NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – December 15, 2011.

Patrick Kane’s nifty shootout winner…Adam McQuaid could face suspension…Ducks defeat Coyotes…Travis Zajac poised to return to Devils…Flyers to update Chris Pronger’s status…Wild’s Pierre-Marc Bouchard avoids serious injury…Avalanche rookie Gabriel Landeskog looking great…Concern over rising number of concussions…Blackhawks Dave Bolland and Canucks coach Alain Vigneault trade barbs…Sean Avery gets a Twitter smackdown from a supermodel.

KUKLA’S KORNER: Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane potted a nifty game-winning goal in a shootout to end a very entertaining game between his club and the Minnesota Wild.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If these two teams have more games like this one, the Blackhawks could have themselves another rival, especially  when the two teams end up in the same “conference” under the new realignment plan starting next season.

McQuaid could face suspension for kneeing Foligno.

WEEI.COM: Boston Bruins defenseman Adam McQuaid could face a hearing and possible suspension for kneeing Ottawa Senators forward Nick Foligno.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Foligno stayed in the game and absolved McQuaid, his friend and former OHL teammate, which might be the defenseman’s saving grace.

OCREGISTER.COM: The Anaheim Ducks won only their second game under new head coach Bruce Boudreau, defeating the Phoenix Coyotes 4-1.

NEW YORK POST: Center Travis Zajac is poised to return to the New Jersey Devils lineup.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Devils stayed competitive while Zajac was sidelined, and his return will provide a much-needed boost to their offense.

PHILLY.COM: The Flyers are expected today to update the status of defenseman Chris Pronger, who’s been sidelined by a concussion.

TWINCITIES.COM: Wild winger Pierre-Marc Bouchard did not suffer a concussion from being hit from behind by Winnipeg’s Zach Bogosian.

DENVER POST: Rookie forward Gabriel Landeskog has  been a bright spot for the struggling Avalanche this season.

NEWSOBSERVERCOM: Luke DeCock wonders what more can be done to reduce concussions injuries in pro hockey.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: One way could be to modify the players’ upper body equipment, especially the shoulder and elbow pads, which are encased in hard plastic. A study last season revealed over half of concussion injuries in the NHL were the result of bodychecks. While players are bigger and stronger in today’s NHL, and the game is played at a faster pace, the upper body equipment currently worn by today’s players could play a significant part in these injuries

SUNTIMES.COM: Chicago Blackhawks forward Dave Bolland called Vancouver’s Sedin twins “sisters” during an interview with a Chicago radio station, sparking Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault to question Bolland’s intelligence while mocking his facial features.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Perhaps Vigneault should’ve responded by saying, ” We’re rubber, you’re glue, it bounces off us and sticks to you”. Or maybe he just should’ve taken the high road and said, “no comment”.  Oh well, at least both sides didn’t just spout boring cliches…

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Supermodel Kate Upton smacks down Sean Avery on Twitter.


  1. As if a Boston player could get suspended anymore. What a joke.

    I remember when Paccioretty hit Letang, who came back and won the game. Did that stop Shanahan from suspending Paccioretty, not a chance, but here, Shanahan will either ignore the hit all together or will give an exscuse like he did for Lucic like he didn’t have time to get out of the way. What a joke. There are more concussion now than ever, even though Shanahan is supposed to be suspending people to protect players. I find all too often players are not suspended even though they should be. These suspensiuons are just another way to stack the deck for certain teams that the league would rather see win. Why on earth would the league like to see a Canadian team win too much, these teams already support the league. Five of the top 6 earning teams are canadian. And most Canadian teams are middle to low end of the league. What benefit would the league have to help out any canadian team.

  2. You’re too much, coof. Did the CEO of Air Canada come down on Max for his cheapshot on Letang? How about the politicians? Of course, not, they’re hypocrits.

    Did you see the one-sided officiating in the Broons-Ottawa game? What was it, 5 power plays for Ottawa to none for the Broons? No penalty to Smith for shooting at Timmy long after the horn sounded.

    Oh, and the Broons are still the CHAMPS!

