NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 29, 2014

More NHL relocation talk, plus the latest on the Sabres and Penguins and more.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM:Rumors to the contrary,  Luke DeCock reports the Carolina Hurricanes are unlikely to relocate. DeCock cites owner Peter Karmanos’ growing involvement with the club, its arena lease (the club controls the arena) and the financial bonanza existing owners would receive in expansion fees. He ties the relocation talk about the Hurricanes to the club’s poor performance over the past five seasons.

FORBES.COM: An NHL expansion team in Las Vegas would have the league’s smallest fan base.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Too many factors are worth keeping the Hurricanes in their current location. As for Vegas, if the NHL puts a franchise there they’ll be betting on tourists augmenting attendance. For example, a Toronto Maple Leafs fan visiting Vegas could book their visit to coincide with the Leafs playing there. 

Could Tyler Ennis become the next captain of the Sabres?

Could Tyler Ennis become the next captain of the Sabres?

NBC SPORTS: Ryan Dadoun speculates over potential candidates for captaincy of the Buffalo Sabres. Possibilities include Brian Gionta and Tyler Ennis.

TRIBLIVE.COM: Pittsburgh Penguins first-year coach Mike Johnston is confident Derrick Pouliot could be ready for a steady workload as a rookie defenseman.

NHL.COM: Philadelphia Flyers forward Ryan White underwent surgery to repair his left pectoralis muscle. There’s no timetable for his return.

SPORTSNET: Glenn Healy and Kelly Hrudey headline Sportsnet’s hockey broadcast team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Which looks an awful lot like Hockey Night in Canada’s broadcast team.

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS: Jamie Baker will replace Drew Remenda as Sharks TV commentator. Remenda will go on to cover the Edmonton Oilers for Sportsnet.

TSN.CA: The AHL is adopting a drug-testing policy mirroring that of the NHL.



  1. Just looks plain awful to me. It was bad enough listening to them 1 night a week.

  2. I think the other big thing to remember is that it would be Vegas’s first professional sports team, which would provide some excitement as well. It’s overall proximity to LA, Anaheim, San Jose, and Arizona should also help with drawing fans of those teams (who for the most part are 3.5-5 hours away).

    • Not too mention that under that schedule those teams play around 20 of their scheduled games in a very localized area which helps travel costs in a big way!

    • There are reasons there are no pro sports are in Navada. lol

  3. Sooo many reasons to not put a team in Vegas…reason 379 what “tourists” are going to See the Florida Panthers play the Vegas whatever they would call themselves? How many tourists the expecting for those games against the Coyotes? Teams that cant draw fans from 10 mins down the road are not going to draw them across the country or across states. Duh

    • Get used to it. There will be a team in Vegas before long. They will be looking to balance the division by adding Seattle and Las Vegas out west.

      • Kansas city has an arena built and a lot more potential than some tourists in the smallest market in the NHL where the majority of its small local population works shift work…makes more sense than Vegas, but hey who says this is going to make any sense.

  4. Unlv is a sucessful ncaa basketball franchise and had its highest attendance in 22 years last year at just over 15000 (the majority of which are obviously the students) now explain in a state where basketball is king how a professional hockey team is going to draw a crowd…tourists go to Vegas to go to Casinos and gamble, a few go to shows while they gamble. Hockey will be doomed in Vegas within 5 years of moving there, yes some from NY Philly Boston and the Canadian teams will go to games in Vegas of course but how are these fan bases helping teams like Arizona Florida Nashville and the Californian teams? Last I looked these are all popular tourist destinations asell, it took alot of time to grow the sport in California now they have a great fanbase and way way larger populations to draw from they do not survive on tourists, its a pipe dream.