NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 9, 2012.

The latest on the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes, an update on NHL CBA talks, Flyers re-sign Marc-Andre Bourdon, and racial epithets hurled at Joel Ward during the playoffs prompted concern from the FBI.

SPORTING NEWS: The perpetually on-again, off-again sale of the Phoenix Coyotes appears back on again, as prospective buyer Greg Jamison has reportedly secured enough money and investors to purchase the club from the NHL, keeping it in Glendale.

Will Jamison finally purchase the Coyotes?

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: The Jobing.com Arena will be costly for the city of Glendale, with or without the Coyotes

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For the sake of the Coyotes and their fans, I hope this is finally about to be resolved in their favor. That being said, given how many times we’ve heard the team would be sold to someone willing to keep it in Glendale, only to see it fall through, I’ll believe it when I see it.

SPORTING NEWS: Supplemental discipline was the topic of discussion in yesterday’s CBA negotiations between the NHL and NHLPA, with the latter seeking changes to the current system.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The discussions apparently got heated on both sides, leading to suggestions this doesn’t bode well for when the two sides get into economic issues later this week. Maybe, maybe not. It’s understandable why supplemental discipline is a touchy subject. The league feels it should have the final say with disciplinary issues, while the PA would prefer contentious cases go before an independent arbiter.

PHILLY.COM: The Philadelphia Flyers yesterday re-signed defenseman Marc-Andre Bourdon to a multi-year contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The deal is believed for two years and worth $1.225 million .

WASHINGTON POST: Capitals forward Joel Ward received a call from the FBI during the Stanley Cup playoffs expressing concern for his safety after he was the target of racial slurs following his series-winning OT goal over the Boston Bruins. Nothing came from the comments, but Ward has been asked to follow-up with the FBI when he returns to Washington.


  1. Not a fan of the current disciplinary system. That starts with Shanahan. Him being in charge is like a bad joke. It is a conflict in interest a bit being that he is not far removed from his playing days. I don’t care for his explanations nor his contradicting ways. Chuck him.

    The idea of an independent arbitrator sounds fair. Appeals mean nothing to Shanahan.

    • Agreed!!!

  2. To be quite honest, it seems like we just got out of the last lockout. I know it’s been multiple years since that happened but it’s still too fresh in my mind. I have the good grief didn’t we do this already.
    The MAJOR difference on my part this time though, is that I’m not on the fence on this one. Before I could somewhat sympathize with the owners in wanting salary caps and checks to curb player salaries. They should have argued for the lower share then. While this time I can see that they didn’t foresee the long term contracts coming into play the way they have, my suggestion is this:
    Don’t lock out the players for signing those contracts…Don’t lock the fans out from watching the game they love to watch and fork over the very money which you fight for. Maybe FIRE the GENERAL MANAGER that you hired to create those contracts and build your team if you don’t like him signing a guy for 10, 12…15 years!!!! I’m sorry, but if my boss came to me tomorrow with a large total amount of money and said you are guaranteed to get that for the next 15 years, why would I not sign?

    When does it stop? Keep signing free agents at inflated prices to keep them out of a rival teams locker room just to get half a dozen years down the road and go, oops gees guys you know what we got carried away again, so you guys take a 25% paycut across the board and we’ll start over…mmmm-kay?

    I don’t buy it, the owners/Bettman fed the WORLD a line of manure that THESE current set of rules is what they had to have, the NHL would die without them and we lost an entire season for it. Now they want to tell me they are junk and once again it’s all the players fault, so those nasty players need to pay?

    I have been a hockey fan for over 20 years. I have never wanted more than now to see Gary Bettman removed from his position as Commissioner of the NHL. It is MY NHL, I pay for the tickets, I pay for the Jerseys, the hats the coats with the logos and pay for the overpriced beer and brat. Thats MY money and once again the owners led by Bettman have forgotten that.

    This has been a matter of opinion stated by me, and I stand behind this statement.

    Thank you Spector for giving us this forum as a place to comment and post out thoughts and comments on hockey. Living in a small town in Wisconsin I don’t have many people to talk hockey with so I’m glad I can get things like this off my chest.

    • Lol, first paragraph was suppose to say Good grief didn’t we go through this already *thought in my head… Lol.

  3. @ Phillycheesehead: I feel your pain. Sadly, replacing Bettman will not change things. He is a talking head for the owners and who ever they get to replace him will be spouting the same garbage, just from another mouth.

    I’ve said before, and will say again, the CBA is as much a deal between players and management as it is a deal between management and management. Each team wants the best players so they compete by trying to offer the best deals so we get these aweful contracts. I agree though, it seems to always fall on the players to fix it and either way we the fans gets screwed.

    The worst part for us all is that if a lockout goes on too long (like last time) people will be forced to find an alternative to hockey again and may decide not to come back. Or only come back on a part-time basis. I know it was only in the last two years that I have gotten excited by hockey again….but then again that had a lot to do with those two years of palyoff runs. I have no idea what would happen with a lockout after a horrible season like this year if it was only to be repeated after a year’s lockout.

    • Had ownership simply come back and said “Hey, we need to tweak this…Lets change the rules to restrict the length of contracts, I wouldn’t have been surprised, and I’m sure something could have been worked out. With the recent NBA and NFL issues and owners getting a bigger piece of the pie, I also wouldn’t have been surprised to see them ask for that too. Also, while a bigger hurdle, not one that can’t be compromised, but to go the distance they have and tell us that it’s our way or season be damned is unacceptable. Hockey the last couple years has been amazing. Parody is here. Nobody knows who’s going to win, and anybody can surprise and come from the 8 seed to win the cup. Gone are the days where a 1 seed has what could be considered a by vs a team.
      Yeah, lets just throw that away for a year. Good thinking.