NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – December 17, 2013.

Avalanche bury the Stars, Shawn Thornton to appeal suspension, plus the latest on Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Milan Lucic, Chris Kreider, Scott Clemmensen and more, including a Christmas miracle for Paul Henderson.

Paul Stastny celebrates one of his two goals against the Stars.

Paul Stastny celebrates one of his two goals against the Stars.

DENVER POST: Paul Stastny snapped a nine-game scoreless streak with a four-point performance as the Colorado Avalanche dumped the Dallas Stars 6-2.

NOTE: Games involving Canadian teams are recapped in “Canadian Corner”.

TSN.CA: Eric Macramalla with his analysis of Shawn Thornton’s intent to appeal his 15-game suspension.

THE SPORTING NEWS: A list of NHL suspensions to date this season. There’s been a lot.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: NHL players still don’t seem to be getting the message that questionable hits won’t be tolerated anymore.

LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS: A profile of the Anaheim Ducks “twins” Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry, who are leading the club in their rise among the league’s top teams this season.

BOSTON HERALD: Bruins forward Milan Lucic is done defending his hometown of Vancouver after getting involved in an altercation over the weekend in a downtown club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Seems some Vancouver fans still haven’t gotten over the 2011 Stanley Cup Final.

NEW YORK POST: Chris Kreider is among the few Rangers producing on a consistent basis.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Rangers are struggling under coach Alain Vigneault this season, but not Kreider, who’s thriving under Vigneault.  It wasn’t that long ago he was considered trade bait. The Blueshirts won’t move him now.

MIAMI HERALD: Florida Panthers backup Scott Clemmensen’s up-and-down season is taking another turn as he’s played well filling in for the sidelined Tim Thomas.

TBO.COM: After a strong start to this season, struggling Lightning winger Alex Killorn is struggling to regain his scoring touch.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Blackhawks backup Antti Raanta is regaling his teammates with stories of his service in the Finnish army.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Turns out his six months of mandatory military service in his youth served him well on his path toward the NHL.

TORONTO SUN: Paul Henderson got good news in time for Christmas, as a clinical trial has helped him battle back against chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Great news for Henderson. My best wishes for continued success in his battle against this disease.


  1. All the best for Paul Henderson. If only the NHL would finally do the honourable thing and put him where he belongs, in the HHF…

    • A guy shouldn’t be in the HOF for scoring one goal. And to be honest, what’s more important? Scoring the game winning goal to win it all for your country? Or scoring the game winning goal to win the Stanley Cup?

      • I’m guessing you’re too young to remember. It was and is still is considered by many to have been the greatest hockey series of all time. Henderson scored the winning goals in game 6,7, and 8. At that time there few very few European or U.S. born hockey players in the NHL so it wasn’t just for their respective countries, it was our system against theirs. If you’re a true fan of the game it’s well worth learning more.

  2. after the lack of class his teammate showed in their blowout loss earlier in the night Lucic had to know that going out in the downtown area wasn’t a good decision. i’m not defending whoever hit him but to this point all we’ve heard is his version of the events and for all we know it could’ve been a Buffalo fan.

    • Agreed and based on how Lucic was talking in the video, he has a chip on his shoulder. Could that holier-than-thou attitude be why he got a smack in the face? I’d like to hear what really happened but I doubt we’ll get the other side of the story. Lucic’s promise to pursue legal action is laughable. Good riddance, Boston can have him.

      • And Boston doesn’t mind having him one bit. 29 other teams would love to have him in a second

  3. for all the talk about the “code” and how Orpik should’ve just “manned up” and fought, people seem to be missing the point. Orpik threw a hit that everyone who isn’t a bruin or one of their fans agreed was a legal hit, yes it did turn out badly for Ericcson but it was judged to be a “hockey play”. why should one of the Penguins top dmen take himself out of the game to fight a 4th line goon? in seeking retribution Thornton attacked Orpik from behind during a stoppage in play and then punched him while he lay defenseless on the ice, does this act not break the very “code” that he was supposedly trying to uphold? Shawn Thorton has long bragged about following the “code” and never having been suspended but now that he has he should just do his time quietly and try to put this shameful incident behind him. he has to remember that he’s now a marked man much like Matt Cooke but without any of his offensive upside.

  4. I find it very hypocritical that Thorton was so contrite and shocked over his behavior and now is appealing the suspension. It was a cheap shot and thug move and Thornton should man up and be glad that it wasn’t for more games.

  5. I think players will get the message when fines are %of salary and suspensions only start after an injured player returns, so you are out as long as the player is injured plus. Also, if the organization gets hit with the same fine teams might start policing their own players.

    • @Habsfan1 i don’t think we’ll see that happen but those suggestions sure would get the point across. personally i think they could’ve ended ALL of the dirty hits in the playoffs in the 2007 Finals if they’d told Pronger (after his SECOND one game suspension for an elbow to the head in that year’s playoffs) that not only was he suspended for the remainder of the playoffs but should his team win his name would not go on the Cup.

      • in fact i would go one step further and say that Chara should’ve received the same punishment as Bertuzzi for his dirty hit on Paciorretty and missed the playoffs in 2011 which likely would’ve cost the bruins their Cup.