NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 14, 2014

Latest on Jaden Schwartz and Aleksander Barkov, the latest signings, plus updates on the Bruins, Sharks and more.

PUCK DADDY: St. Louis Blues forward Jaden Schwartz will change his number from 9 to 17 starting this season to honor his late sister Mandi, who wore that number as a player at Yale.

Panthers forward Aleksander Barkov hopes to be fully recovered from knee surgery before training camp.

Panthers forward Aleksander Barkov hopes to be fully recovered from knee surgery before training camp.

NBC SPORTS: Florida Panthers forward Aleksander Barkov attended the club’s recent development camp but didn’t participate in the final two days. He’s still working toward a full recovery from a season-ending knee injury before attending training camp in September.

CSNNE.COM: The Boston Bruins are prepared to start this season without a classic “enforcer” on the roster.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: They have sufficient toughness on their roster. The NHL game is trending away from players whose sole purpose is to fight. Today’s “enforcer” must be capable of playing a regular shift and contribute in more ways than fighting. 

THE BUFFALO NEWS: The Sabres signed former Canucks forward Zac Dalpe to a one-year contract.

THE WASHINGTON POST: The Capitals re-signed defenseman Nate Schmidt to a one-year, two-way contract.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Young Blackhawks forwrd Teuvo Teravainen is bulking up in preparation for the upcoming NHL season.

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS: Some Sharks fans object to the club’s plan to employ “Ice Girls” starting this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: What’s hockey without objectifying women? Oh, right, it’s not hockey. 


  1. Ice Girls are not traded on the slave market and they can choose not to do it and quit when they choose. I know an Avalanche Ice Girl who loves to skate and is trying launch a career in modeling she is looking for more exposure (no pun intended) and believes this may help, if not she will walk away and try something else.
    If you don’t like it go get some nachos.

    • That’s where I sit in all of this. Any of the Shark’s fans to me are people who have too much time on their hands and are choosing to use it to get into other people’s business. If they don’t like the girls at the game, don’t pay attention to them. If the girls themselves don’t want to be there (getting paid to be there I might add), they are free to find somewhere else to work or get exposure. As long as everyone is having fun, who really cares?

      • I’m mostly of the same opinion, it’s a choice to watch them and it’s a choice to be an ice girl. I changed my opinion a bit after reading this article. Assuming they get paid fairly, are allowed to eat when they’re hungry, and put on a coat when they’re cold then I’m supportive of team’s employing them. It sounds like a few things have to change from how they’re treated now.


        • Again they can leave when they choose don’t blame the “system”.

  2. Ryan Kennedy at The Hockey News had a great article on this subject and I suggest it as a great point of view. I get his point in saying what do these girls in these roles have to do with the sport of hockey? And by extension what message does it send to people with regards to a girls place in hockey in general?
    I also find the suggestion of “if you don’t like just look away” as really weak, it is like saying to minority “If you don’t like racist jokes at work, don’t listen”

    • Racism is not a choice you make to participate in, being an ice girl is.
      What do cheerleader have to do with any sport? F1 umbrella girls NFL and NBA “cheerleaders” etc.
      The bottom line is if these women don’t find what they elect to participate in not to their liking they can walk away.
      If they choose to stay it is by their own choice.

  3. Racism IS a choice. It is not something programmed into a persons DNA, it is learned. Anything learned can be unlearned. Yes it can be very difficult but not impossible. Just as if someone blurts out something inappropriate at the office, you may not be able to control what they say, but you bloody well can control how you respond. Call them on it. Make it clear that those comments are not appropriate for the office. Hence my response.

    Just because there are women caste in similar roles in other sports does is not a justification for ice girls rather a list of more things that maybe should be done away with.

    Speaking of cheerleading, there is an actual sport to it. Not the stuff you see for most NFL games and what most people think of as cheerleading but closer to what you see at college football. Ice girls are not even a shadow of the acrobatic skills it takes to be doing real cheerleading.

    I Agree that the the women are free to walk away within their personal economic circumstances. As with anything, if you offer money, someone will do it. The real question should the Sharks organization do it? I say no.

    • I think the thing for me in the article listed is that these girls often don’t even get minimum wage. That’s the kind of thing that social organizations will step in to correct so it’s interesting that it hasn’t happened in this situation yet. But yeah, after that let the market, public opinion, and the employee decide if it’s a practice that will carry on.