NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 20, 2014

Latest on Brad Richards and Milan Lucic, plus updates on the Bruins, Blue Jackets, Red Wings and Stars. 

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Brad Richards had his first formal introduction to Blackhawks fans at a recent fan convention in Chicago. Richards said he’s hoping for a smooth transition with the club.

Milan Lucic (left) isn't apologizing for his actions during the series-ending handshake with the Canadiens.

Milan Lucic won’t apologize for his actions during the series-ending handshake with the Canadiens.

NBC SPORTS: In a recent interview with The Hockey News, Boston Bruins forward expressed regret for his action in the series-closing handshake lineup with the Montreal Canadiens back in May, but he won’t apologize.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty believes the cap-strapped Boston Bruins should keep an eye on Blackhawks prospect Kevin Hayes, who is apparently a couple of months away from walking away via free agency.

NHL.COM: Columbus Blue Jackets president of hockey operations John Davidson believes his club is ready to make a statement this coming season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The addition this summer of Scott Hartnell should help, but it would also be worthwhile to get Ryan Johansen under contract before training camp begins. 

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: The arbitration hearing for Stars forward Antoine Roussel is slated for Tuesday (July 22).

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Red Wings ownership has a “bold vision” for their new arena district.


  1. As an opposing fan, I really hate Lucic. But I would love to have him on my team! I have no issues with the handshake line actions at all – that’s Milan. wonder how much sleep Wiese will get before their first game next season?

  2. Lucic’s actions were probably born of frustration but that doesn’t excuse what he did. it does make me wonder what Seguin did for them to give up on a player who basically turned Dallas into a force in the west, when you consider what Lucic and Marchand have gotten away with it would have to be pretty bad but nothing has come out. if i was Weise i wouldn’t be too concerned about facing the Bruins as Lucic has put a magnifying glass from the league on any games between the two teams and i doubt they’ll forget that he embarassed the NHL not just with his poor sportsmanship but the 2 spearing incidents (largely unpunished by the league).

    • You do wonder what happened to force Boston to trade Seguin, when he has become a force out west. Lucic and Marchand have gotten away with much more than alotta other players, it’s hard to believe the league would really come down on them now. Marchand pulls his crap then hides behind the other Bruins. Lucic ran Miller, knocked him out for a month and chuckled about it after the game. If anything happens this fall I am confident the league with turn their heads again.

  3. I was told by someone who is connected to the Bruins’ front office almost a year ago that Seguin was moved as quickly as he was because he was sleeping with Nathan Horton’s wife.This I know seems really far flung but it may be a reason why,there have been so many takes on this front and it will not go away.I kept wondering why this had not been brought forward by the Boston sports radio mavens or the Globe or Herald or some other media blogger trying to make a name for himself.Apparently Seguin was outed by the locker room and the players just did not want him around and Chiarelli really wanted to resign Horton last year but he opted for the smaller market for obvious reasons.Anyway yes Lucic and Marchand are still here and may have committed far less serious transgressions at least as far as management is concerned.Take it for what it is worth.