  3. Vigneault took the low road. I am dissapointed that a coach would engage in such stupidity.

  4. Paccioretty’s hit on Letang was not cheap, Letang put himself in a vulnerable position by seeing the player but still deciding to take the shot. You can clearly see that Letang’s body shifted at the end, leaving his head exposed. It was a clean hit, even Shanahan admitted that Letang put himself in a vulnerable position.

    By the way, how is it always a one-sided affair when there are more penalties handed out to one team than the other. If the penalty was deserved then it was that team’s fault. A game should almost never end up even when it comes to the number of penalties. Everything I have seen about BOston tells me they are a dirty team si it’s no surprise that they should have more penalties. Now for suspensions, that’s where they get a free pass.

  5. Coof- Agreed

  6. Avery getting verbally bitchslapped was beautiful, wasn’t it?

  7. Dabroon’s, Ottawa seems to have been on the wrong side of the officiating for most games this season so it was nice to see them get away with a few last night. Really hasn’t happened much this season. The Bruins are a big physical team but the Sen’s can and do play that way as well so no complaining here. The knee on knee needs to be reviewed though. It was very classy of Foligno to speak up for his former jr. teammate McQuaid but this kind of hit can do more than injure, it can end a players career. It’s right up there with deliberate high sticking. I’m guessing that McQuaid would like a do-over but it was still an unnecessary cheap shot and definetly should be looked at.
    Coof, as far as the Bruins getting a free pass, top teams and elite players do seem to get preference shown to them by the referee’s and league. Not sure if that’s any different than in the past but if can be frusterating to watch or endure. Hopefully whatever team you cheer for get’s the same treatment in the future for the same reason(s).

  8. I’m a Nucks fan but you’ve gotta hand it to Bolland – he’s a 3rd liner of limited talent assigned to shutdown the Sedins when they play Vancouver and get under their skin. He’s now getting so good at it that he’s even getting under the coach’s skin.

  9. Coof, what’s wrong with you? You really think there’s some conspiracy going on because calls don’t benefit you’re favorite teams/players? This is absurd. Whether or not I agree with all of Shannahans call, I know he has nothing but respect for the game and does the most objective job he can. If you really feel the way you claim, you should probably stop watching hockey altogether. I would never support a league that conspires to “fix” results……ridiculous.

  10. Yeah I have trouble keeping my hate for Bolland too red-hot, cause he is a ridiculously good checking center and he can score. I would still fight him if i ever saw him.

    The Sedin’s wimpiness reminds a lot of the redneck attitudes towards stars from my youth. When I was young, it was universally accepted that Lemieux was a diver and whiner. You could lay lumber on him all night long and not get called. You go back now and realize that he made all those plays with three guys hanging off his back, wrists incrementally broken by 1000 slashes, lower back softened up by cross-checks. He was out a lot with minor injuries, all of which could have been penalties, and we all suffered. Guys are allowed to lay lumber on the Sedins all the time; Henrik is such a wimp that he has played more than 500 consecutive games, which obviously means he plays through injury. Is Crosby “tough enough”, or does he just draw penalties when someone gives him a lumber ride? The answer is pretty obvious. No one harps on him not being tough enough, because no one takes liberties, because they know the refs are watching.
    There is a fetish for watching “good Canadian boys” endure pain that probably deserves a little more scrutiny……vicarious experience of manhood much? Anyway, I am as big a fan of Gilmour, Tocchet, Propp, Yzerman, Neely, Carbonneau, Messier, etc. as anybody; I grew up dreaming about winning a cup with blood pouring down my face. But for whatever reason, this never made me burn with hate for Gretzky, Lemieux, Kurri, LaFontaine, Perrault…….call me crazy.
    In the playoffs last year, the better Kesler played, the more flak the Sedins got. I have never seen that before. When Yzerman was good, it didn’t generate a storm of hate for Fedorov.
    Hate is a part of hockey, but seriously……the same big mouths that said the Sedin wouldn’t make the league, have continued to spew the same crap, year after year, as they get better and better, until they are winning the scoring title…..and they still refuse to tell them apart. “They’ll never win the cup”….yeah, that’s coming from the twat that said they wouldn’t even make the league.

  11. My rant wasn’t quite done…..one more thing:
    Daniel won the Lindsay trophy last year. That’s best player, as voted by the PLAYERS. So maybe the parrot fans and press-pipes can give them some of the respect that they have earned from their opponents.