provision that stays at $300 million and allows each team one compliance buyout prior to the 2013-14 season. The buyout would not count against the cap, but it would against the players’ share.”  The offer is for 10 years, with a mutual opt-out clause at year eight, and a salary cap starting at $60 million for 2013-14. The league also wishes to change the start date for unrestricted free agency from July 1 to July 10.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So much for the league’s claim they wouldn’t return to the bargaining table unless the NHLPA made a new offer, that the five year term limit was what NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly called “the hill we will die on”, or NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman’s claim the $300 million “make whole” option was off the table.

Now we await the NHLPA’s response. I’ll be surprised if they accept that offer, but I do see them negotiating off it. NHLPA director Donald Fehr was gambling the league hadn’t made its “last, best offer”, and was proven right, so odds are he believes the league is now expressing a willingness for flexibility. Fehr could reject it outright, but I expect he’ll use it to make a counter-offer, trying to get the term of the CBA reduced to 7 or 8 years, to press for more “make whole” dollars, and for seven year contract term limits across the board.

**UPDATE** ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun has the full details of the league’s latest proposal, which is quite extensive, including a proposal of a weighted draft lottery for all non-playoff teams to have a shot at the first overall pick in the NHL entry draft lottery each year.


  1. This deal looks a lot more like a partnership than a dictatorship, which is a step in the right direction. I just hope the PA keeps its wits about them and avoid doing something radical.

  2. I hope they just take the deal so we can all get back to hockey.

  3. If this isn’t agreed to by the NHLPA, perhaps with minor tweaking, this season is dead.

  4. This deal is good, I like it. I see the big sticking point here is possibly the new UFA window, the players wanted that to happen pretty close to after the playoffs had happened and now the league wants to push it back 9 days for an ‘interview period’? Couldn’t that just happen after the playoffs instead? Anyway, while I hope the deal is signed I think the NHLPA counters with

    – 8y CBA 7y opt out
    – Their UFA proposal
    – 7y contract, 8y for team

    Personally I don’t think that is enough to really fight over but its the NHL/NHLPA so won’t be shocking.

    • I read somewhere that pushing back the start of free agency was one of the lesser/secondary issues that both sides had already agreed to and settled a couple of months ago. If that’s true, then it should be a non-factor at this stage of the game.

  5. You have to think this deal will get done. If they’re this close together (based on numerous reports as to what the two sides want), there should be no reason why this shouldn’t work.

    Can we please start talking about where Luongo is getting traded to soon?

  6. It’s close to January 2 nd NHL don’t want to goto court. How come Eklund never got credit I see TSN gave him a mention on being first to report.

  7. @ JDBiGC

    Luongo is going to the Leafs. Your Welcome! (LOL)

  8. lets hope this i a giant big step. if it does not work i say players fault. sorry but you can only live on so much money. then it becomes a distraction to everyone.