NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 24, 2012.

Reaction to the Rick Nash trade, awaiting the Predators decision on the Weber offer sheet, Lubomir Visnovsky seeks to nullify trade to Islanders, Dustin Byfuglien guilty of careless boating, Bruins re-sign head coach Claude Julien, and more.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: A collection of reaction from the NHL punditry regarding the Rick Nash trade. Spoiler alert: it’s not exactly positive.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yes, it’s overwhelmingly negative, and some folks believe the Blue Jackets would’ve received a better return had they moved Nash at the trade deadline, rather than waiting for a better deal in the off-season. To be fair to Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson, who’s become the poster child in everyone’s mind for inept management, he was going to be raked over the coals regardless of the return, whenever he made the trade. He was never, ever, going to get much better than what he got from the Rangers.

For one, Rick Nash had a “no-movement” clause, which significantly limited Howson’s options. Second, we really don’t know what the other teams on Nash’s “wish list” were offering, only speculation. The best I heard from Joe Pavelski and Ryan Clowe from San Jose, but guaranteed if Howson made that deal, his critics would be screeching that wasn’t good enough (“Pavelski’s too small and no good without Joe Thornton! Clowe’s turning 30 and gets hurt too much!”) Third, if Howson had  waited until September looking for a better deal, fans and pundits would’ve accused him of being indecisive.

I agree the return’s not great, but it’s not horrible either. If it should actually pan out for the Blue Jackets, a lot of pundits will be dining on crow.

PHILLY.COM: The waiting continues in the Shea Weber offer sheet saga, with Weber’s agents unsure what’s going to happen, claiming the Nashville Predators haven’t contacted their client since he signed the offer sheet last week. The Predators have until 11.30 PM on Wednesday to match the offer, and there’s mixed signals as to their intentions.

Visnovsky hopes to overturn trade to Islanders.

NEWSDAY: Defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky filed a grievance through the NHLPA to nullify the trade last month which dealt him from the Anaheim Ducks to the NY Islanders. Visnovsky contends the “no-trade” clause in his contract was still valid and the Ducks should’ve sought his permission before trading him. If he wins, he’ll be returned to the Ducks. If not, he’ll remain an Islander.

TSN.CA: Winnipeg Jets defenseman Dustin Byfuglien was found guilty of careless boating stemming from an incident last summer in Minnesota. He was fined $1000.00 and received a 30 day sentence, 28 of which were suspended. He’ll spend the other two days involved in community service.

CSNNE.COM: The Boston Bruins have re-signed head coach Claude Julien to a three-year contract extension.

TSN.CA: The Washington Capitals have hired Tim Hunter as an assistant coach.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: The Carolina Hurricanes signed forward Drayson Bowman to a two-year contract, the first season of which is a two-way deal.


  1. Again, I respectfully disagree with you on this trade, Spector. A horrific trade by a buffoon GM, SH. The Rags have been trying to move Dubinski all summer b/c he scored 10 goals last year and has a 4.2M cap hit. Not only did SH not get a quality player in return for Nash, he only came out even on the cap hit. Once Dubinski came back from injury in the playoffs, he was benched or on the 4th line. Anisimov is a 3rd line player or at least that’s where he played in the post season and Erixon couldn’t crack a very thin (strong top 3, but no depth)NRY blueline. Heck, they played only 5 dmen most of the playoffs.

    Gotta believe 28 other teams could have beaten that pathetic offer. If SJ was offering Pavelski and Clowe, I would have been all over that.

    He knew it was such a bad trade that he waited until the Penn State sanctions were released by the NCAA so the media would be focused elsewhere.

    • 28 other teams, DaBroons? You do remember he had a no-movement clause and would only waive it for six teams?

      • I agree with Lyle. Not a bad deal with your hands tied. Dubinsky needed to get out of NY. You forget that the year before, he was flying up and down the ice. AA has flashes of brilliance. Both needed to get out of Torts doghouse. I am surprised that Howson did not seek homegrown talent (JT Miller) instead of Erixon (who did not want to be in Calgary, and doubtful he will be happy in Columbus).

    • Dubinsky was still injured when he came back – that’s why he was on the 4th line up on return. But with NYR on the ropes, he gutted up and played.
      Look it up.
      Also, To trade Nash within the division, the price was higher than sending him east and SJ already confirmed that the asking price started with Logan Couture, – a non starter and they never spoke again.

    • I think CBJ wishes they would have taken the Pavs & Clowe deal at the deadline. Way better deal then what they got by my opinion. Pavs will give you at least 20 goals a year is a very good face off man and kills penalties also one of the Sharks best shot out men. Clowe this guy will grind down low and will give you 20 goals a year also one of the Sharks best shot out men also. I think in the last few days CBJ did make a phone call to San Jose but they had already set their sights on Doan and I think that why NYR ended up with him. I think the SJS feel by keeping who they have and hoping to land Doan might be the better option at this time. Just my opinion.

