NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 3, 2014

Reaction to, and breakdown of, P.K. Subban’s new contract, the Ducks re-sign Patrick Maroon, the Blue Jackets release their preseason schedule and more. 

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Pat Hickey wondered what changed following P.K. Subban’s arbitration hearing on Friday which saw the Canadiens re-sign the superstar defenseman to an eight-year, $72 million contract only 24 hours later. It could be the club realized it made a mistake playing hardball with Subban. They could’ve received a nudge from team ownership. Subban also received strong support via social media following the arbitration hearing.

NATIONAL POST: Guy Spurrier compares Subban’s new contract to those of other elite NHL defensemen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some interesting stats have emerged regarding the breakdown of Subban’s new contract. He gets $7 million per season in years one and two, $11 million per season in year’s three and four, $10 million per in years five and six, then $8 million per in years seven and eight. $25.5 million of his $72 million deal consists of signing bonuses. Subban’s annual cap hit is the third-highest in the league for this season. It’s also ninth overall starting this season.  Those signing bonuses would also have an interesting effect upon his buyout calculation, not that it’s something the Canadiens are likely to consider down the road.  

Patrick Maroon re-signs with the Ducks.

Patrick Maroon re-signs with the Ducks.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: The Anaheim Ducks re-sign forward Patrick Maroon to a three-year contract and signed their 2014 first-round pick Nick Ritchie to a three-year entry-level deal. Maroon will earn $1.9 million in 2015-16, $2 million in 2016-17 and $2.1 million in 2017-18.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A nice reward for the 26-year-old Maroon, who played his way onto the Ducks roster  as a regular last season after spending most of his pro career in the minors.  

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Devils GM Lou Lamoriello is an advocate of his team’s new analytics department.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So-called “traditionalists”  put no stock in advanced stats, but it is clearly making inroads in the NHL. As I’ve said before, advanced stats aren’t the end-all and be-all, but form an important part of evaluating the overall performance of a player or team. Don’t be afraid of them. They won’t hurt. 

THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH: The Blues Jackets have released their 2014 preseason schedule.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: The Carolina Hurricanes have teamed up with the Boys and Girls Clubs to help academically-challenged kids in the Raleigh area.

NBC SPORTS: Former NHL player Adam Hall signs with Swiss team HC Ambri-Piotta.


  1. I hope other GMs don’t make the same mistakes that the Habs made with PK. Montreal could have had Subban for five years – $5 mil two ago putting off mamouth contract for a long time. Instead they wait on Subban, forced into trading Gorges to make it all work.

    • Was the bridge contract really a mistake over the 5 years-$5 million/year possibility? An article on Habsworld.net tackles that very scenario? It’s a very interesting read.

      I’m not sure if I can post an external link or not. If not, please feel free to remove it, however, it would be a good article to link to when posting the Blog Beat later today.

  2. Wow, did I read that right? Subban will receive $12 million in signing bonuses in the final 2 years of his deal? That coupled with his salary for those final 2 years, comes to $28 million (8×2 salary and 6×2 bonuses). I can’t recall ever seeing a deal/bonuses structured like that before. That’s like an extra layer of protection from being bought out and/or traded.

    • Clarksons is the same…buyout proof. A smart team would find an agent to be their “cap specialist” because apparently most GMs or AGMs are lacking when it comes to understanding the cba. Same as the previous CBA and the deals it created, it seems like agents always find ways around things, protecting players yet the GMs and AGMs of the league can not for the life of them protect their teams or themselves from looking dumb.

    • Those last two years also line up nicely with the end of the CBA.

      The bonuses make sense to protect from a lockout.

  3. Dreadful sighning, way to much…suckers in Quebec…lolllllll

    • “Suckers in Quebec”?!?
      Mr Richardson, if you publish that sort of b…crap, I don’t understand your moderation criterias…

      • …especially when signed from James Wolfe. Perhaps you’d like to google that name to understand the racism that inspires the author of the comment…

    • That is funny. I have seen this exact same comment copy pasted on several articles about Subban, including one on THN. You must be a very sad man, James.