NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 10, 2012.

NHL commissioner dismisses notion of working under current CBA, NHL CBA talks affect AHL players, Jonathan Quick undergoes back surgery, Devils sign Bobby Butler, predictions for the upcoming season, and an update on Dominik Hasek.

TSN.CA: NHL commissioner Gary Bettman dismissed the possibility of the league continuing to operate under the current CBA if a new one isn’t in place by September 15th, the expiry date of the present one.

“I re-confirmed something that the union has been told multiple times over the last nine to 12 months,” Bettman told reporters after a two-hour meeting. “Namely, that time is getting short and the owners are not prepared to operate under this collective bargaining agreement for another season, so we need to get to making a deal and doing it soon. And we believe there’s ample time for the parties to get together and make a deal and that’s what we’re going to be working towards.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And on cue, the headlines making the rounds this morning is “Bettman/NHL threatens lockout”. In other news, the sun rose in the east and set in the west yesterday. Look, Bettman isn’t saying anything new here. When the league informed the PA nearly six months ago of its intent to terminate the current CBA on September 15th and negotiate a new deal, that was the official word the team owners weren’t prepared to continue to operate under the current agreement.

All Bettman is doing here is dispelling the notion, floated by NHLPA director Donald Fehr, the two sides could continue working under this CBA while they negotiate a new one. No way in hell the league was going to do that, as it would rob them of leverage over the players. Maybe there will be a lockout, maybe there won’t, but Bettman isn’t saying anything we didn’t already know with his statement yesterday. 

DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE: The NHL CBA negotiations are having an effect upon AHL players awaiting new contracts, like Derek Whitmore of the Rochester Americans, the farm team of the Buffalo Sabres.

Quick underwent minor back surgery.

LA KINGS INSIDER: Kings goalie Jonathan Quick underwent “a “minor surgical procedure” today to repair a disc frament and an inflammatory cyst that had formed in his back.” Expected recovery time is six weeks.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: The New Jersey Devils yesterday signed former Ottawa Senators forward Bobby Butler to a one-year, two-way contract. Financial terms weren’t disclosed.

USA TODAY: Kevin Allen weighs in with ten bold predictions for the upcoming NHL season, provided it isn’t shortened significantly by a lockout.

PUCK DADDY: Former NHL star Dominik Hasek begins training with Czech club Pardubice as he still seeks an NHL contract.


  1. I think it’s coming as a shock to people as it’s the first time they’ve heard it (myself included). I honestly don’t recall seeing an interview or reading about it before. Not to say it doesn’t exist cause I’m sure it does, but I don’t think it was very ‘out there’.

  2. What do you think the notice of intent from the league to the PA back in February was? Hell, that made headlines throughout the hockey world, lots of “Uh-oh, here we go, another lockout coming” stuff. What Bettman said wasn’t new. He was shooting down any talk of continuing this coming season under the old CBA if a new one wasn’t in place by then, and trying to spark the PA into speeding up the negotiations, as it’s been nearly a month since the league made its initial proposal

  3. All I can say is that another lockout would be awful. It’s absolutely devastating for guys like Selanne, and Alfredsson. It’s obvious that the sport is no longer about playing hockey anymore if it comes down to this…

  4. nhl will have leverage from now till november then it will shift to the nhlpa till jan 1rst/13 detroit has invested alot of money for the winter classic

  5. The only positive i can think of a lock out is, it will have to mean the end of Bettman… I mean a commissioner that had two work stoppages really isn’t doing a good job now is he?

    • I don’t see the NHL dumping Bettman as commish, given the fact that he is just the spokesman for the owners in the negotiaions of the CBA. While I would agree that two work stoppages under one commissioner isn’t a good thing, it’s the owners in both cases (possibly) that created the stoppage by locking the players out. The owners need to quit being their own worst enemy by stopping to circumvent the CBA that they negotiate to prevent their own mishandling.

    • Sadly the NHL Governors love him because he does this great thing, he makes them richer and richer beyond our wildest dreams. Two work stoppages won’t change their feelings towards them if they continue to have a full money bin.

  6. I hope the players are more organized and stand up to the owners this time – even if stupid hockey fans don’t like it. The owners are threatening a lockout because it worked last time. The players gave a lot – even too much – the last time around to give that a-hole Bettman his “cost certainty.” Well, it didn’t work because the problem is that these teams are mismanaged. I’d like to see the owners piss way $3-billion for nothing. Have at it boys, see you ’14!

    • even if stupid hockey fans dont like it. Tell you what D-bag see 50% of the “stupid hockey fans” stop watching and going to games and see if their oppinion matters. The players and owners fight for more money but in the end its the “stupid hockey fans” that lose.

  7. Bettman is playing with fire. He should not over estimate the success of the NHL. The NHL is not like the NBA, NFL or MLB. It is the bottom tier of the four major sports. When you go outside the the major markets the NHL drops below college sports and Nascar.

    If the NHL was making money as they say that they are and the players are willing to continue to work under the current agreement well I fail to see the problem other than the Owners and Bettman looking to get richer!!!!!!

    Maybe it is truly a time for change at the NHL’s head position. This sport can not handle anymore lockouts. Its not as strong as Bettman thinks. Not to mention the careers he could be ending by the NHL taking this stance.

  8. Big difference between the last lockout and this one – the owners were in a position of strength then but they have little sympathy this time from hockey fans.
    They are making more money than ever, according to Mr. Bettman, but they aren’t really interested in sharing the wealth with their partners.
    Instead they want more money from the players, the same players that these geniuses sign to lucrative long-term contracts.
    The solution to most of the problems in the NHL is simple – eliminate the Phoenix Coyotes of the world and add franchises in hockey hotbeds such as Quebec City and southern Ontario.
    But, instead, we’ll have another lockout and the league will keep the Coyotes (and the Devils and the Islanders, etc. etc.)on life support and hockey fans will wonder once again how these guys ever made enough money to own an NHL franchise or, in fact, if any of them could organize a one-car funeral. Not that I’m angry or anything.