NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 29, 2012.

Coyotes prospective owner $20 million short, the top 30 remaining UFAs, wondering if the Blackhawks should re-sign Nick Leddy long-term, and more.

PHOENIX BUSINESS JOURNAL: Greg Jamison is reportedly $20 million short in his bid to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes, forcing him to court new investors. His camp wouldn’t confirm the status of his bid, but remain confident a deal can be done. Jamison also met with Coyotes UFA captain Shane Doan on Friday but details of the meeting aren’t available.

Doan met with Coyotes prospective buyer Jamison on Friday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As is well known, Doan wants assurances the sale of the team to Jamison will go through as his preference is to finish his career in Phoenix. If he continues fielding offers from rival clubs, that will be interpreted as lacking confidence the sale to the Jamison group will go through.

NHL.COM: John Kreiser lists the top 30 players still available in the UFA market. Pickings remain slim, with Doan the clear standout. Other notables include Jason Arnott, Kristian Huselius, Carlo Colaiacovo, Pavel Kubina, and Mike Knuble.

CSNCHICAGO.COM: Should the Blackhawks re-sign defenseman Nick Leddy to a long-term contract?

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Leddy had a terrific sophomore season with the Blackhawks, but I’d give him another season (he’s entering the final year of his entry level deal) before re-signing him to a new deal, as I’d want to ensure he’s capable of improving (barring injury) on last season’s performance before investing in him long-term. 

LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS: The Kings are nearly sold out of season tickets for this upcoming season, having sold nearly 15,000.

THE TENNESSEAN: Individual game tickets for Nashville Predators games go on sale August 4th.


  1. So the NHL is putting all their hopes and dreams of keeping the yotes in Phoenix on a group that does not have the money to buy the team. What happens when they lose 25 Million this season, then the next?

  2. I’m at the verge of becoming an ex hockey fan. This year is almost surreal when it comes to the supposed power these above average free agents have over the sport. I stopped supporting baseball, football, and basketball, due to the unions. They destroy EVERYTHING they get involved with. Ask GM if you don’t believe me. I’d love to go back to the point where the best players get the best money and don’t need lawyers or agents doing their negotiating for them. They are forced to act like spoiled little boys.

  3. Well, Dave, in the “good old days” players had to work summer jobs to live. For example, Dale Rolfe, an excellent dman with Detroit and the Rangers, was a plumber until the mid 70s. Others worked in factories and on railroads. Your rights were owned forever by your team and they could and did bury you in the minors forever on a whim.

    Yes, some of these contracts are ridiculous, but it beats the old system, in which the owners made all the money.

  4. I would take Arnott on a young team Leafs- Blackhawks- iron clad leadership. Blues young guns repeately praised his leadership. Report claim he didnt like Hitchs coaching during LA series.
    For 2 a year – good for 20 goals – strong -no bs- can mentor young hot shots.
    Iam sure once Doan settles -he signs

  5. hate to burst your bubble Dave but in the old days it wasn’t the best players who made the best money, in fact Gordie Howe found out near the end of his time in Detroit that there were rookies making more than him despite his hall of fame credentials at the time. the owners continued their abuse of the players once the union came into being by putting Alan Eagleson (the president of the players union) in their pocket. the best players didn’t start making the best money til the union started making the players wages public.

  6. Dave, the real abuse is the GM’s doing their stupid bidding wars for not only the best, but for marginal talent as well, then having owners come in and blaming the union. Now if all parties could agree on caps for draft signings and caps for years and dollars, that would be great. They also need to get rid of markets that don’t make money.

  7. From what I’ve seen/heard, regardless of the conversation with Jamieson, Doan will honour his meeting with Montreal this coming week. Point is, I would not read anything into that meeting with Mtl as to how the meeting with Jamieson went. I he takes other meetings, I will then side with Spector as to how things look for the Yotes.

    I think Doan has seen this story enough to not be fooled by what ever snowjob Jamieson spewed as to the strength of his bid. Doan should walk at this point IMO.

    Would love Arnott to sign a one year deal in Mtl…great fit for our 4th line centre, would be a great addition for leadership for the Habs.

  8. Makes me wonder as to why Arnott has not signed a deal as of yet – has he had any offers? Is he waiting to see where Doan goes and if it opens things up?

    What I’d like to see is the Sabres trade Stafford or Vanek along with Pardy or Sekera for Getzlaff or Bolland. We could even trade Stafford for Pavelski. Or even trading Stafford and Adam for Krejci. I would like to see the Sabres make an offer to Arnott and while I do like Doan, I just can’t see doing a deal for $7MM a year for 4 years.