NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 22, 2012.

NHL and NHLPA begin meeting on what could be crucial points of CBA negotiations. Read on for the latest NHL CBA news.

TSN.CA/CANADIAN PRESS: The NHL and NHLPA will commence three days of meetings on the core economic issues. Both sides have already made their initial proposals, which indicate what many consider “a wide gulf” between the two sides.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: NHLPA director Donald Fehr suggested it would take “major concessions” from the league if the owners remain intent on modifying contracts, arbitration and free agency.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, don’t attempt to slash the players share of revenue and roll back their salaries, and they might be willing to accept some of those proposed changes from the league. OK, maybe not as simplistic as that, but I suspect that’s the insinuation.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Some player agents are surprised by Scott Hartnell’s new contract, feeling he may have sold himself short before his eligibility for UFA status.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: He obviously took the deal for job security as well as insurance should the next CBA bring about significant changes to salaries and contracts.

Zetterberg not planning a return to Sweden if there’s an NHL lockout.

HOCKEYEXPRESSEN.SE (VIA KUKLA’S KORNER): Detroit Red Wings forward Henrik Zetterberg (who’s part of the NHLPA negotiating committee) won’t be returning to Sweden if there’s a lockout. The article also looked at various Swedish stars and the possibility of them returning to Sweden in the event of a lockout.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I recently commented on the possibility of NHL stars heading to Europe if there is another lockout in my THN.com column.

TORONTO SUN: Jeremy Roenick is no fan of long-term contracts, like the one signed by Sidney Crosby with the Pittsburgh Penguins. He doesn’t consider them smart business.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Roenick’s right. It’s the team owners and their general managers offering up those kind of contracts as a legalized form of cap circumvention, which can become a problem over time, especially if the player suffers a career-threatening injury.

CBC.CA: Former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque has been named the first executive director of the CHLPA.


  1. 1) We may find out today (and confirm what I believe to be the case) that the NHL is going to (again) play hardball with the players.
    2) Do NOT expect any big concessions coming from Bettman today. I’m just waiting for the inevitable ‘impasse’ to be declared and talks break down. Both sides have been dancing around this for 6 weeks now. Time to put their cards on the table.

  2. Sniff … Sniff… Smells like a lockout.

  3. so hartnell signed an long-term extension this summer so we should expect the flyers to trade him next summer before the movement clause kicks in? isn’t that how holmgren works? richards and carter seem to think so.

  4. I thought teams can get the salary cap relief by putting injured players on IR and then use insurance to pay the salaries of the players on IR.

    (I know Crosby’s contract is not insured due to pre-existing condition)

  5. The GM has a set of rules to operate under, dictated by the league and a set of boundaries by his teams owner. Every GM in the league is doing his best to build their teams, if that means signing a player to a long term deal, then that is their choice.

    If the GMs werent doing this, or if the owners did not allow their GMs to do this, then under both Cdn and US law they are guilty of collusion, of denying the players the opportunity to negotiate freely. And we all know how the media would jump all over that.

    Now if the owners, want to change the rules within the CBA, then the GMs will be forced ‘at that time’ to continue to improve their teams under the new rules. Every GM in the league is operating under the rules ‘as they are’. If that changes then they will have to alter their operations accordingly.

    I have to ask what has happened to the media, you have lap-dogs like Aaron Ward, Jeremy Roenick playing used car salesman for the, wonder if their endorsement helps their pension status?

    Back on topic….there is that word again…..SHARE. Why is the word share even used in negotiations with players? They do not SHARE liability if money is owed to creditors. They do not SHARE in building long term stability in a team(Free agency and the use of NMC/NTC). And lastly, they are not SHARING those future revenues they continue to talk about.

    They are “willing” to let the owners keep the “possible revenue” for 3 years. Those revenues dont exist, and the numbers generated for those revenues are based on the Canadian dollar staying perpetually where it is, and the league continuing to grow at over 7% during that time. If neither of things happen, and the league does not generate that revenue, the players arent going to SHARE the loss with the owners, they will simply revert back to the original agreement.

    This is about business owner and employee…..not partners, not buddies, not shower pals…can you imagine the cost of living if every business had to act as if it were SHARING with its employees.