NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 26, 2012.

Shea Weber happy to play in Nashville, Rick Nash and Brandon Dubinsky talk about joining their new teams, the NHL tables an expanded version of its initial proposal to the NHLPA, the latest on the Coyotes sale, and more.

THE TENNESSEAN: One day after the Nashville Predators match an offer sheet to Shea Weber by the Philadelphia Flyers, Weber expressed his desire to finish his career in Nashville and to be the face of the franchise, using his influence to help attract free agents to the team. He also distanced himself from earlier comments by one of his agents claiming his signing the Flyers offer sheet was indicative of his desire to leave the Predators. Weber is also interested in negotiating a “no-movement” clause in his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Weber’s offer sheet lacked movement or trade clauses, but apparently they can be negotiated into the deal. Speculation arose following the Preds matching that offer sheet that they could try to trade him within the next season or two if his contract proved too pricey to retain, or if Weber’s potential unhappiness over staying in Nashville affected team chemistry.

The attempt to negotiate that clause into his new contract will only add more intrigue to this situation. While it could be seen as merely his way of ensuring he remains a Predator for life, it can also be interpreted as maintaining a measure of control over where the Predators could move him if they were to go that route in the future. Without a movement clause, the Predators would be free to trade him to any team of their choosing, one willing to pick up his huge new contract. 

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Former Blue Jackets captain Rick Nash is confident he’ll adjust to life was a New York Ranger. Nash was dealt to the Blueshirts on Monday in a multi-player trade.

Dubinsky looks forward to joining Blue Jackets.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Brandon Dubinsky, dealt to the Blue Jackets as part of the return for Nash, claims he’s excited about joining his new team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Critics of Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson are still braying over what a lousy return he got from the Rangers for Nash, but Dubinsky and forward Artem Anisimov will get more opportunities and responsibilities in Columbus than they got in New York, which could prove beneficial to their careers, as well as the Jackets.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: David Shoalts reports the NHL tabled an expanded version of their initial proposal during this week’s CBA negotiations with the NHLPA, which amounts to yet another salary rollback of 24 percent from the players. The PA, meanwhile, continues to work on its counter-proposal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The league has to know the PA will reject that much of a rollback. While it is possible this could be a “line in the sand” for the league, I suspect this is merely the opening move toward their true goal of a 50-50 revenue split with the PA, which isn’t as extreme as their opening offer.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Shoalts also reported the two Glendale citizens who attempted to raise a petition to put the arena lease agreement between the City of Glendale and the Jamison group to a referendum in November have decided not to file a lawsuit against the move. That removes yet another hurdle from Jamison’s efforts to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes.

 MEDIABISTRO: The Los Angeles Kings have donated $10,000 to the Jessica Redfield Foundation college scholarship. Redfield, a hockey blogger and aspiring sports journalist, was among those murdered in the recent theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: The Toronto Maple Leafs have announced the hiring of Steve Staios as a player development advisors. Staios announced his retirement as a player following 18 NHL seasons.


  1. Yes, Spector, Dubinsky and Anisimov will get lots more ice time in Columbus, and may grow into more productive players as a result. That doesn’t mean that Howson didn’t get fleeced, however, because he did.

    • That’s silly. Howson said he wanted two NHL forwards, a prospect and a first round pick. He got all of these things.

      Atlanta got two players a prospect and a pick for Kovalchuk and Hossa, and that’s been the going rate since the last lockout. Did Waddell get fleeced in those moves too? Of course not. He was a bad GM for other reasons, as is the case with Howson.

      Criticize the man for his actual faults, there are plenty of them. But don’t criticize him just because it’s the in-thing to do.

  2. I also read on thechive that Christian Bale and his wife snuck out to Aurora to vist the surviving victims and famillies. He also visited the memorial. He kept it low key so that the press wouldn’t turn it into a circus. Classy move Batman.

    • This isnt TMZ bud wrong site

  3. Dabroons-

    Still don’t think Columbus got fleeced in this deal. Kreider and Stepan sound like they were untouchable Columbus needs forwards of the young forwards on the table they probably received the best two. As for Erixon he is not Del Zotto or Mcdonough I get it but the Jackets still received a promising Defenseman. Then a 1st rounder which are always nice.

