NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – January 8, 2012.

Jarome Iginla joins an exclusive club…Martin Brodeur has faith in PA director Donald Fehr…Canucks and Bruins stage lively rematch…Shane Doan reaches a notable milestone…Danny Briere and Kyle Turris drop the gloves…Capitals lose Mike Green again to injury…Kings shut out by lowly Blue Jackets…Steve Ott could face suspension…Small number of protestors at Canadiens game.


Iginla nets his 500th goal.

CALGARY SUN: Flames captain Jarome Iginla scored his 500th career NHL goal as his team downed the Minnesota Wild by a score of 3-1, becoming the 42nd player in NHL history to reach that milestone.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Great to see him score that goal on home ice. Congratulations to Iginla for this achievement.

TRIBLIVE.COM: New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Brodeur defending the NHLPA’s rejection of the NHL’s divisional realignment plan, expressing faith in PA director Donald Fehr, and downplaying suggestions this could be an indicator of the PA’s intention to play hardball with the league in upcoming CBA negotiations. “We all know we can’t have another stoppage,” he said. “Both sides know that.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Read again what Brodeur said: “”We all know we can’t have another stoppage. Both sides know that.”  That’s what is important to remember during the CBA negotiations. We’re going to read and hear a lot of prophesying of doom and demonizing of the league and the PA, but the bottom line is both sides don’t want to risk another work stoppage. It remains to be seen if they can avoid it, but I think it’s a very good possibility a deal can be implemented without another lockout or a players strike.

BOSTON GLOBE: Poor decisions doomed the Bruins as they lost their rematch to the Vancouver Canucks 4-3. Brad Marchand’s clip of Canucks defenseman Sami Salo resulted in two power-play goals by Vancouver. Marchand could face suspension for the hit on Salo.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Marchand hit sullied an otherwise intense, entertaining game between last season’s Cup Finalists, who clearly haven’t lost their distaste for each other.

AZCENTRAL.COM: Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan achieved his first career hat trick as the Coyotes defeated the NY Islanders 5-1.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hard to believe Doan never scored a hat trick in his long NHL career until last night. Good for him that he finally got one!

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Philadelphia Flyers forward Danny Briere and Ottawa Senators center Kyle Turris dropped the gloves and scrapped. The Flyers edged the Senators 3-2.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: These two rarely fight, so no one can complain that this was one of those staged fights between two goons. Evidently they just had enough of each other and decided to duke it out.

WASHINGTON POST: Capitals defenseman Mike Green was forced to leave yesterday’s game against the San Jose Sharks with tightness in his groin. Green had previous missed 23 games with a groin strain.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This isn’t a good sign for Green, whose offensive contributions have been missed by the Caps this season and is a big reason why they’ve struggled.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: It may be time for new Kings head coach Darryl Sutter to crack the whip after his club dropped a listless 1-0 decision to the lowly Columbus Blue Jackets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No offense to the Blue Jackets, but the Kings are a much better team and have no reason to lose that game. Looks like a “bag skate” could be in their future, as they still aren’t playing up to their full potential.

THE SCORE: Dallas Stars forward Steve Ott could face suspension after hitting Edmonton Oilers forward Anton Lander in the head.

TORONTO SUN: Only 150 protestors showed up outside the Bell Centre prior to the Tampa Bay Lightning-Montreal Canadiens game to protest the Canadiens promotion of unilingual Randy Cunneyworth as interim head coach. The Canadiens won the game 3-1.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Looks like the only language Canadiens fans care about is the language of victory. I’d love to see Cunneyworth coach the Canadiens into a playoff berth and perhaps even winning a round or two, just to watch his critics squirm and to make it difficult for the Habs to fire him. I’d even love to see him coach the Habs to the Stanley Cup as that would really shut his critics up, but even I’m not that much of a fantasist.


