NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – April 9, 2013.

The latest on Brad Marchand, J.S. Giguere, James Neal, Ryan Miller, Patrick Sharp, Daniel Briere, Jose Theodore and Ben Bishop, plus the Detroit Red Wings playoff streak is in jeopardy.

Brad Marchand (R) celebrates his second goal with Jaromir Jagr as the Bruins down the Hurricanes 6-2.

Brad Marchand (R) celebrates his second goal with Jaromir Jagr as the Bruins down the Hurricanes 6-2.

BOSTON GLOBE: Brad Marchand scored twice and Gregory Campbell has two assists as the Boston Bruins downed the struggling Carolina Hurricanes 6-2. Campbell centered Marchand and Jaromir Jagr, while Tyler Seguin was demoted to the Bruins third line.

DENVER POST: Colorado Avalanche goaltender J.S. Giguere ripped into his team following its 3-1 loss to the Calgary Flames last night, accusing them of playing badly in their own zone, possessing a poor work ethic, and accusing some of his teammates of caring more about their season-ending trip to Las Vegas than playing the remaining games in this season. “It’s embarrassing. I’m embarrassed to be here right now”, said Giguere. “It’s not even funny.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pretty strong stuff there from Giguere, but the long-time NHL veteran – who won the Conn Smythe trophy in 2003 and backstopped the Anaheim Ducks to a Stanley Cup in 2007 – knows what it takes to be a winner, and he’s obviously not seeing anything close to a winning attitude in the moribund Avalanche. It’ll be interesting to see the reaction by his teammates, head coach Joe Sacco and GM Greg Sherman to Giguere’s comments, or if he walks back his statements. Giguere didn’t single out Sacco for criticism, but his remarks could provide fodder for his dismissal as head coach.

POST-GAZETTE.COM: Penguins forward James Neal suffered a concussion after being inadvertently elbowed in the head by NY Rangers defenseman Michael Del Zotto on Friday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No timetable was given for Neal’s return. At this point, they’re likely hoping he’ll return in time for the upcoming playoffs.

BUFFALO NEWS: Sabres goalie Ryan Miller has stepped up his performance in recent games, keeping his club’s playoff hopes alive. The combination of rest and strong play by backup Jhonas Enroth appears responsible for Miller’s improvement.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:Under former Sabres coach Lindy Ruff, Miller rarely had time to rest down the stretch, sometimes resulting in his performance falling off around that period. To  be fair, at times Ruff didn’t have the luxury of a decent backup to spell off Miller.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Patrick Sharp traveled with the Blackhawks to Minnesota and could be in the lineup for their game tonight against the Wild.

PHILLY.COM: Flyers forward Daniel Briere practiced with the club on Monday for the first time since suffering a concussion on March 23, and could return to the lineup on Saturday.

MIAMI HERALD: Goaltender Jose Theodore has returned to practice with the Florida Panthers after tearing two groin muscles on March 2, and hopes to get in some playing time before season’s end.

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Nearly a week after being traded by the Ottawa Senators to the Tampa Bay Lightning, goalie Ben Bishop could be between the pipes against his former team tonight.

DETROIT NEWS: With the Red Wings clinging to eighth overall in the Western Conference, their hopes of making the playoffs for a 22nd straight season may be in jeopardy.


  1. Good on Giguere for those comments. I do not think Sacco is a very good coach at all and with that a halfway decent coach should’ve/could’ve got the avs into the playoffs this year. My other issue here is where is Langdeskog in all this? As the captain I sure in hell hope he strongly sides with Giggy on this. If he walks that line and plays Switzerland here then Langdeskog is not right for the “C”.

    • I get the feeling that Landeskog is part of the problem and speaks to why he (and most kids his age) aren’t yet equipped to be the captain of an NHL team.

      • Landy isn’t a problem child, so to speak. He was recently quoted as saying he felt “snowed in” as captain, taking losses too hard and not knowing how to turn the dressing room around. So it sounds like he’s just not getting the help he needs from veterans. One vet, described by Sacco as a “glue guy” last year is Shane O’Brien. He must have said something bad about Sacco’s mom this year, because he was a healthy scratch right out of training camp. This after signing a three year extension in the off season. So I think he got discouraged. SOB, and guys like him (Stastny, etc) aren’t giving full effort. This is the problem. I blame Sacco for not providing trust/accountability within the locker room, and also for implementing useless gameplans, lineups, and strategies. You can also blame Sherman for assembling a terrible D corps, or not firing Sacco after a similarly horrible campaign two years prior, letting go quality guys like Matt Hendricks, etc.

        Bottom line, we have a lot of problems.

        • Not to mention the ROR fiasco, ugh. The only thing ROR has done since coming back is play better than last year, scoring points, dominating possession, and making his linemates better. Then dummy Sacco puts him on the PP point and he ends up playing defense against Toews. We all saw how that went…

          It’s just awful having to watch Zanon all year. He’s a likable fellow, with a sweet beard, blocking shots and selling out. But Zanon is not a good defender. Sacco simply can’t justify playing him over SOB or Barrie for long stretches. It’s a mess…

        • Agreed. There are many problems with the Avs. Maybe I wasn’t clear. I’m not saying anything bad about Landeskog. I think he’s a great player. But maybe he was thrown into something he wasn’t yet ready for. I think the quote you included about him feeling “snowed in” proves that.

  2. You don’t need Jiggy’s comment as a reason to remove Sacco, the evidence has been mount for years.
    “Colorado Avalanche won’t be tanking for a better draft pick, says Matt Duchene”….sure OK.
    Years of player development lost on fabulous young talent under Sacco. Let’s hope our boys can survive this lack of ownership, managerial neglect and intentional oversight.
    I really wonder when the brass attends these games they really pay attention or are they just going through the motions because it’s their job then go home hang with the fam then do it again.
    They should be the Colorado going down in Flames.

  3. Yeah Duchene and Stastny both seem like guys that need the hardass coaching to succeed like a Hitchcock. I’m sure Sacco is done this summer and although not a hardass like Hitch, Lindy Ruff would surely help this team with some defensive accountability. Or maybe just accountability in general. That’s the other thing who is Sherman and where did he come from? Was he a promote from within guy or a new hire? I ask because the guy is clueless and should be right behind Sacco. The other thing is I feel like Shero, Chiarelli, and others were hired about the same time and never heard about Sherman didn’t even know he existed until he popped up with the AVS.

  4. OK so Landeskog has had some growing pains as Captain and as a young guy that’s expected. But here in Boston Joe Thornton was made Captain at a young age and had much of the same issues. I would say a decade later I feel the same way about Jumbo Joe. Only time will tell with Landeskog but for the AVS sake I hope he grows into this role because some never do.