  2. Spector,Do you have any idea what the Wings offered? I know the odds of being traded to Detroit were slim. Just curious.

    • It was rumored the Wings offered up either Filppula or Franzen as part of the their offer, but not both. Again, of course, that’s merely speculation, we don’t know for certain what Holland offered up.

      • Not both? So not a great deal on that table either

    • Some combination of Fippula, and Franzen. Obv a first round pick included.

  3. @Hockey555 Some combination of Fillpula and Franzen and a first round pick

  4. Re:Visnovsky

    Just another BOOB Murray screw up. Trades an old Visnovsky and signs two old d-men as UFA to 3 year contracts Sheldon Souray and Bryan Allen and now he may end up with Visnovsky. Can’t this F-up even read a contract or consult with team attorney ? Will the BOOB Murray nightmare ever end ? Maybe he can send Bobby Ryan to the Islanders if they work it out and keep Visnovsky.

  5. Spector, what are the chances of the Habs signing any remaining free agents, and would it be intelligent for them to do so?

    • Johnny Bo: While I wouldn’t rule anything out, there’s really not much quality left in the UFA market. Currently the Habs are focused on re-signing PK Subban, and while they’e expressed interest in Shane Doan, I don’t believe they’ve made him a contract offer. Even if they did, I doubt they’ll be able to land him, especially if a star-studded team like the Rangers or Flyers come calling. He also might prefer to play in the Western Conference, as the Canucks and Sharks have interest in him.

      • I agree Spector.
        @ Johnny Bo, the only remaining UFA I could see the Habs having interest in (after Subban is signed and assuming Doan goes elsewhere) is maybe Arnott as our 4th line center, IMO.

  6. I’d have to say, I’d have taken Franzen+ for Nash if it was offered, so long as the “+” had any real value.

    As it stands, CBJ may well have received 4 parts, none of whom will be impact players. Dubinsky might return to that level… but might not.

    As for whether or not it works out, it still feels like Howson could have gotten more.

    Like the Habs trading Halak for Eller & Shultz. Even if Eller turns out to be a 10-time all-star and Halak ends up a bum, Gauthier *still* should have received more in the deal at the time.

  7. again, i don’t have a real problem with the return for nash, although it really isn’t much, but rather than the timing. you have to believe this is pretty much the same deal offered at the trade deadline, the entry draft, and the start of free agency. and maybe it would have been the deal as training camps opened or even as the season began but maybe it would have been better. seems dumb to make the deal now.

  8. According to some reports, soon Nash would have been forced to expand his list of destinations, perhaps to include Otttawa and Carolina. Ottawa’s offer was good, b/c they at least offered a top prospect with a high ceiling. Why oh why did Howson just cave all of a sudden? He looks like a fool (ok, he IS a fool), by demanding returns like Seguin and Hamilton or 2 of Seguin, Krejci, Looch, and Rask, and equal demands from other teams and then caving for a return of 2 players that are NOT truly top 6 forwards, they may be on Columbus, but weren’t on the Rags.

  9. I’m surprised that the reaction to the return Columbus got in the Nash trade is so negative. Nash was a star player on a weak team, not a superstar. They weren’t trading Gretzky here.

    What I think is missed most of all by a lot of the critics of this deal is that highly-paid, maligned or disgruntled (or not) stars are not generally traded for top NHL talent in return. Look at Hossa to Pittsburgh, Kovalchuk to NJ, Jagr to Washington and then to NYR, Thornton to SJ, and both Selanne trades. Even the last two Pronger trades were for a good forward with an injury history, a defense prospect (at the time), and draft picks.

    If you take the rough average of those trades I mentioned and keep in mind the limited number of teams to deal with, I think Howson got an above average deal. By no means is it a great deal for Columbus, it was never going to be, but it is good enough considering the return for players of a similar or higher skill level.

    Think of it this way Columbus: after trading a star forward Anaheim, Pittsburgh, and Boston all won a cup within 7 years. Sometimes it isn’t any of the pieces of the actual trade but rather what it makes possible down the road.

    • 100% agree with you Greg on this.

    • Disagree. I think Toronto got a better return for Luke Schenn than Columbus got for Nash. Give me JVR any day over a collection of spare parts, a low 1st pick, and Erixon.

  10. It does allow them to rebuild a little quicker in a sense. I think I would have rather had picks and prospects than roster players but that is just my opinion. They did get out from under Nash’s contract though.

    At the time you never win when you are giving up the best player in the deal.