NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 4, 2014

Updates on Ryan Johansen and Nathan Horton, Brett Hull turning 50, the latest on the Lightning and more. 

THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH: It doesn’t appear much progress has been made in Ryan Johansen’s contract talks with the Blue Jackets. The two sides were believed $3 million apart per season on a two-year deal.

Nathan Horton hoping for a healthier season.

Nathan Horton hoping for a healthier season.

NBC SPORTS: Blue Jackets forward Nathan Horton hopes his second season with Columbus will be more memorable than his first. Horton was sidelined for much of last season.

STLTODAY.COM: Former Blues superstar Brett Hull will be turning 50 this week.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yet another reason why I’m feeling older. 

NHL.COM: Tampa Bay Lightning coach Jon Cooper tries to downplay expectations for his team following an improved performance last season and a plethora of additions via trades and free agency this summer.

CBS SPORTS: A report in the New York Post claims former Toronto Maple Leafs assistant GM Claude Loiselle has been tabbed to lead the NHL’s department of player safety.

TSN.CA: Two more former NHL players (Chris Ferraro and Dan Fritsche) have filed a lawsuit against the league over concussions, claiming the league markets and profits from extreme violence.

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  1. I assume Chris Ferraro and Dan Fritsche consider themselves either ignorant or incompetent. If they are correct in the NHL marketing itself and profiting from extreme violence, why did they willingly partake by accepting an NHL contract and playing in an NHL game? By that alone, I would suggest they’ve accepted responsibility for any actions taken during play and have wilfully put themselves in danger they perceive, not unlike knowing a road is closed due to heavy snowfall, ignoring the signage and suing the municipality because you got stuck and almost froze to death. Further, would they sue a movie company for marketing a movie and profiting off one that has extreme violence because their best friend tried a move seen in the movie? It’s too easy for stupid people to sue someone to make a buck than to actually put the time and effort into working honestly, which I would have assumed they did as 4th liners in the NHL.