NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 17, 2012.

The latest roundup of NHL CBA news, a deal for the Devils could be possible if there’s no lockout, and Alex Kovalev hopes to make an NHL comeback.

CBC.CA: For the first time in this summer’s NHL CBA negotiations, there’s a feeling of unease, the result of  the league’s apparent rejection of the NHLPA’s recent counter-proposal.

Tensions starting to rise in NHL CBA talks?

THE SCORE: NHL players are disappointed after the league dismissed the NHLPA proposal.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika suggests we look at the NHL CBA negotiations as a single contract negotiation, akin to that between the Dallas Stars and restricted free agent Jamie Benn.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sound advice from Heika. Both sides have established their benchmarks, and now hopefully they’ll begin negotiating from those.

TORONTO SUN: NHL players looking for other leagues to perform in if there’s a lockout this season might not find many available spots in Europe as they did during the previous lockout. Russia’s KHL might be willing to take on additional players, while the Swedish Elite League might not.

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: The NHL CBA talks and efforts to sell the Phoenix Coyotes has the club’s efforts to bolster their roster on hold, which includes efforts to re-sign UFA captain Shane Doan and inking goalie Mike Smith to a contract extension.

THE DETROIT NEWS: Due to uncertainty over a new CBA, the Red Wings cancelled their annual prospects tournament.

NJ.COM: Efforts by New Jersey Devils owner Jeff Vanderbeek to secure a two-year financing deal could become complicated by a potential lockout.

TSN.CA: Former NHL star Alex Kovalev is set to return to North America and claims he’s had several tryout offers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wonder if he got one from the Montreal Canadiens? He loved playing for the Habs, and has a large number of fans in Montreal. 


  1. If the players cave this time, they are forever toast, as the owner will know that all they have to do is lock them out and they’ll come crawling back.

  2. 1) @dabroon: The players wil hold tough for a couple of months but we wil start to hear about factions starting to develop along around November after they’ve missed a pay cheque or 2.
    2) Finally around ThanksGiving Bettman will give an ultimatum. “No agreement by December 15th, and the season will be cancelled”. Fehr will resign(or be fired) and we have games by X-mas.

    • Not sure I agree with point two. I think Fehr has prepped to players well and got them ready for a lockout. i had the feeling for a while that he knows there will be a lockout and has told the players as much. I do not think the owners are ready for his approach/tatics and it will get ugly behind closed doors. I also do not think he will quit nor do I think the players will back down this time. That being said, while I see a ‘victory’ (eventually) for the players, I do not see an agreement so lopsided that the owners are put out of business.

  3. A Kovy tryout with the Canadiens could be Bergevins last ditch effort to fill the second line winger role. I’m sure he would only cost 1 million or less. Not a lot of risk at that price.
    As for the lockout. It looks like its coming but I agree with FauxRumours that we will see NHL hockey in December.