NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 20, 2012.

An NHL lockout could cost Columbus the All-Star game, Artem Anisimov adjusts to life in Columbus, Predators hold town hall meeting with fans today, Jaromir Jagr’s potential impact upon the Dallas Stars, and more.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports one of the first casualties of a potential NHL lockout this season could be the All-Star Game, set for January 27. Portzline also recently reported forward Artem Anisimov, recently acquired from the NY Rangers in the Rick Nash trade, is quickly making himself at home in Columbus.

Anisimov adjusting to life in Columbus.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Losing the All-Star Game would be insult to injury for Blue Jackets fans, coming on the heels of yet another mediocre season and their best player being dealt to New York. Portzline noted the 2015 All-Star-Game has not yet been awarded, so Columbus might not have to wait too long to get it again if the 2013 game is cancelled by a lockout.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Jaromir Jagr’s love of hockey could prove infectious for his Stars teammates and for the fans.

THE TENNESSEAN: The Nashville Predators will be holding a “Skate of the Union” town hall today at Bridgestone Arena at 4pm local time.

MERCURYNEWS.COM: San Jose Sharks owners discussed some “hot topics”…except for the NHL CBA negotiations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s because the NHL team owners and their respective front office staff are under a strict “gag order” from the league.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: David Shoalts on the efforts of developer Graeme Roustan to construct a 20, 000-seat venue in the northeast Toronto suburb of Markham, Ontario. There’s concern over how the arena could turn a profit without an NHL anchor tenant. Roustan denied he had any kind of understanding with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman about bringing a second NHL team to Toronto. Bettman has said the league has no plans to expand or relocate a franchise to Toronto.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There may not be any plans, and of course Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment would fight any attempt tooth and nail, but the presence of a shiny new 20,000 seat arena would provide the NHL with a suitable option in the biggest hockey market in the league if the need arises to relocate another struggling southern team.


  1. Gotta get the hell out of Phoenix already and the Toronto suburb makes sense. New York has two teams, California has two teams. Heck, Florida has two teams. Why not Toronto already?

    • Florida’s teams are spaced out pretty well and California has 3 teams. LA and Anaheim are pretty much the same place and New Jersey is insanely close to both NY teams, so why not put another team in the strongest market? They could move Phoenix or the Panthers and hardly anyone would miss them. Those 2 teams could be perennial cup winners and they still wouldn’t sell out games or make a profit.

      I feel bad for the Columbus fans. Its a small fan base, but its gotta suck for them.

  2. 1) Just makes too much sense to have a second team in Canada’s biggest city? If NYC can support(well, they don’t really) 3 teams then the hockey capital city should be able to easily handle 2!!
    2) Only folks who care about the All star games are the host city and the NHL. fans probably wouldn’t care if they never played another

  3. You both are overlooking the fact that a team in the GTA area only makes sense if the league had an owner that would pay big bucks to see a team there… Why would the league move an existing team from some other city for next to nothing when they can do the exact same thing for millions? Have you ever played monopoly, if so would you just give away “boardwalk” for nothing or would you rather build hotels on it to maximize your $$$? No team will be moved into the GTA unless it was an expansion team paying very big bucks for that piece of real estate.

    • But don’t you buy property at a cheaper rate and increase its value with additions in Monopoly?

  4. Wouldn’t the first casualty be the New Years Game between Toronto and Detroit?

    It would make more sense to me for Hamilton to have an NHL team before putting another into Toronto. They have an NHL ready arena and can draw from both the Toronto and Hamilton area for their fan base…good Lord it’s only 40 miles from TO. Fans travel farther than that just to watch the Leafs…if hey can get or afford a ticket.

  5. 1) A team in Hamilton, while making sense, would also get some opposition from the folks in Buffalo no doubt
    2) Good point about a possible big pay day via an expansion in TO instead of moving a dead franchise into the area. Would explain the anti-Bassille stance the NHL took a couple of yrs ago

  6. If the Leafs would try to stop a new team in Toronto it would be strange. 1, who’s got the biggest rep? Leafs or new-guy? 2, as others have put it, the hockey capital could feed 2 clubs (soccer, london, 5-6 teams in Premier League every year). 3, give it a few years, then what a great rivality that could be. They should be pro for one more team, not the other way around.