NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 15, 2012.

The NHLPA offers concessions with its CBA counter-proposal, testimony given in lawsuit against Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray, the Red Wings working on re-signing Justin Abdelkader, and Ryan O’Reilly remains unsigned.

TSN.CA/CANADIAN PRESS: The NHLPA tabled its CBA counter-proposal to the NHL yesterday, which includes a willingness by the players to accept a reduced share of HRR, and seek enhanced revenue-sharing over a three-year period. The players didn’t seek to abolish the salary cap, but would prefer the current rules governing salaries, contract lengths and free agency remain intact. They also propose unlinking their salaries from revenue increases over that period, opting instead for a two percent increase in the first year, four percent in the second year, and six percent in the third.

NHLPA offers concessions in CBA counter-proposal.

KUKLA’S KORNER: George Malik compiled a series of ‘tweets’ from New York Post hockey writer Larry Brooks regarding the trading of cap space in the PA’s proposal, which would allow teams to go over the cap by $4 million or under the cap floor by the same amount, a limit on non-player spending, and eliminating team walkaway in arbitration.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: cited “tweets” by Sportsnet’s John Shannon regarding the proposed trading/selling of cap space. Shannon noted it was a “minor part” of the PA’s proposal and has very limited use, especially for teams in distress. He doubts the league will agree to that.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll have my detailed opinion on the PA’s proposal later this morning in my Soapbox, but overall this proposal is more reasonable than the hard-line initial offer of the league a month ago. No one expects the league to accept the PA’s offer, but I expect there will be points in it which the league will consider worth further negotiation. 

DETROIT NEWS: A Plymouth woman gave testimony yesterday in her lawsuit against Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray, in which she claims she was struck by a chair hurled by Murray following his team’s loss to the Detroit Red Wings in the 2009 playoffs.

MLIVE.COM: The Detroit Red Wings continue to work toward re-signing RFA forward Justin Abdelkader.

DENVER POST: Colorado Avalanche forward Ryan O’Reilly is still unsigned.


  1. Rumor is that abdelkader is possible in a deal to get J-Bo any word on that?

  2. Really liked the players’ proposal. It is much more reasonable in terms of revenue sharing for the small market teams. Regarding the owners’ offer: Why should the players subsidize those teams, and not the rich teams?

  3. 1) No doubt the NHL is “thoughtfully mulling over the players proposal” LOL
    2) Its almost a joke. Bettman will come back after today and tell us that: The NHL has reviewed the players well meaning proposal but it does not address the major concerns the NHL has so we have to reject it based upon the flawed principals on which its based.
    3) Then both sides will have shown their cards and it will be interesting what transpires next/how long until an impasse is reeached.

  4. Atleast the players seem to recognize that their sport is the most popular it’s ever been and they don’t want to stop playing. It would appear they realize they make a lot of money and for the betterment of all the teams they would concede some of the cash. They will obviously both look for give and take after today but atleast they now have a month to hammer out the rest. I want hockey in October dang it! Lol

  5. “Life, як пеніс: коли it у жорсткі, займатися сексом, а коли it м’які, ви can ‘ t побили його… “

  6. I just finished studying my Masters in Sports Management. Lots of dry, B.S. info that degree, but if one was willing to read the books, one would find a bunch of complex mathematical proofs in there that said, “Players will make the most money if the league has parity”. This is due to the importance of competition to league revenues, amongst other factors.

    Donald Fehr, like him or hate him, is no dummy. Making a proposal that benefits the small-market teams will eventually benefit the players’ salaries, as well.

    Approaching the negotiation with a concession but with a long-term plan that should increase player salaries is a win-win for the NHLPA. Well played.

  7. Side note: I just saw that part of the NHLPA’s new proposal is the allowance to trade or sell up to $4M in cap space between teams.

    Scratch what I said above. That is definitely a “rich get richer, poor get poorer scenario” and terrible for the league.

    Might as well line up NYR, TOR, DET now against NAS, PHO, NJ for salary cap-related trades. Pick your dance partners, guys!

  8. LOL, so the players are willing to agree to letting the office staff and coaches get pay cuts, but not them…..and if a team goes bankrupt you can draft another player you cant afford to pay…..and lastly, if we dont like the system we want to go back to everything we had before. What the players aren’t saying is that $465 million they will give up, IS HYPOTHETICAL, a conjecture based on future growth of the league, not guaranteed funds. So basically the league could lose money for 3 years, players salaries will be locked in for that time, and then they can go back to the original agreement. There is a 1.3 Billion dollar gap between the players offer and the owners offer, and they refused to include anything reference ELC, term limits, NTC/NMC or anything that would actually affect their contracts. This is going to fly like a lead balloon

  9. Shocker,(not!) the league rejected the players proposal.
    Oddly yesterday Bettman lauded the comprehensiveness of the proosal and today lambasted the same document as not being ‘comprehensive’????

  10. Teams going broke… no revenue from another lock out season.. Bettman making threats of locking players out.. ya… that makes a load of sense….