NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 27, 2012.

Another update on the attempted sale of the Coyotes, the latest on NHL-NHLPA talks, Flyers to extend Peter Laviolette’s contract, Tim Thomas resurfaces again on Facebook, and more.

PHOENIX BUSINESS JOURNAL: The sale of the Coyotes to a group led by former San Jose Sharks executive Greg Jamison could be on thin ice…again. The reason this time? Renewed concern over whether his group has the investors and money to purchase the team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Maybe the next NHL CBA should contain a “show me the money” clause for prospective buyers of NHL franchises.

CBC.CA: Pensions, ice conditions and training camp were the issues discussed on Thursday in the latest round of NHL-NHLPA negotiations.

Laviolette to remain Flyers head coach.

CSNPHILLY.COM: The Philadelphia Flyers are expected to announce soon they’ve signed head coach Peter Laviolette to a contract extension.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t think this news comes as a surprise to anyone.

NEWSDAY: Several of Long Island’s biggest developers aren’t getting involved in plans to redevelop the Nassau Coliseum, citing among the reasons uncertainty over the plans of NY Islanders owner Charles Wang.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Islanders lease with the Coliseum expires at the end of the 2014-15 season. There’s still time to work out a deal for a new arena, or a renovated one, but one gets the sense that might not come in time to keep the team on Long Island.

SEATTLE TIMES: A Chicago investor is willing to sink $100 million into a new arena in Seattle in hopes of attracting an NHL team. Also, there’s no truth to reports Wayne Gretzky met with local official to discuss NHL opportunities in Seattle.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gretzky currently isn’t involved with the NHL in any business capacity.

TAMPA BAY TIMES: The Lightning are promoting Steve Thomas into a coaching role on the team, though its yet to be determined what that will be.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Self-exiled Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas has resurfaced on Facebook to support the right of free speech of the president of a fast food chicken restaurant company, who attracted controversy with homophobic and anti-gay remarks.


  1. Tim Thomas, the Anti-Bono!!!! Lol.

  2. Tim Thomas — great goalie, horrible human being.

    I actually was planning to go to Chick Fil A for lunch today. As Inspector Clouseau famously said, “Not any mooorrre.”

    • Why is Thomas a horrible human being? Because he is a social conservative? Because he believes in the Bible?

      If people don’t believe in the Bible does that make them horrible human beings? We have this thing in the USA called the First Amendment. If you don’t like him because he’s taking a sabbatical, that’s cool. If you don’t like him because you strongly disagree with his personal beliefs, fine. But passing judgment on him or on the owner of Chick-fil-A for speaking their minds?

      All the owner did was confirm he stands with the Bible concerning the definition of marriage. He’s not discriminating against people in his business practice, and his primary consumers are social conservatives.

      If you don’t want to eat there don’t eat there, but enough with the name calling, it’s downright immature (and yes, I admit to passing judgement on lack of maturity).


      Can we get back to hockey now?

      • Bradley couldn’t have said it better.

        • Bradley, The first amendment gives you the right to say whatever you want but doesn’t protect you from the repercussions of such actions.

          • Repercussions? Public officials using goon tactics to not allow a perfectly fine business the opportunity to open a business in that city. That borders on illegal!

            As for Mr. Richardson, shame on you for misrepresenting what the family that owns Chick-Fil-A said. They simply stated their belief in traditional marriage and made no derogutory statements about gay people. God help us if we’ve reached the point that one can’t even express their beliefs without being smeared as some kind of a bigot.