    I still think with Johnson, Wiz, Tytin, Murray, and someone else thats young that was already in the system and looks promising. I forget his name. But anyway those five guys are going to be up this year and play well for Columbus they need the goaltending to improve and if they get that they are a better team now than they were with Nash.

  4. @vinnie- whether its true or not though there were rumors that other teams were offering a lot more for nash. i saw a rumor that said the sharks would have parted with demers, pavelski, clowe, and a 1st rounder and i saw another rumor that had the wings giving up filpula, franzen, nyquist and a 1st. if those 2 deals were real which looks better to you? the rangers offer or those offers? CBJ got screwed

    • Rumors are rumors. Reading them as facts and criticizing a GM for not acting on them is ridiculous.

  5. Why would Nashville want to negotiate any NTC into the contract? They would be fools to do so. They should leave themselves as much flexibility to move Weber down the road as possible.

  6. Jackets tout a pretty great young player base.

    Jenner, Murray, Anisimov, Boll, Brassard, Dorsett, Dubinsky, Foligno, Johansen, Erixon, Johnson, Moore, Nikitin. All 26 years or younger.

    I hope the Jackets can finally have a good year.

  7. @ Trevor Nash playing for the Wings was going to comeback and bite them in the ass six times a year at least. Even if they weren’t in the same division I like the Rangers deal more. As far as San Jose goes Clowe is older than both Anisimov and Dubinsky. He is also injury prone and slow. I do like Pavelski though. The SJ rumored offer I think is better than the Wings one but not NY’s. If Nash had accepted a trade to Ottawa I thought they had the best rumored offer on the table.

    • Clowe and Pavelski are so much better than Anisimov and Dubinski, it’s not even close! Clowe had three seasons in the row with over 52 points. Last season was a bad one, but the whole team struggled. Pavelski can be used in ANY situation, scores 30 goals a season, and is only 4M against the cap. I’m so glad SJ didn’t do this trade!

      • cazy_russki-

        Where is the potential in Clowe. I really think he’s hit his ceiling. This move for Columbus is about the future. Dubinsky and Anisimov both have more potential than Clowe. I would say Columbus probably had no problem with Pavelski being part of any deal. They wanted Couture and SJ is smart in not making him available.

        • The difference is you can trade Clowe to a contender like Pitt or Philly and get solid prospects back.

  8. I agree with some of the above, I dont think Columbus did as bad as people seem to think. Remember Nash 4 years removed from his 40 goal season. His cap hit comparables are Stamkos and Parise. His stat comparables are Pascal Dupuis and Justin Williams. There seems to be a bit of a discrepency there. So who did the Rangers get? Parise, then they win big time. But if they got Dupuis, Columbus wins.

  9. @Old Soldier – “His cap hit comparables are Stamkos and Parise. His stat comparables are Pascal Dupuis and Justin Williams.”

    I have to disagree with this statement. This data was taken from Wikipedia starting at the 2005/2006 season mark. Due to it being Wikipedia, I’ll take it with a grain of salt but using this data as a basis for my reasoning.

    Rick Nash (Age 28) = 520 Games Played, 231 Goals, 220 Assists, 451 Points
    Pascal Dupuis (Age 33) = 531 Games Played, 108 Goals, 126 Assists, 234 Points
    Zach Parise (Age 27) = 502 Games Played, 194 Goals, 216 Assists, 410 Points
    Steven Stamkos (Age 22) = 325 Games Played, 179 Goals, 150 Assists, 329 Points

    How can you honestly say that Rick Nash and Pascal Dupuis are comparable? Rick Nash is younger and has had much more productive numbers than Pascal Dupuis. In addition, the reason that Rick Nash’s cap hit is similar to Zach Parise and Steven Stamkos is because if you look at their stats, their stats are the ones that are comparable.

    At least according to the data on Wikipedia, its a clear indicator that Rick Nash and Zach Parise’s stats are comparable. Steven Stamkos on the other hand does not have NHL data starting from 2005/2006 like the rest of these players but by simply using the current trends for the seasons that he has played, it would also be at similar numbers to Rick Nash and Zach Parise.


    I agree, I don’t think Columbus did as bad as people would like to think however, I disagree with Nash’s stats being comparable to Dupuis.