NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 23, 2012.

Latest on the NHL CBA negotiations, rules summit examines embellishment, plus the Blues and Wild announce dates for single-season ticket sales.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Following a two-hour morning meeting between NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, deputy commissioner Bill Daly, NHLPA director Donald Fehr and his brother Steve Fehr, the two sides agreed to cancel yesterday afternoon’s meeting. The two sides will convene today as originally planned.

SPORTSNET.CA: Michael Grange suggests escrow could be a significant issue, as the league could consider that as an option to reduce the players share of revenue without rolling back salaries.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The cancellation of yesterday’s scheduled meeting was taken as a sign by most observers of the lack of progress in negotiations between the two sides. Fehr, however, tried to downplay that yesterday when he met with reporters. I’ve heard suggestions it may have actually been a good thing, getting the main negotiators together to discuss the serious issues without distractions, then going back to confer with their people before today’s meeting.

As for using escrow as a means of reducing the players share of revenue, that’s not going to sit well with the players, who’ve hated the current system of escrow and wouldn’t be keen to see an increase in the amount clawed back from their pay.

Another lockout could rob Morrison of chance for one more NHL season.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: A lockout could rob an ageing player like Brendan Morrison of an opportunity to prove he still has enough left in the tank for one more NHL season.

CSNNE.COM: Some Bruins players are starting to make preparations in case there’s an NHL lockout this season. There’s a chance players on entry level deals like Tyler Seguin and Jonathan Caron could play for the Bruins farm team. Tuukka Rask could return to Finland (though he hasn’t made any plans yet), Dennis Seidenberg could join his brother in Germany on the Mannheim Eagles, and UFA Mike Mottau claims he’s had “a few concrete offers” from Europe.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: You can read my take on the possible alternative plans of NHL players in the event of another lockout here.

NHL.COM: Frustration over embellishment has become a key issue at this week’s NHL “Rules Summit”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While penalties are called for diving, I believe stiff fines and suspensions should be implemented if the league truly wants to crack down on embellishment. Otherwise, nothing will change.

BND.COM/STARTRIBUNE.COM: The St. Louis Blues and Minnesota Wild have announced their plans for this season’s single-game ticket sales.


  1. What I am reading from TSN that the teams are starting to cancel rookie traing camps. Florida has been the first. So with the 2 sides only meeting today for 90 minutes means no hockey as the finace is the problem. Get rid of the teams that are in money problems every year and come to Canada. No money problems here

    • No money problems in Canada…for now….

  2. Jordan Caron, not Jonathan.

  3. The league makes a mockery of itself. They have rules in place. Why not call the game by the rules you have. This is the only pro sports league that on a gamely basis ignores it’s own rules. And it gets twice as bad in the playoffs. It is as if the last page of the rule book says “all calls optional”. So you’re not going to enforce your own rules, but enforce fines and suspensions for players who don’t follow your rules? This is why the NHL has a hard time attracting new fans and will always be last in the 4 major north American sports leagues. Anybody else think their is something wrong with all this.

    I find myself enjoying college and international play more and more. Hockey without the NHL crap. I love the game but this crap has to change with the NHL.