NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 6, 2014

Flyers defenseman Kimmo Timonen diagnosed with blood clots, Flyers sign Michael Del Zotto, Penguins re-sign Brandon Sutter, an update on Joni Pitkanen and more. 

Kimmo Timonen diagnosed with blood clots.

Kimmo Timonen diagnosed with blood clots.

PHILLY.COM: Flyers defenseman Kimmo Timonen faces the end of his NHL career as he was diagnosed with blood clots in his right leg and lungs. The Flyers promptly signed unrestricted free agent blueliner Michael Del Zotto as Timonen’s replacement.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Best wishes to Timonen on his recovery. As the article suggests, the 39-year-old’s condition likely spells the end of his playing career. Signing Del Zotto will fill Timonen’s spot on the Flyers blueline but he won’t replace Timonen’s experience, leadership and all-around skills. Del Zotto’s new deal is for one year at a cap hit of $1.3 million. Timonen’s illness means the Flyers can place him on long-term injured reserve to start the season.

TRIBLIVE.COM: The Pittsburgh Penguins re-signed center Brandon Sutter to a two-year, $6.6 million contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sutter was the last remaining free agent the Penguins had to re-sign. The 25-year-old’s new deal pays him $3.3 million per season, which is nearly $1.3 million per season more than his previous deal. Sutter will continue to center the Penguins third line. 

NBC SPORTS: Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Joni Pitkanen (broken heel) remains a long way from returning to action. He missed all of last season recovering from the injury, and has yet to begin skating.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pitkanen faces the possibility his playing career may be over. 

NEWSDAY: Negotiations to sell the New York Islanders to Philadelphia-based hedge fund manager Andrew Barroway have ceased. There’s no indication if other potential buyers are interested. The franchise is scheduled to relocate to Brooklyn next summer.

NATIONAL POST: An auction house has apologized to Hockey Night in Canada commentator Don Cherry for erroneously promoting a mansion they claimed belonged to Cherry.


  1. Good luck to Kimmo, not sure what news is worse for Flyers fans. Maybe Delzotto finds some game.

    • actually it’s great news for Flyers fans from a strictly hockey perspective. of course, hope Timonen recovers and hope his health is not jeopardized.

      but the fact is, Timonen is awful and has been for years. they should have never signed him in the summer of 2013 ($6M for 1 year). he was so over-paid last summer by Holmgren that he was willing to come back for 1 more year at guaranteed $2M for the 2014 season. but regardless of the salary, he’s too old, too slow, and has been a defensive liability. he’s taking ice time away from a younger player.

      i’m a Flyer fan for over 40 years. trust me, they cannot evaluate D men. they’re an excellent reverse barometer on D men. if they thought Timonen was worth bringing back, that’s the best evidence that he isn’t worth it. how can anyone take the Flyers seriously on their evaluation of D men when Chris Therien was a long-term answer for them???

    • Horrible news on Timonen. An outstanding player and leader and the best D man they’ve had outside of Eric Desjardins (and briefly Chris Pronger) in years. A huge loss. My hope is he can resume and end his career as a Flyer.

      I supported Michael Del Zotto in a recent rumor comment thread… and got hammered by some of you guys for doing so. But I believed then this is a good player who needs a 2nd chance. He has that chance now and I think he’ll respond and help the Flyers.

      • “the best D man they’ve had outside of Desjardins”…..yes exactly that’s why the Flyers haven’t won a Cup in 40 years.

        maybe you don’t watch them regularly. Timonen is terrible and has been for at least the last 4 seasons. you’re in trouble when you’re #1 D man playing 20:00 a night is a 38 year old, soft, slow, defensive liability. never stood anyone up. come across the blue line with the puck and Timonen lets FW walk in to the slot to get a shot. i won’t miss any of that.

        • You are so off base with this assessment it’s ridiculous.

          • you realize the Flyers signed him last summer to a $6M contract. more than Duncan Keith (2 Norris Trophies), more than Seabrook, more than Subban.

            he shouldn’t be mentioned on the same day with those players

          • Consistency, loyalty, and productivity got him $6 million. And rightfully so. I’m not going to compare a 39 year old player with players who are in or about to enter their prime. That is simply an unfair comparison.

  2. Hopefully Timonen’s issues are manageable enough that he can enjoy his retirement, though I’m sure he’d rather be playing.

    Now that Del Zotto is off the market, it could mean the Stars find a dance partner for a guy like Sergei Gonchar if there are further injuries that open up defensive spots.

    $3.3 million over 2 years seems like a lot to pay for Sutter – a bit above the going rate for a 3C, especially considering he sits behind the likes of Crosby and Malkin on the depth chart.

    • No way man! Sutter is a total gamer and a key player for them, even if he the focus is on the club’s star players.

      • sutter is an awesome player i believe will keep improving, and no need to bash the flyers D. I like kimmo, huge loss for the flyers faithful! leadership will be all on claude this year! cough… mvp? cough.. finally?

  3. Look up Timonen’s relative corsi numbers and compare them to Keith, Subban, Weber, etc. last season. He ranks better than ALL OF THEM! And he puts up those numbers on an awful Flyers defensive team while being stuck with Braydon Coburn most of the time. Just because he’s not physical, doesn’t mean he’s not effective. Of course, I’d rather have 20-somethings in their prime over a 39 year old defenseman, but he’s never been a liability to the Flyers at all. In fact, the Flyers will be out of the playoff picture if Timonen is unable to play (unless they make a HUGE trade).

    • i wouldn’t go that far Timonen is good but it’s not tank time lol.. the flyers have improved and I don’t see them having the slow start like they did last last year they will be fine

      • Ehh Im not so sure they improve with Delzotto who is just a mess defensively, and better hope Mason doesnt poop the bed like he has in the past, looking at that D corps the way it sits now I agree it MIGHT be a long year for the Flyers.

  4. I truly wish Timonen the best. That said and understood, I can’t help but wonder, with the other NHLers that have suffered blood clots (Vokoun, Letang, etc) if steroids had anything to do with it…..