  1. Great regular season game between Bruins and Canucks. Marchand’s play was just stupid and Im sure Julien will be having some words with him. Who the hell is Weise for the Canucks I thought he was one of their “tough” guys he didn’t want any part of Thornton or Mcquad ALL game but was very willing to go with Horton. Seems like a bush league kind of a move. Spector do you think Lucic gets an automatic 10-game suspension for “leaving the bench”. Really what was he supposed to do he was on the ice just one skate was over the threshold. Do the Bruins do a lot after the whistle yes but most of it is reactionary. I cannot stand the way the Canucks play they do their thing then find a ref to hide behind. Man up boys if you want to be cheap then own it and drop the gloves. Defend your actions.

  2. Chris- the league has already recorded the match penalty against lucic (surprise *rolls eyes*) saying he had made a legal line change and was supposed to be on the ice. Not sure how they can just make stuff up, but we all know the Bruins have the NHL executive committee in their pocket. Also, Weiss is not a tough guy. Surprised he went at all.

    As for the Habs protesters, I’m sure we can all agree that this is just political posturing by separatists who need something to get angry about. It’s stupid, ignorant, and I’m happy it showed that it wasn’t even a handful of people in comparison to the size of Montreal. The people inside gave Tretiak a few minutes of standing ovation so that shows you that the vast vast majority of Montreal fans care about success and talent more than language. Heck, the city has stood behind Koivu, Kovalev, and Pacioretty in the last 10 years and none of them speak French. Some could argue Kovalev could barely speak English (jk). The people of Montreal loved these players and wanted to see them heal/play/succeed in the bleu, blanc, et rouge. I hope that the other true hockey fans know that this is not representative of all Canadiens fans, just politics by, most likely, separatists looking to garner attention. Gauthiers “apology” was just politics. If they organization really gave a damn they would have made Carriere the head coach. The organization knows Cunnyworth and wanted to give him a chance to turn the team around.
    Spec – I would also love to see the Canadiens make some noise in the post season and see what these language police have to say. Unfortunately, they have to win 4 more in a row before we can truly entertain that possibility. But hey, they have been playing better. Loving the aggressive play in the third instead of sitting back. Emelin is a BEAST too. See him fling Malone last night when Malone went to run him? A thing of beauty. That Malone must really hate the Habs because he is just a uber dick everytime they play.

  3. Chris- sorry. Your right about Weise. Had him confused with another player… From a different organization. … Lol. Oops!

  4. The language idiots inMtl will claim the weather was bad last night (which it sort of was), claim that despite this they had a ‘huge’ turn out, go home and declare victory. These guys are all, IMHO, making all this an issue to distract everybody from the crappy economy (Quebec recent deemed the worst for job growth in Canada), horrible raods (but they do come with free trips to China), falling bridges held up with spit, tape and alot of prayers, fallinmg tunnels, and the brand spanking new 1% increase in PST. Solution? Bring up French/English crap. Real fans really do not care… they may express a preference, which, face it, in a primarily French market should have a French speaker, but it is not as fanatical as all that. I do hope the habs make the playoffs to shut those goofs up, but I also hope Randy does learn enough French to keep his job and let this goofs show how, well, racist they really are and the issue is not that Randy is Anglophone but that he is not ‘pur l’aine’ French.
    Remember Parizeau’s comment last referendum about ‘money and the ethnic vote’? That garbage is still hiding under the surface here and needs to die in the light of day.

  5. Hi Guys,

    I’m from MTL and I’m a francophone aa well. I do not like all the polemic about the language of the Habs coach. Great coaches and players in the CH history didn’t speak french, but I think a lot of people forgot about that even though our Province tagline is: Je me souviens (I remember)

    Concerning the amount of people, manifesting outisde the Bell center: Well, that is plain dumb! Better causes needed people way more than for this language propaganda. Nothing is related to separatist since Habs fans should not fall under this category. The worst of it all, all the hype and focus on this was created by journalist that didn’t know what to do to sell newspaper.

    Come on guys, Koivu was a hero here and didn’t speak french that much. All the conference after the games are subtitled so except from journalist that are not bilingual; why shall we bother??

