NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – January 30, 2012.

Team Chara downs Team Alfredsson at the All-Star Game…Scott Hartnell raises money for charity during ASG…Buffalo Sabres hoping to host ASG…The Capitals at the crossroads…Blackhawks need to tighten up their defense…Red Wings lack of fighting doesn’t hurt success.

OTTAWA SUN: Team Chara defeated Team Alfredsson by a score of 12-9 at Sunday’s 57th NHL All-Star game in Ottawa. NY Rangers winger Marian Gaborik was the game-star, potting a hat trick for Team Chara. Alfredsson scored twice in a losing cause.

Scott Hartnell celebrates with Henrik Sedin.

PHILLY.COM: Flyers forward Scott Hartnell had a good time participating in the All-Star Game, as well as raised $4,000.00 for charity, paying $1,000.00 for every time he fell to the ice during the game.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hartnell was also “mic’ed up” during the game, and it was obvious he was enjoying himself, calling he and the Sedin Twins “the Sedin triplets” after the three combined for a scoring play, and good-naturedly chirped Maple Leafs defenseman Dion Phaneuf, yelling “Suck it, Phaneuf!” after that scoring play.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: The Buffalo Sabres hope to host the All-Star game, especially after seeing how much money the event draws for the host city.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The game itself is a yawn-fest, but there’s no denying it’s a cash cow for the host city and team. Given how much hockey is loved in Buffalo, that city would be a good fit for a future ASG.

WASHINGTON POST: The Capitals are at a crossroads to the season, in need of significant improvement over the remainder of the season if they hope to secure a playoff berth.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If anyone had seriously suggested at the start of this season the Capitals would be in this situation they’d be dismissed as a loon.The possibility of the Capitals missing the playoffs, however, is very real, and they’ll need their best players to step up to avoid that fate.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: The Blackhawks acknowledge they’ll need to improve their defensive play over the remainder of the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Having added depth at center by their acquisition Friday of Brendan Morrison, expect the Blackhawks to go shopping for a second-pairing defenseman before the trade deadline.

DETROIT NEWS: The Red Wings remain successful despite being a team which rarely engaged in hockey fights, and doesn’t carry an “enforcer” on their roster.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Shhhh, don’t tell Don Cherry and Mike Milbury!


  1. Did anyone else notice that Alfredsson was on the ice almost every second shift during the game? I know CBC was kissing his tail at the end of the game yesterday, but lets face it, his play wasn’t meriting of the MVP award. Sure he got 2 goals, but then how many shifts did someone steal the puck off his stick?

  2. Aj: Let it go…. maybe in 50 years the Leafs will be able to honour a guy who served the organization with hard work, dignity and class for 2 decades. My bet is when that happens, I won’t be on some semi-obscure message board trolling for reactions to my comments about how the guy never deserved MVP…. Especially if the guy didn’t even get MVP in the first place. Grow up, and become a better human being, chump.

  3. the detroit news about no enforcer, i wonder if this guy read the piece about Babcock saying he wanted some toughness?
    shhhh!! don’t tell the media.

  4. I was so proud of Alfie. 39, played 17+ minutes in a game everyone said he didn’t belong in and notched 2g 1a and 3pts to lead his team and sure be good. Not Gabroik good, but Alfie proved he has it, nice reward for him.

  5. Detroit doesn’t need an enforcer, and I think the NHL should eliminate fighting entirely. If you agree, check out this blog – http://itsnotpartofthegame.blogspot.com/. And Brad, Babcock said that he would like to add toughness but not a fighter. He said that would be a wasted spot on the roster and he wouldn’t make a place for a dedicated enforcer.

  6. Jason – Trust me I’m no Leaf fan and I think the direction the team has been going in up until the last 2 years has been a sad joke. Plus I did felt bad for him when Elliot Freedman put him on the spot with questions about whether he’d promise about coming back. That’s a tough decision to be made with family (I do respect his answer and approach to the question) and its not fair to be thrown it at centre ice after the all star game.
    That said, I just couldn’t get over the constant comments about this being HIS weekend and things like that. Sorry, I came into this thinking this was the All- Star weekend, not Alfie and the stars. I get that he has done a lot of service in the local community here, but does a league wide game have to be the place to show appreciation for that? And how many other players who have arguably done the same in their careers both on and off the ice have not been reserved the same treatment? Of course, not, that is reserved something the team does specifically with the local fans. Like I said, this weekend was the best in the NHL this season, not the best on the Ottawa Senators over the last 2 decades.