NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – January 28, 2012.

Recommending changes to the NHL All-Star Game…Tim Thomas growing weary of questions over his White House snub…Blue Jackets to host 2013 All-Star Game…Analysis of the Red Wings season thus far…Leadership praised for Panthers turnaround…A profile of Kings goalie Jonathan Quick…Raleigh’s hockey reputation on the rise…Pat LaFontaine still active in children’s charities…The NHL playoff push.

WASHINGTON POST: Tarik El-Bashir has some good suggestions on improving the NHL All-Star game, most of which probably won’t be implemented by the league.

BOSTON HERALD: Bruins goalie Tim Thomas is getting weary of being questioned about his snubbing the White House ceremony honoring the Bruins Stanley Cup championship. You reap what you sow, Timmy. Suck it up and deal with it.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: The Blue Jackets could find out as soon as today they’ll be hosting the 2013 NHL All-Star Game, which will at least give Blue Jackets fans something to look forward to next season. I know, bit of a cheap shot, but given how that team’s been run, it’s a leap to expect the Jackets to improve next season.

THE DETROIT NEWS: Gregg Krupa examines how the Red Wings overcame a slow start to this season to once again rank among the league’s elite teams.

MIAMI HERALD: Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon and head coach Kevin Dineen are earning plaudits for turning the club around this season.

Quick could carry the Kings to the playoffs.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: A profile of Kings goalie Jonathan Quick.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Raleigh’s hockey reputation is on the rise, which will likely surprise ignorant, snobbish Canadian-based hockey pundits who constantly refer to Raleigh as hockey’s “Mayberry”.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Former NHL superstar Pat LaFontaine continues to do his part to help children’s charities.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: James Mirtle recently posted the records all 30 NHL teams need to clinch playoff berths.


  1. Allstar game in COLUMBUS is a joke

  2. I would not say Thomas is weary of it. He is just stating the obvious. The media is blowing this way out of proportion when it really has nothing to do with hockey. If this were to have happened after the all star break leading up to the deadline I bet it would be forgotten by now, however since it is the All star weekend with very little to talk about for almost a week the media need to keep writing about it. Mostly because they are lazy and it provides a quick hit either to stick up for him, or vilify him.

    On the all star game – I would be okay with getting rid of the fan voting as its very flawed. However you cannot make the game mean anything for the playoffs because these players will never play full tilt in this game nor should they. Hockey is too physical where with Baseball you can play hard, and not grind yourself out.

    Vegas and outdoors is not great, you want this to rotate NHL cities, and outdoors is for the winter classic.

  3. el-Bashir missed one thing, i care about watching the break away competition. even with all the stupidity of hats, glass, and two sticks. still fun to watch. I agree with Innovator about hockey being too much of a grind to risk it really mean something but I do not particularly care about the All star game.

  4. Hi! Howdy! Concerning Tim Thomas, if it would be the revers and a player would have snub Newt Gingrich or George Bush, the Media would of applauded and put Tim Thomas on the pedestal, but Obama is the Pet of the Media, so now the media is all over it, the media is very far left, that is why.
    Concerning Raleigh I agree Canadians Hockey Fan should stop laughing because There is better Fans there than in Canada, They are more patience with Their Team and more committed and I am very very happy to see that Children want to play Hockey and Loving it there, it is awesome. The All Star Game, every years People are always moaning, instead of enjoying it and have fun and it is only one game. Ciao!!

  5. The media members asking the same stupid questions over and over again really need to take a minute, evaluate the situation, and pull each others heads out of their asses. Thomas said he wasn’t going to discuss it. Asking the same questions with different phrasings 89725989715 times isn’t going to change anything. Where’s the journalistic integrity in that? Nonexistent. Pathetic and embarassing.

  6. Yeah, the only reason the media won’t get off of Thomas’ back is because he dissed their hero, Obama. If he had done this to Bush, these same inquisitors would be praising him as a man of great courage and conscience. Hypocrites they are.