    A real Habs fans is Canadiens, will loved them no matter what and especially if they are winning: Period.
    Good french players/coach in the team is a plus, but not a necessity!

  6. It’s amazing how spinelessly Gauthier has pandered to such a tiny minority. It’s equally amazing how Cunneyworth has been able do his job with all these outside distractions while trying to get this team to play better. Unlike under Martin, last night the Habs actually played an entertaining game, while evening their home record. If this progress continues and yet Montreal doesn’t make the playoffs, but comes close, I would hope that he still gets a chance to continue to coach next year. He’s shown great resilience and dedication, something this team, or at least it’s younger players, seem to be picking up on. As I’ve maintained since before Martin was fired, Gauthier and some horrendous contracts are the biggest problems for the Habs.

  7. Entertaining game (possibly the best I’ve seen this season) with the Canucks and Bruins. As I was watching it there were 2 things that were consistently at the front of my mind:

    1) It’s amazing what happens when the refs actually call infringements. Not sure why the rule book seems to disappear come playoff time.
    2) If the Canucks’ lethal PP has been clicking even remotely in the final (as opposed to 2/35) is this what the final would have looked like?

    It’s all history now but if these 2 meet again in the final, expect even more fireworks.

  8. @ Chris….So Weise fights a five minute epic bout with Horton, and now he has to fight the heavyweight, even though its a one goal game? He has to play into their hands….just because they want him to? I realize you are very safely voicing a consensus opinion that you no doubt had a little help coming up with…but seriously, the Bruins’ after the whistle play is reactionary? Reacting to what exactly? The Bruins whole game plan is about using those cheap and bruising tactics, especially after the whistle, to intimidate their opponent. If they commit five infractions, they know there will only be one call. Just like the ’70s Flyers. The Canucks absolutely dominated the opening of the game….and suddenly, Thornton is throwing sucker punches at the bench. Gameplan much? Yeah. You can like it or not like it, cause it part of hockey, but to make shxt up,saying that they wouldn’t play that way if not provoked……well that is fxcking retarded.

  9. And yes Alex, that is what the Finals would have looked like if the Bruins didn’t have the officials in their pocket….cause they played WAY dirtier than that and received a fraction of the calls (most of them after the game was decided).

  10. Chris- Perhaps there is even one cheap play that you can name…………what’s that? Don’t remember one specifically? If you like ’70s hockey just say so. If you hate the nucks, well then come up with a concrete example. Cause you can’t sound much more like a parrot.

  11. Hey Guerin-

    Burrows isn’t cheap? He bit Bergeron in last years finals and skates away from anyone that wants to do anything about it. As far as yesterday’s game Thornton is getting ganged up on in front of the Canucks bench and one of the sisters is taking shots at him. Not sure which one but he is on the bench. Thats not cheap? I saw at least four instances where when Thomas had the puck covered there were Canuck players still whacking at him or giving him a nice snow shower. Scheinder covers the puck the Bruins players clear out. Listen I don’t mind the gamesmanship that stuff happens and I am not saying the Bruins aren’t guilty of some of the same things. But I would be hard pressed to recall anytime over the last few years where a Bruins player didn’t back up an action of himself or a teammate. Whether it is a legal hit, a cheap hit, or minor stuff after the whistle. I would LOVE for ONE Canuck player to that on a consistent basis.

  12. @Chris – although I admittedly didn’t see this myself during the game, apparently Marchard was asking to dance by more than one Canuck and declined each time. If there was ONE player I’d personally like to see stand up for some borderline behavior, it’s him.

  13. I think you proved my point. Your examples are:
    – Burrows reputation
    – Snowshowers (wow, that really is cheap)
    – Thornton came flying into the bench area with a sucker punch, and got a facewash.
    Now isn’t that dirty.
    Bergeron: “I stuck my finger in his mouth, and guess what he did?”
    I remember when Mark Savard wrestled a guy’s finger into his mouth and bit it hard enough for the guy to flinch, and it was really obvious. That was the first biting suspension I ever saw.