NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 23, 2012.

Silence from Predators over Shea Weber’s offer sheet troubling, Wild owner seeks additional funding from co-owner for Parise and Suter contracts, Corey Crawford hopes to silence his critics, a look at what’s on the agenda at this week’s CBA talks, and more.

EXAMINER.COM: Jim Diamond finds the ongoing silence from the Nashville Predators regarding the Philadelphia Flyers offer sheet to Shea Weber troubling, suggesting they’re losing the PR battle and giving the impression they’re going down without a fight.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We could hear from the Predators at some point between now and 11.59 PM ET on Wednesday. It possible they could stretch this out until Wednesday and then match the offer, but the longer this goes, the greater the perception they won’t.

TWINCITIES.COM: Charley Walters reports Minnesota Wild owner Craig Leipold spoke with Phil Falcone, who owns forty percent of the club, for additional cash to help pay for the signing bonuses ($10 million each) for Zach Parise and Ryan Suter . Falcone has been charged with fraud by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, plans to assist with the bonuses.

Crawford hopes to silence doubters.

CSNCHICAGO.COM: Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford will head into this season hoping to silence his critics. The Blackhawks inquiries earlier this month to then-free agent goalie Martin Brodeur raised questions over management’s conviction in Crawford as a starting goalie.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Player safety, divisional realignment and participation in the 2014 Winter Olympics are expected to be among the topics in this week’s NHL CBA meetings in Toronto. The NHLPA has yet to make a counter-proposal to the league’s initial proposal, which was tabled over a week ago.

 WINNIPEG SUN: Former Jets defenseman (and Charlottetown PEI native) Mark Flood signs with Lokomotiv Yaroslavl of the KHL.


  1. remember when the NYR signed Sakic to the big Offer sheet way back when?
    Colorado kept their mouths shut until the 7th day and then matched at the 11th hour.
    By that time, all the other big Free Agents had signed and the Rangers were screwed.
    I think if a deal were coming, Poile would be working Holmgren over the phone daily.
    Philly papers are reporting they have only spoken once.
    Seems to me that Ownership is huddling with management and will wait til the last second to match.
    I hope they match just to throw it in Weber’s Agent’s smug face. His PR tour is one of the most damaging I’ve seen by a player agent against a team in the history of the NHL. Whether they decide to match or let him go, He’s still Predator property.
    Walking all over them publicly is a great way to get a team owner to spite you to show other players and agents and Rival GMs that they won’t be bullied.

    • Yeah,the Preds will really show him after the P.R. tour. They will show him nearly 28 million over the next calender year.Thats a great way to get back at Weber and his agent.

  2. Harry – you miss the point.
    He’s getting the cash either way.
    But his agent is crapping all over Nashville and saying they are in a rebuild mode- when they are FAR from a rebuild mode. This hurts Nashville’s whether they retain Weber or not – it affects how other players will react to Nashville.
    Weber’s agent insists he wants to go to Philly, which is his way of trying to force Poile’s hand.
    At this point, I’d keep Weber as it’s what is best for the team.
    Just getting 4 1st rounders or any deal that doesn’t include a Schenn AND Couterier is far less than what Weber is worth.
    Letting the league know they won’t match lets evry tea, know they can take Nashville’s RFA’s in the future.
    It makes players wary to sign there.
    Poile NEEDS to match to show he means business.
    And that would be a direct slap in that agent’s face who basically guaranteed Weber he’d be in Philly on Thursday.
    #1 Rule of GMs – NEVER let an Agent get the better of you.

    • annnnd he did what he should have.
      congrats, Preds.