  3. While I may not be the biggest fan of Mayor Menino, fast food chains or presidents of fast food chains or even Tim Thomas for that matter…I am a fan of the first amendment giving the right to ALL to believe in what they want and to express it freely. It is there to protect everyone…even idiots…just sayin’

    • see above please

  4. Let’s focus on the good Thomas, Steve “Stumpy”, a very good pro and a better human being.

  5. @Bradley97: I agree with your sentiment on general principle.
    I also believe, however, that the owner of Chick-fil-A should be called out (and by association, Tim Thomas) for declaring his individual position to be the position of the entire company. I am sure the company is large enough to have gay employees, placing them in a horrible position of suddenly working in a company/environment that stands against them. The Coors family is also very right of centre but (to my knowledge) have never spoken their views through the company. I think it is wrong that companies are treated as people and therefore do not have First Amendment Rights in the way a person does. To me, beyond personal politics, this is what is objectionable…. but your right, onto hockey…sorry everyone for the rant….

    • Don’t ask, don’t tell

    • Plenty of people with more conservative views work at companies that take positions counter to their viewpoint, so it works both ways. Unless that company practices discriminatory policies in it’s hiring, then accusations of discrimination are without merit.

      • Two things no one should talk about in public, religion and politics. haha

        I agree with the Grizzledbear on this one. This is the USA. You don’t like people voicing their opinions, then don’t voice yours. If you’re so in your own mind that only your opinion matters then don’t read or listen to the opinion of others. Move to another country. Don’t infringe upon the rights of other Americans. Everyone thinks they are holier than thou. So let’s lamb bast Thomas and Chicken sandwich joints for being American. Now if they were firing gay people that is a different thing.

  6. So It Thomas does not play this year what is B’s plan
    JUST RASK ? That’s really rolling the dice on a team that could win the cup

    • i’m sure the bruins are hoping to get the 09-10 rask this season and if they do they should be fine. they could use a good back-up though. i’m not sure khodobin is the answer. and turco clearly wasn’t the right choice. a number of good veteran FAs still available. b. johnson, ellis, niittymaki. even conklin if they’re desperate.

  7. I just don’t get why everyone has the “freedom” to expunge hate and bigotry, wrapped up in the untouchable blanket of the Bible and Christianity, but not to love. If we (the USA) were really a nation that loved freedom, we wouldn’t put so much effort and money into denying it to other people. Thomas can say and do whatever he wants, but I still think it’s sad… Only 65 days left til October!

  8. I agree totally with SFShark…and while this is a hockey site, there is a bigger world and much more important things in it than hockey, so when one of our own decides to align himself with such views, then he should be big enough to take the criticism.

  9. I don’t really see the point of over-discussing this Chick-fil-A thing. The guy has moral standards based on a book that has affected and guided his life. Being vocal about it is not against the law, in fact just the opposite: it’s encouraged. Just like we’re encouraged to voice our agreement and disagreement with his sentiment. However trying to put it on the scale of right or wrong is a losing battle, so can we just stop? It is what it is.

  10. Okay, I am not a homophobe in any way shape or form. I am not anti-gay marriage. What I am big on though, is free speech and opinions. Thomas didnt post some irrational homophobic rant. He simply stated his opinion. Whether you, I or anyone else agrees, is irrelevant. I have opinions that those close to me dont agree with, but they respect it’s my opinion.

    It seems to me, more people are using Thomas’ opinion as a forum for their own rants (read some of the comments), than he is. I have spent a lifetime (27 years) in uniform because I believed in what I was doing and I definitely believe in civil and human rights. Thomas has the same rights as any pro-gay or anti-gay marriage individual, so why should his rights be suppressed because they dont agree with yours????

    Kinda hypocritical

    I am not saying you need to agree with Thomas “opinion” by any means, but he has every right to voice it, if he chooses, and the fact he is a public figure does not restrict that right.

    On a side-note. If I am the private (not public) owner of a business, then my opinion is the opinion of the company. If you dont beleive that, try being a voice of dissent in a major company, bank, etc and see how far that gets you.

    • Well put.

      It is his right to free speech but sure as hell ain’t good for business. Should’ve kept his religion and politics under his hat.

  11. Grizzledbear: Shame on me? For what, posting a link to a news report on Thomas and his stance on that issue? What would you have me do, ignore the report?

    I never editorialized the piece, never made a comment one way or the other. Don’t go looking for something that isn’t there.